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Blackstar Dept. 10 Amped 2


Amplificatore multi-effetto da 100 W per chitarra da posizionare al pavimento

  • Voci di preamplificazione: Preamp USA, UK e Classic
  • Controlli della risposta: 6L6 (classe A/B dinamica e stretta con alti e bassi estesi), EL34 (classico Crunch britannico di classe A/B con break-up morbido e corposo), EL84 (classe A Bell-like full-bodied) e presenza regolabile
  • Presenza regolabile
  • EQ a 3 bande: bassi, medi e alti
  • Riduzione di potenza: 100 W/ 20 W/ 1 W
  • Drive: Boost, Drive, Fuzz, footswitch e controllo dedicato
  • Pedale di modulazione: CH/FL (chorus/flanger), Tremolo, Phaser
  • Footswitch MOD e controlli dedicati
  • Footswitch per mantenere l'effetto "Emphasis"
  • Delay: lineare, analogico o Shimmer
  • Footswitch e controlli dedicati per il Delay
  • Riverbero: Room, Spring e Plate
  • Footswitch per mantenere l'effetto "Freeze"
  • Pedale Tap per l'impostazione del tempo/BPM
  • Hold: funzione Shift per accedere alle opzioni secondarie dei controlli del pannello frontale
  • Schermo OLED per un feedback immediato sulle modifiche dei parametri
  • Accordatore cromatico
  • CabRig con 3 preset programmabili dall'utente
  • Uscite CabRig: jack da 0,25", USB e XLR bilanciati
  • Loop effetti (seriale o parallelo, pre o post tramite Architect)
  • Out: uscita Post-Preamp/Effect e Pre-Power-Amp-Line-Level per opzioni di collegamento versatili
  • Ingresso MIDI: parametri dell'amplificatore e degli effetti regolabili via MIDI
  • MIDI Thru
  • 2 uscite per l'alimentazione del pedale da 9 V DC
  • Piena potenza con le uscite per altoparlanti da 8 o 16 Ohm
  • Ingresso di alimentazione a tensione universale
  • Include il software Architect di Blackstar per la modifica dettagliata delle impostazioni degli effetti e CabRig
  • Alloggiamento in alluminio
  • Logo illuminato
  • Dimensioni (L x P x A): 288 x 149 x 80 mm
  • Peso: 1,98 kg
In catalogo dal Gennaio 2023
Numero di articolo 558765
Unità incluse 1 Pezzo
Power 100 W
Channels 1
EQ 3-Band
Effect Loop Yes
Recording Out Yes
Headphone Out Yes
Width 288 mm
Height 80 mm
Depht 149 mm
Weight 1980 g
€ 525
Spedizione gratuita, incl. IVA

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4.7 / 5

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9 Recensioni

Extraordinary product
L-Mega 29.03.2023
I bought it to pair it with the 2x12 St. James. Whether recording directly into the audio interface or playing live, it sounds amazing. The EL34 valve emulation with the UK setting is so good that it doesn't make you miss the original in any way. It's versatile, of excellent quality, and extremely enjoyable to play. Blackstar has hit the mark."
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Feels good, looks good, does all many guitarists needs (in a small package) and, above all, SOUNDS VERY GOOD!
JorisV 26.07.2023
I had a handful of Blackstar products (a.o., the Dual-HT) before but never liked the shrillness and harshness in their sound. I had bought them because of their reasonable price and because I felt that - posibilitywise and ergonomicswise - Blackstar always knew very well what guitarists need/desire. Sold them all again. Comes in the Amped 2 that I bought last month: this one will stay with me for a very long time.

I have bought the Amped 2 and wanted to give it a try because of its vast possibilities, completeness, versatility and attractivity ON PAPER (or, yes, laptop screen) but, given previous experience, I had little expectations regarding its sound... that is, until I received it. It has turned out to be the best and most versatile sounding preamp-amp I ever had (I am 63 years old and over the years have had DOZENS of preamps and amps).

You can read or see elsewhere what the Amped 2 all can do. Below are a few personal remarks that I hope may be worthwile addditions.

