the t.bone Sync 2


Digital 2.4 GHz radio system with two transmitters and one receiver.

  • The compact size is perfect for mobile applications such as interviews, micro-video recording and Vlogging
  • Transmitter can be used with integrated microphone or external microphone
  • Distortion-free signal transmission
  • Supporting both Mono and Stereo audio channel
  • Range: 50 m (in line of sight) / 30 m (not in line of sight)
  • Battery runtime: 5 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Switchable low-cut filter
  • Auto-pairing
  • Built-in lithium battery (400 mAh)
  • Latency: 12.5 ms
  • Clip for attaching to belt or clothing - also suitable for attaching to hot shoe
  • Headphone output for real-time monitoring: 3.5 mm Jack TRS
  • Recording output: 3.5 mm Jack TRS
  • Microphone input: 3.5 mm Jack TRS
  • Dimensions: each 52 x 42 x 16 mm
  • Weight without external microphone: 35 g each
  • Colour: Black

Set consists of:

  • 2x Transmitter
  • 1x Receiver
  • 2x External lavalier microphone with windscreen
  • 1x Coiled cable 3.5 mm TRS to TRS Camera
  • 1x Phone cable 3.5 mm TRS to TRRS
  • 2x Artificial fur windscreen
  • 1x Charging cable 1 USB A to 3x USB C
Capsule Type Condenser
Microphone Color Black
Receiver Type mobile
Frequency 2400 MHz
Transmission system Digital
Channels Lapel Microphone 1
available since June 2021
Item number 516620
Transmitting System Digital
Pattern omnidirectional
Wireless Channels 1
Handheld Transmitter 0
Pocket Transmitter 1
Microphone Plug Transmitter 0
Power Transmitter USB
Multi Channel No
Microphone Type Lapel Omnidirectional
Transmitter Input 3,5mm TRS
Frequency from 2400 MHz
Hot Shoe Adaptor Yes
Transmitting Power in mW 10 mW
Frequency Display 1
Power Receiver USB
Removable Antenna No
Battery Status Monitor 1
Output 3,5mm TRS
Charging System No
Rackkit No
Rackkit Art.-No. No
Antenna Mount Kit No
Splitter No
Integrated battery 1
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Great value wireless sound for video

There are many different ways of capturing sound for video recordings and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The t.bone Sync 2 pretty much avoids all the disadvantages: it is cheaper than RF systems offered by other brands, sounds much better than the integrated mics on mobile phones or cameras and wirelessly transmits the sound of two emitters via radio waves to a single receiver, making it extremely flexible in use since it does away with the hassle of tangled cables. In addition, the t.bone Sync 2 is small, light and easy to transport, all the more so since a soft case is provided in which all its equipment and accessories can be stored. The latter consist of a TRS cable for connecting the receiver to a camera or computer, a TRRS cable for connecting to a mobile phone, two lavalier microphones and four dedicated windshields, two for the transmitter’s integrated mics and the remaining two for the lavalier mic. Finally, a split USB A to 3x USB C cable is provided, allowing both transmitters and the receiver to be charged simultaneously using a single USB socket.

Sound is under control

A charging time of 1.5 hours allows the system to run for about 5 hours, which is sufficient for extended filming sessions – during which you can take full advantage of its impressive transmission range of roughly 50m, when the transmitter and receiver are within direct line-of-sight. This makes for great outdoor recordings without any sound loss. And even if obstacles are present between transmitter and receiver, the system will still work just fine up to a distance of 30m. Though the transmitter’s two integrated microphone provide the simplest and most direct option for sound recording, the t.bone Sync 2 package also includes two lavalier microphones which can be inconspicuously placed on a collar and come each with a windshield. The overall system latency is only 12.5ms, well below the duration of a single video frame, even when filming at 60fps – the sound is thus seamlessly integrated into the picture. The receiver is equipped with a dedicated volume output which can be adjusted in four distinct steps as well as a headphone output, useful for direct monitoring.

For demanding filmmakers

The t.bone Sync 2 is perfectly suited to hobbyists and social media filmmakers who might have two subjects at the same time, for example during interviews and dialogs. If your camera equipped with a hot shoe, then just fix the receiver onto it and the audio can then be recorded straight to the camera via the provided mini-jack cable. Of course, this same cable can also be connected to a mobile recorder, mixing console and of course to a computer. Both transmitters and their respective mics can of course also be placed anywhere you want. They generally stay attached to each person being recorded, and, weighing only 35g each, are hardly a burden. Alternatively they can be tucked away on belts thanks to the included clips and then the inconspicuous lavalier microphones can be used, discreetly placed on the lapels of their subjects.

About the t.bone

Since 1994, the t.bone has been part of Musikhaus Thomann’s in-house brands. Devices such as headphones, wireless systems, in-ear equipment as well as various microphones and matching accessories are marketed under the name. ‘the t.bone’ products are built exclusively by well-known manufacturers, who also work for many other well-known brands. This provides a clear advantage: brand quality products at very reasonable prices. And word gets around: one in seven Thomann customers has already bought at least one product from the t.bone.

