Novation Impulse 25


USB MIDI Keyboard with 25 Keys

  • Semi-weighted with aftertouch
  • Full DAW and plug-in control
  • 8 Backlit drum-pads
  • 1 Fader 55 mm
  • 8 Rotating control knob
  • 6 Transport buttons
  • Pitch and modulation wheel
  • 2 Octave keys
  • Arpeggiator-, Beat-Roll- and Clip-Launch buttons
  • LCS display
  • USB port
  • Expression and Sustain pedal ports
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Automap control software
  • Including Xcite+ software pack, Ableton Live Lite
  • Dimensions: 525 x 332 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
available since September 2011
Item number 270194
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Aftertouch Yes
Pitch Bend / Modulation Yes
Rotary Encoder 8
Fader (Amount) 1
Pads 8
Display Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x xOut
Sustain Pedal Connection Yes
USB-port Yes
Mains Operation No
Battery Operation No
Bus-Powered Yes
Width in mm 525 mm
Height in mm 100 mm
Depth in mm 332 mm
Weight in kg 3,5 kg
Special Features Automap-Control-Software
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Tricky installation for Win+Cubase users
Simone Buralli 30.11.2020
PRO's: Construction and feeling are good as expected by Novation. There is no equivalent products at the same price.
CON's: installation and sw compliance (I have Windows 10 and Cubase 11).
The sw installation is quite messy:
1) the start guide makes you land on a page where you can download the driver and a support software: "Automap";
2) If you follow the built-in instructions you will not succeed in properly setting up the midi in your Cubase: the Impulse will not work in "DAW" mode but only as a generic midi controller;
3) Then I discovered among Novation's support pages that, in this order:
i) you have to setup Cubase differently from the starting guide to make it recognise Automap (despite of Automap being unable to configure Cubase because is supports till Cubase 9.5 only. Cubase 10 if you find the unofficial beta version);
ii) can get rid of Automap with the latest firmware update (you can perform it via Sysex)...and it works but...
iii) if you use it without Automap the product works only partially because the 8 rotary encoders (knobs) cannot be used as volume controller but only as pan+send for the first 8 tracks;
iiii) I went back back to i) configuration (with Automap correctly set in Cubase 11) and corrected the installation guide with pen to avoid struggling once again at next computer change.


Great Choice!
Wentbackward 15.05.2020
I had very specific requirements: Operability with Ableton Live, full size keys with some weight, aftertouch, bus powered (USB) small/portable keyboard so I can leave this lying around the house away from my workstation and simply plug into my laptop to be instantly running when needed. Novation and Live is pretty much guaranteed to work so it was kind of a no brain, plug and go choice. Even though there are lots of cool new toys on the block, I went for something that has been around for a while. I'm not really into customing all the controls, so I plugged it in, that was it, it just works. The control of Live is not written down anywhere (that I could find) so had to watch a video (It's Shift + Octave to change Live track ;) ). It is a lot bigger and heavier than I expected so the 2nd idea of having something to throw in my travel-on luggage is not going to work. I'd recommend to consider the 49 with the extra faders. The 25 is small/portable as in something you'll leave lying around the house / take to a jam, but not really portable as in something you'd travel with a lot. It's a fantastic, well made product, keys and pads feel great, the whole thing is solid and built better than I imagined given the price.


amazing price/quality relation
just a dude 18.01.2020
i bought this keyboard mostly to play basslines and use the integrated arpeggiator with rack synths,wich is a pretty rare feature. The semi-weighted keys feel great for plastic ones and the aftertouch works quite well, the drum pads are thick and responsive and as an mpc user i can say they dont feel so bad.
The knobs aren't great but they are infinite rotation and work fine,
all the buttons are thick rubber and the mod/pitch wheels are also covered in this sort of textured plastic/rubber, the pitch is a bit slow on the return but i actually like that.
Overall a great buy, honestly my only regret is not buying the 49 keys version. 4/5*


So intuitive, you won't have time for the manual
Nicola L. 03.10.2014
I'm using this controller with Ableton Live9 on a Windows 7 machine.

The installation was smooth, and the integration with the software amazing. I haven't had the time to read the instruction manual yet, as I'm having too much fun playing with this gem.

The layout of the controls is extremely comfortable, knobs are exactly where they're supposed to be! All the controls, knobs, pads, control buttons, wheels, slider, and last but not least, the keyboard, are very robust and highly responsive.

The device is powered via USB, which is quite handy, but may also be a limitation if you wanted to use the controller stand-alone, e.g. connecting it via MIDI to a synth (and without having to turn on your PC).


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