Fender Bar Stool Logo 24"



  • With Fender logo
  • Total height: 60 cm
  • Total width: 50 cm
  • Seat height: 9 cm
  • Seat width: 36 cm
available since September 2009
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Bold. Modern. Stylish. Most importantly... Sturdy!
CK2018 17.05.2018
There seems something odd in writing a review about a branded guitar stool, but this one is 100% worthwhile. Everything from the packaging down to the smallest bolt oozes with the famous Fender quality.

The barstool itself comes disassembled but the package contains everything you need to put it together (tools included) and is a very simple job, even for those with no technical knowledge.

Once assembled, the stool looks quite simply, wonderful. The chrome frame stands out with the padded seat having a (subtle) glittery rim and a glossy black top emblazoned with the Fender logo.

The seat fitting rotates, allowing the stool to swivel for comfort whilst playing, and the 24'' height is perfect to retain access to the floor for anyone using effects pedals. I had considered whether the 30'' stool would have been better, but opted for 24'' which is about the same height as a regular chair. The 30'' stool is substantially higher and more-akin to a traditional tall barstool, so bear this in mind when deciding which height would be more suitable.

The barstool is comfortable, solid and sturdy and looks stunning anywhere you decide to put it!


Great little guitar stool that looks better than the photo!
Anonymous 06.02.2015
I was looking for a guitar chair or stool that was stylish but not too expensive.
Then I noticed this Fender Bar Stool showed up in the search results.
The price seemed a bit steep for what I thought was a gimmicky product, but the other reviews were all positive, so I thought I'd give it a go.

First of all, the stool arrived in Glasgow within two days of being ordered - great service!

It came flat-packed, meaning some self assemply was required, and although this took me around 20 minutes, it was very simple and straightforward, with all the tools and fixings required. What the assembly process did make me appreciate was the very high quality of the stool - the components are all very substantial, and everything fit together extremely well.

Once built, the stool is the perfect height for me, it is solid as a rock, and it looks fantastic. The seat has the striking red Fender logo on black, but the sides of the seat are a dazzling, glittery red that isn't obvious in the photographs. It really is a beauty.
The seat itself is soft, and provides more than adequate cushioning - very comfortable. It swivels on the base with a nice smooth action, but is not too loose that it just spins when you don't want it too- - it's just right.

If I have any criticism, it would be that the foot rest position is just a little bit higher than I would like, to bring my leg up comfortably.
I also think the glossy surface of the seat might mark or scratch more easily than a tougher surface.
Than being said, I think this is a very good buy, and for what you get, I realised that it is actually very good value!

The price on Thomann is better than most other places I've looked at, and the delivery time is excellent.

Highly recommended.


Classy and Functional!
paniccoffee 11.02.2019
This Bar Stool would be perfect in any room really. You have a comfortable stool to support your foot for playing guitar/bass in a sitting position. Whether it's your mini bar, living room, kitchen and of course, your sound room! I primarily took this instead of a foot stool.

+Sturdy construction, elegant finish on the design (photos don't do justice to the shimmering glitter on the gorgeous red stripe of the stool) and the steel bars
+Straightforward building instructions (faster if you have your own electril screwdriver)
+Perfect foot support for playing guitar/bass in sitting position

-A bit on the pricey side
-Padding/cushioning could be better. While It's comfortable, It could get uncomfortable after a while when the padding has been flattened. Fortunately it goes back to shape after a while, so you are required to take a break and let the cushioning get back in shape.


I got it as a gift
kaloman 07.01.2019
Well done! Easy to assemble. Very convenient.


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