Amazing hairstyle to reduce wind interference

If you use the transmitter’s mic outdoors, we recommend using the dedicated windshields. These hairy little dudes are included in the package and simply fitted over the transmitters’ mics to reduce wind noise, and still allow speech and other sound sources to be recorded without being affected. The windshield is easy to remove after use. To avoid losing it or forgetting it in your pocket, you should immediately be put it away in its case. Both lavalier microphones are provided with individual foam protectors that fit snugly and should only be removed indoors for cleaning purposes. A switchable Low-Cut Filter is present on each transmitter to reduce low frequency interference, such as the hum of passing vehicles.

Free placement

The transmitter and receiver are provided with clips that fit on a belt - however they are also designed to fit the hot shoe of a camera. You can therefore choose whether to record the sound directly into the camera, or, if you choose to attach the receiver to your belt, the audio can be captured separately onto the recording device of your choice – even to a mobile phone in your pocket. Of course, the receiver can also be placed next to your computer and the audio recorded from there. The receiver can be set to Mono or Stereo. In Mono, the input signal is sent equally to the Left and Right outputs, which is useful when only one transmitter is being used, or when there is a lot of movement in the picture and independent left and right channels would not work. Stereo adds space to the sound during conversations, as long as the subjects keep fixed positions. The output volumes of each transmitter can be individually adjusted to four levels on the receiver. Each click on the volume button increases the output volume by one step and switches back to the lowest level after reaching the highest.

Detailed explanation: Recording Internally vs. Externally

Recording the sound track of your video straight onto your camera or mobile phone is always the simplest solution, since the sound and picture are both recorded in the same video file and don’t need to be later synchronised on a video editing program. However, independently recording your audio tracks on a separate recorder or computer often greatly facilitates post-processing and allows better control of the audio quality overall. For example, many applications let you invert the Left and Right channels if your stereo picture is the wrong way round. You can also bounce down the stereo channels to a single mono track - this way, one can record in stereo and then adjust the volume of each track individually before they are merged into mono.

Information on the supported frequency ranges

Here you can see which frequencies are supported by this wireless system and the countries in which these frequencies are allowed in the future for wireless applications.

All information is without guarantee
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Leider raucht es, sonst sehr gut.
M.A.C. 27.09.2021
Disclaimer: Ich habe es benutzt für Aufnahmen vor der Kamera.

Wie in der Überschrift erwähnt: Es gibt leider ein leises Rauschen während das Mikro läuft, dafür ist das Set an sich echt Klasse. Das Rauschen könnte man zwar mit einer Software wie Audacity entfernen, aber ich suche nach einem Produkt, welches ohne Post-Prodction gut funktioniert. Deswegen habe ich mir nun das Rode Wireless GO II geholt.

Aber noch ein paar anmerkungen:

+ Die beiliegenden Mikrophone geben ein klares signal ab. Für mich etwas zu dumpfe Höhen, aber für Interviews oder vor der Kamera stheend voll in Ordnung.
+ Die Bedienung ist recht simpel
+ Die Box in der man alles einpacken kann ist sehr groß und geräumig. Anders als bei dem "Rode Wireless GO II" wo man alles in eine kleine Tasche quetschen muss.

- Das Gerät kann nicht mit dem "Rode Lavalier GO" Mikrofon benutzt werden. Sobald man es einsteckt, wird ein lautes Surren bemerkbar bei der Aufnahme. Ob es mit anderen Mikrofonen als den beigelegten funktioniert, konnte ich nicht testen.
- Wie schon erwähnt: das Grundrauschen.

Alles in allem ein gutes Produkt, wenn man sich in der post-production nochmal hinsetzen möchte.


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Super produit
Sebastien J. 31.07.2021
Pour commencer la réception et l'emballage toujours excellent de la part de Thomann depuis 10 ans

Pour le t.bone Sync 2
Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m'attendre face au conçurent Rode mais j'ai été agréablement surpris

Le pack contient tout ! Un récepteur deux canaux soit stéréo soit deux mono mergés et deux transmetteurs micros

Les transmetteurs sont équipés de micros que je qualifierai d'appoints car le son qu'on en sort n'est pas vraiment le point fort des TX

Par contre les micro cravates fournis font vraiment l'affaire et sonnent vraiment pas mal je rappel le prix du pack par rapport au résultat c'est quand même un truc de fou

Côté transmission j'ai fait des tests a vue les 50m annoncés sont sans doute en champ libre plein air montagne
En pratique en ville on est plus vers les 20m et environ 10m en cas d'obstacles (mur) ce qui est soyons honnêtes amplement suffisant pour la plupart des situations auquel le produit est destiné c'est à dire Vlogging et petites interviews

Les boîtiers sont tout petits de la même taille que le rode

Les 12ms de latences sont connus donc corrigeable au montage et ne dérangent pas le moins du monde pour monitorer en direct

Et pour finir le RX est équipé de 2 sorties minijacks (câbles fournis) une pour le dslr ou autre et une pour casque monitoring direct

En résumé je recommande pour toutes les personnes avec un budget très serré souhaitant se lancer en Vlogging et améliorer considérablement le son de leurs vidéos par rapport au micro d'un appareil photo où caméra classique
Le seul défaut vient des TX ou l'entrée minijack pour le micro cravate se trouve sur le côté du boîtier cela aurait été mieux sur le dessus a côté du micro d'appoint

Tout est fournis est le résultats est tout simplement bluffant pour le prix !


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Micro para grabación eng
MCR-MALLORCA 09.07.2021
Buen producto , probado en una grabacion en el exterior y todo muy bien.
buen sonido


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