- It is VERY PRACTICAL, compact, lightweight. Bye bye other pedals, cables and wallwarts!
- you can find (or at least approach) almost all clean and crunch and overdrive sounds a (reasonable) quitarist may wish.
- Class D amplification is very well suited for electric guitar, much better than the more common class AB transistor amplification (H&K, please note). I also very much like the TC Electronics BAM 200 and Harley Benton GPA-100, both are class D amps.
- The Amped 2 has only very little (electrical) noise. This includes the overdrive settings (that is, as long as no "garbage" is put in, of course) AND the built-in effects!!! This is rare.
- To me the built-in effects just sound (very) fine. The setting possibilities have some limitations but are fine to me.
- If you turn any control knob the changing setting is shown very clear in the small display screen (for a few seconds). Handy in low light situations.

Even if in reality many, if not all, of its sounds are created "digitally", the Amped 2 and its ergonomics are built as if it were an analogue amp. To me this is part of its attractivity (real turning control knobs, real switches, straightdforwardness, no numbers or names of memory patches to remember), but to some this may be an unacceptable limitation. You can immediately switch in or out an effect or the drive section, but you cannot switch from one setting to a completely different setting. For this you would need a preamp or amp with numerous programmable presets. This the Amped2 is not.

CONTRA (one substantial)
If you switch the drive toggle switch from "drive" to "fuzz" the amplification is haevily increased which results in a acoustic shock and PU feedback. So, if you intend to make that switchit is advsed ot first reduce the gain or master volume. This should not be. The fuzz-settting-related higher amplification should have been attenuated, i.m.o.

CONTRA ( just a few very small nits picked)
- Like with all other amps that need it, the ventilation fan does make some mechanical noise. This is not disturbing, inaudible in most real musicians life situations, but audible (upto 2-3 meter) in otherwise completely silent rooms.
- Yes, the toggle (tumbler) switches are VERY small and their settings are difficult to see, even in daylight.
- I would have preferred a slightly longer reverb decay time (hall instead of only room).

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: e*n*j*o*y !!!
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Ich liebe es!
PKanius 08.02.2023
Auf dem Karton steht „PROFESSIONAL 100 WATT GUITAR AMPLIFIER AND ADVANCED EFFECTS PROCESSOR FLOORBOARD“ und das ist genau das was es ist. 3 Amps (inspiriert von Fender, Marshall und Blackstar) in denen ich die Röhren tauschen kann, ein ordentlicher Boost-, Drive- und Fuzzeffekt, andere Effekte wie Chorus, Flanger, Phaser Delay und Reverb und obendrauf noch einen Tuner. Im 1 Watt-Modus zuhause hat’s mich schon voll und ganz überzeugt, im Probenraum auf 100 Watt an einem Marshall-Cab hat’s mein Herz höher schlagen lassen!!!
Ich brauche nichts anderes mehr, muss nicht mehr so viel zu Gigs schleppen und habe jetzt einige Verstärker und Topteile zu verkaufen.
Alles in einem Pedal - Willkommen in der Zukunft!
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La bête à posséder
EO83 02.04.2024
Je ne parle que de mon ressentit en mode live, pas encore tester en studio. (ma config live: PRS =>Amped2=> ORANGE PPC412)
- Pour les caractéristiques techniques et sonores vous avez tout ce qu'il faut pour une session live/studio/home studio de qualité.
- La puissance est largement suffisante en live. Si vous êtes repiqué en façade et grosse scène le mode 20W est parfait (en son plateau ça sonne déjà fort).
J'utilise le cab ring balanced pour envoyer mon son dans le rack à ears (top). Les effets sont très corrects voir bons et me suffisent pour mes morceaux (pas de chichi).
Les distorsions sont vraiment bonnes et pour être honnête j'hésitais avec le AMPED 3 sur ce point là. Mais pour du rock/alternatif/pop/punk/métal que je pratique il y a largement de gain et grain nécessaires dans ce boitier (aucun regret).
Pour conclure ce que j'apprécie le plus est l'encombrement minime de cet ampli/multi-effet, le son et les effets qualitatifs qui sortent de cette boite rouge. Le prix qui est assez abordable si on considère le all in one.
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