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Dietrich Parts String Butler V3 BK


Hardware to improve the tuning stability of electric guitars and steel-string guitars

  • Designed for guitars with 3L / 3R headstock machine head configuration
  • Adjusts the position of the A, D, G, B strings to correct the string routing through the nut slots , thus preventing the guitar strings from getting stuck
  • Greatly improves the tuning stability of your guitar and increases the sustain
  • Keeps the tuning of the strings even during very intense guitar playing (also copes with extreme bends)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Version V3 with minimum post distance 35 mm / maximum post distance 58 mm
  • Colour: Black


Not compatible with machine heads with bushings

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Saved my ES 355
HKHKHK 16.02.2020
I have a beautiful but difficult ES355, the difficulty being the (not uncommon) lack of tuning stability of the G and D strings, particularly under bending.

I played the guitar in the shop a couple of times before buying it, but I think that since I didn't own it at the time I was a bit gentle with the bends and didn't strum so hard, so the problem only became apparent after I got the guitar home. I was pretty crushed. I'm not an advanced enough player to "play around" the tuning issues and it was distracting me.

The String Butler is amazing. By straightening the 4 inner string pulls, the tuning is much better. Gibson necks still have a fairly sharp break, but if you are only noticing the tuning problems in the D and G, it's ikely the angled pull rather than the break that's causing the problem.

I do have a slight reservation with covering over part of the beautiful mother of pearl inlay on the 355 headstock, but knowing my 355 is now as stable as my Fender is a wonderful result.


Saving your Gibson!
Plexi's & gibsons 29.11.2018
If you have a Gibson and you like to do a ton of bends this thing is a lifesaver!

It gives your strings a straight string pull and also fixes the headstock angle slightly. I use it on a Gibson SG and the thing stays in tune for days now!

It's easy to install if you have the right tuners (with screw in bushings).

Not a permanent mod.

The look is a little weird at first. But if you like your Gibson to stay in tune and you've got a good lubricated nut, locking tuners. This is the only thing left to do!

You'll need a Gibson with tuners with screw in bushings (Grovers, new style klusons,..). Classic klusons with push in bushings will not allow you to install this unless you screw it in.

If you can dig the look and want your Gibson to stay more in tune this works great! Easy to install and play more!


Does exactly what its supposed to do
Millo777 19.06.2020
I've fitted this to a Yamaha Weddington Classic as the B and G strings had a tendency to lose tuning under heavy bending.

The string Butler has improved the situation a lot. The straight string pull over the nut seems to make a significant difference.

It's not 100% fix problem, but i suspect a set of locking tuners better prep of the nut on the next restring will get the job done.

A really simple solution that non invasive. No screw holes in the guitar so easily reversed if i want to remove it for any reason.

Impressed so far. Would recommend to anyone with an LP/Gibson style guitar.


Keef Eastwood 06.12.2020
I came across this product on tour in Spain in 2018, I ordered one immediately for my LP which was not liking the temp change and kept slipping out of tune, and It did exactly as I wanted, I dont like to change the original Klusons and now I dont have to, I never once had an issue with the guitar since, So now I have them fitted on all my Gibsons. My guitar tech is well able to cut and lube the nut and so am I, but if you play your instrument as often as I do then this is a lot of work to replicate over and over across all my guitars, this unit has eliminated that issue completely, its a fit and forget kind of product. perfect.


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