Antelope Discrete 8 Basic

26 x 32 Thunderbolt / USB interface

  • 8 Analogue inputs with combo XLR: 6 mic / line, 2 hi-z / mic / line
  • Separate knobs for each input
  • 8 Analogue line outputs on DB25
  • Thunderbolt & USB 2.0 connection
  • Stereo jack monitor outputs
  • 2 Balanced amplifier outputs
  • Integrated talk-back microphone
  • 2 Stereo headphone outputs
  • Additional digital connections via S / PDIF and 2 ADATs
  • Word Clock In / Out
  • Stereo footswitch
  • Talkback microphone & button on the front panel
  • Up to 4 individual listening mixes with FPGA FX
  • Create & share your own presets
  • Basic AFX Collection includes 2 settings of each EQ, compressor and AuraVerb
  • Plus 1 setting of each Guitar Amp & Speaker Cabinet available
  • The Basic AFX Collection features 50+ Antelope audio real-time FPGA FX
  • Remote control via Mac / PC / iOS / Android applications
  • System requirements: Windows 10, OS X: 10.11/10.12/10.13 (Sierra recommended)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 483 x 220 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Includes operating instructions, power supply and USB cable

Ulteriori informazioni

Recording / Playback Channels 26x32
Number of Mic Inputs 8
Number of Line Inputs 8
Number of Instrument Inputs 2
Number of Line Outputs 10
Headphone Outs 2
Phantom Power Yes
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 1
Number of ADAT Connectors 2
AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors No
MIDI Connectors No
Word Clock 1xIn, 3xOut
Max. Samplerate 192 kHz
Max. Resolution in Bit 24 bit
Bus-Powered No
Incl. Power Supply Yes
Windows Thunderbolt driver Yes
Thunderbolt Version 2
Width in mm 483 mm
Depth in mm 220 mm
Height in mm 44 mm

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Antelope Discrete 8 Basic
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Antelope Discrete 8 Basic
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Sfortunatamente si è verificato un errore, La preghiamo di riprovare più tardi.
Pedro Moreira, 05.01.2018
I have been working with it every day for more than a month now so here's my thoughs:

I'm saying right away what i disliked so we can move on:

1- The external power adapter, somehow doesnt seem to belong to this equipment, dont get me wrong, it works as supposed, but from the outside it looks like a generic adapter with a very thin power chord.
2 - The lack of a proper user manual.

And that's about it!

The preamps:

Since Antelope built this unit around 8 mic preamps i will start from there.
So what's so special about these?
For starters, they choosed to go with all discrete circuitry (as the name implies) instead of the typical IC based preamps usually used in other similar interfaces.
you get individual gain knobs in the front panel that are actually stepped rotary encoders, meaning you never get scratchy
pots and you'll be able to match levels with ease and precision.
The preamps are of course digitaly controlled, meaning: Gain level, phantom power, phase reverse, link and source match
can be adressed from the software control panel or remotly over wi-fi using the free available app for android or apple systems,
and of course all settings can be stored and recalled later.
Although these preamps sound very good on their own, they will be able to emulate the behavior and sound caracteristics from the classics
circuitry when paired with the respective FPGA component modeling FX to be released very soon.
But most important, how do they sound?
To me they sound fantastic! I'm getting great sucess on all kind of sources!
I've recorded drums, guitars (acoustic and electric), bass, vocals, keyboards etc...
and the results are consistent! Detailed and punchy, full lows without mudiness, smooth top end with no harshness,
very Hi-Fi to my ears. The Hi-z inputs sound amazing , i'm loving the DI bass tones i'm getting!


