beyerdynamic EDT 770 SG


beyerdynamic EDT 770 SG Ear Pads Black - fits for MMX 300, DT-330/660/770/880alt, DT 770 / DT 790 / DT 797, DT 990 alt (Modelle before 2004), pair, colour black, incl. foam pieces, softskin

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Great sound and isolation, but cheap (p)leather.
Anonimo 27.10.2021
Put these on my dt-770 pro 80-ohm. fits good! (Use heatgun to mount easier)

+ Clear improvement of bass-response and overall sound. Lower bass more prominent. As a basshead, strongly recommend, might even dare to say i think these should come from the factory like this.
+No noticeable change in treble or mids
+Have yet to find a increase or decrease of soundstage for gaming etc
+A bit better noise isolation
+Doesn't squeak with my glasses on like the velour did

-Leather feels cheap and not as soft as i thought, feels a bit plastic.
- Ears get a bit hotter but not sauna-hot, atleast not now in October
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