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t.akustik CBT-37


Corner Bass Traps

  • Absorber for improving a rooms acoustics
  • Especially suited for absorption of low frequency sound waves
  • Material: Polyurethane soft foam material
  • Bulk density: 25,0 kg / m³ +/- 5%
  • Reaction to fire: burning rate < 100 mm / min. MVSS 302
  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimensions:370 x 370 x 600 mm
  • Packing dimensions (HxBxD) : 600 x 380 x 380 mm
  • Includes 2 pieces
  • Suitable acoustic adhesive for attachment: Article Nr. 177265 (not included)
Material Foam
Colour Grey
available since July 2009
Item number 233185
Dimensions 370 x 370 x 600 mm
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T.Akustic CBT-37
John408 10.08.2013
I knew I was buying cheap when I ordered these. They work pretty well though to be fair. Ok, they are no GIK, but they dont cost GIK prices either.

For someone starting up (like I was) who wanted a cheap and mostly effective solution to bass trapping needs, these are fine units.
I did eventually upgrade them after having these for about 2 years, but they were indispensable in that time and really allowed me to achieve great sounds in a modest bedroom space.

Room treatment is essential in todays recording requirements. While these are not the best you can get, they do punch a little above their weight. They are great for hobbyists or those that cant yet afford the "big boys" treatment options. also, as I did, you can stack these on top of one another and create a "pillar" of bass trapping in the room corners without having to glue these to the walls. A BIG plus in my books. And if someone knocks into them in a drunken stumble (ahem!) they are made of soft foam so no damage should be caused by these directly....though these dropping onto and knocking over a hard unit (like a lamp) could cause damage. Be careful with these and you'll be grand.

A great cheap alternative to the more (exorbitantly IMHO) expensive alternatives, though to be fair, the more expensive alteratives are better...though about 8 - 10 times the price of these!
If you are starting out on a budget and need some room treatment, these are great units to use. They work slighly better than they should, and while they wont turn your bedroom into Abbey Road or anything, they are CERTAINLY better than doing nothing!
I recommend these units and I still use my old units in my drum room even though I now use GIK in my main mix room and they really help me get a better drum sound. Since room treatment is such a strange beast to work with and tame , I dont see the need to replace these from my drum room any time soon.
Recommended unit


Corner traps for my small vocal recording booth
Anonymous 01.06.2016
Being a voice actress, narrator and singer I need a pretty sound proof and ?dead? space for my vocal recordings.
In the room that I am using as my home studio there is a small walk-in wardrobe which I wanted to turn into a recording booth.

The acoustic conditions in that tiny room (less than 2 m²) are of course horrible if you don?t treat it.
So I covered the wooden floor with a carpet and attached acoustic foam mats and tiles to the walls and sloped ceiling in order to reduce the flutter echo.
Furthermore I got a Hofa diffusor and placed it at the wall behind my condenser microphone.

Doing some more research I learnt that the corners of a small recording space should not be neglected as they often cause problems at the low end.

Since I did not really know what I, as a female voice artist, had to expect from bass traps I certainly did not want to spend an unnecessary amount of money. So I just bought one pair of these and placed them in the corners left and right from my microphone stand.

Sure the effect is rather subtle in my case but the thick foam definitely helps reducing the flutter echo bouncing back from the corners. Also in comparison to voice recordings I did without the traps I feel the sound is more balanced now.

If you too have a small space for voice recordings you should consider buying these.


Good stuff
mihaionila 24.10.2021
My corners are covered :)


Fits and works Good
wawi 19.08.2020
I used the corner Bass Traps for my Tiny Production Studio (340 cm x 240cm and H. 320cm).
I Bought 6 pieces and placed them behind my mixing Desk in the corners and I ( have to say they worked great cos I had after the placement of the Bass Traps a clear reduction of the excess bass frequencies they were growing in the naked Corners.
They look very good and easy to apply.


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