To make the pres shine they decided to pair them with great convertion measuring 121db's dyn range (124db on the monitor outs)
and the already legendary Antelope clocking to go along.
The converters and clock alone would justify the price tag and still be a hell of a deal.
I suspect you could spend many times more without hearing any meaningful improvement in audio quality.
It feels like my nearfields and headphones have gone through a major upgrade. Mixing as become easier and more enjoyable than ever.
You dont get this kind of quality anywere at this price point, period!


well, i'm a long time RME user, so i was afraid to go backwards regarding driver stability and latency.
But all my concerns were dismissed from day one. Untill now the unit is performing flawlessly, with no issues at all.
Over Windows and USB 2, in Studio One Pro i?m getting 6.00ms RTL @ 48.000 / 64 buffer and 3.6ms latency with VSTi's.
Thats about the same or better than i was getting with my Fireface.
But latency will only matter for VSTi usage and 3.6ms is low enough to make me happy like
Ringo when playing my e-drums with Superior Drummer 3.
When recording audio sources you get ZERO latency monitoring directly from the Discrete, this means you no longer
have to worry about buffer size, drop outs or artifacts. Your CPU can run free as a bird and you will be very confortable
performing without any added latency in your cue mixes.

The cherry(s) on the top:

Along with the 4 mixers that you can set as independent cue mixes with zero latency
you get realtime FPGA FX, meaning accurate component modeled recreations of classic EQ's, dynamics and
preamps running from inside the unit and of course reverb. These are in my opinion the closest to the real thing out there.
( no ordinary DSP, this is something else... google it)
If this means anything, I have my UAD's for sale now! Because i think these are better and you get all the available plugins!!!
Yes! Once Antelope releases a new one, it becomes available for free to all users. What about that?
Imagine how much one would spend buying all the UAD counterparts...
So you can use the FX to monitor, to mix by inserting them into your DAW or you can choose to track through them,
and once i started doing it i never looked back.
If this wasnt enough Antelope developed two microphones specialy designed to work with the Discrete
with the purpose to emulate the sound from some of the best classic mic models.
As i'm yet to receive the mics, i cannot do a review on that. But i'm keeping my expectations high!


Built quality is flawless at least from outside the chassis, and i have no reason to suspect that the interior would differ.
Looks and feels "expensive". It becomes obvious Antelope took great care in designing this piece of gear by looking at the beautiful details like the thick
front plate, the knobs chromed edges, the logos and the small digital display.


with the exception of Antelope Orion or Goliath i cannot think
of another interface out there with better connectivity options for general purposes.

Costumer Support:

I had this thing for about a week when i got an international call from the manufacturer
inquiring me about my experience working with the unit and was invited to share my thoughs over the phone on possible improvments.
I dont know about you guys, but i'm buying gear like crazy for more than 20 years and this is a first for me!
I think this says something about how much they care for their products and their costumers satisfaction.
Also they keep sharing with costumers future or ongoing developments, either trough the user groups or major foruns.
They also provide online assistence from their web site.


If it's true that the audio quality you get will be just as good as the quality of the weakest link in your chain.
Then you?ll be safe in that regard with the Discrete 8, cause you just dont have such a thing as a weak link in it.
So well done Antelope for bringing the such a high end piece to this price point.

So my advice is: If you're looking for a new interface you should seriously consider trying this thing! I'm glad that i did!
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Sfortunatamente si è verificato un errore, La preghiamo di riprovare più tardi.
A fantastic upgrade
ChrisOz, 23.07.2018
I?ve had the D8 since Feb 18, but left it a while until writing the review. This is so I could really get used to the interface before I made my opinion. I upgraded from a four channel Fast Track Ultra as my studio is expanding from project to semi pro.

Thomann dealt with the order well, there was a slight mixup, but it was fixed quickly - well done Thomann.

The D8 has proved to be a definite upgrade to our studio. I now have 8 mike-preamps and the quality of the sound has been improved. I was very surprised just how much more I am hearing in materiel recorded through the interface. It?s now better defined and has a clearer quality to it.

I gave the D8 5 out of 5, but there was one small issue when I bought it; there was no manual. Now, some of you reading this would probably not need one, but I did (there is one online now). The reason I still give the D8 a 5 is because Antelope Audio have always been quick to answer my questions via their live-chat feature. I have to say that their customer service has been good and when I have had a question, they have dealt with it well.

All in all, the D8 has proved to be a very high quality piece of gear that I?m very happy with.
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