Zoom Q8


Mobile Audio/ Video Recorder

  • HD Video recording up to 3M HD (2304 x 1296) 30fps, HD1080p 30fps, HD720p 60fps, HD720p 30fps, WVGA 60fps, WVGA 30fps
  • Video format: MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 MOV
  • 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 160 Degree wide angle lens
  • Fixed focus: 36 cm to infinity
  • F2.0 with 16.6 mm focal length (Crop factor corresponds to 35 mm)
  • Digital zoom 1-4x
  • Timer with 3, 5 or 10 seconds
  • 2.7" Colour LCD touch screen
  • Presets for light conditions: Auto, concert and night
  • Live HD video streaming function
  • Audio recording up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz PCM
  • Including X/Y microphone XYQ-8 - foldable
  • Audio features: Low cut filter and auto gain (concer/ solo/ meeting presets)
  • Peak SPL: 140 dB
  • 2 Jack/ XLR combined line/ microphone inputs with switchable phantom power
  • Line/ headphone output
  • Integrated speaker
  • Can be used as a USB microphone on the PC (on Mac and iPad with optional camera connection kit, not included)
  • Supported cards: SD/ SDHC/ SDXC up to 128 GB
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 158 x 48 x 69 mm
  • Weight: 300g with battery
  • Microphone capsule: 40 g
  • Incl. foam windscreen, li-ion battery (up to 3 hours operating time), USB cable, tripod to "three-prong action camera mount" adapter, lens cover, lens cap, strap
Integrated Stereo Microhone Yes
Recording Tracks 2
Microphone Inputs 2
48 V Phantom power Yes
Line Inputs 1
Storage Medium SD/SDHC Card
Headphone connection Yes
Integrated Speaker Yes
Resolution max. 24 bit
Max. Sample Rate 96 kHz
Limiter No
katalógusunkba bekerült: Április 2015
Termékszám 361096
Type Camera
Design Webcam
Max Resolution 1080p
Streaming resolution 1080p
Stationary 1
Mobile 1
Max. Memory 128
USB Webcam 1
HDMI Out 1
Battery Included
Recording Format MOV, WAV AAC
Microphone 1
Power Feed 2x LR6 (AA) batteries (Alkaline or NiMH)
Dimensions 51 x 133 x 23 mm
Weight 105 g
Included In Delivery Pop Filter, Li-ion Accu, USB-Kabel, Tripod to three-prong action camera mount adapter, Lens cover, Lens hood, Strap
Audio In 1
Integrated Display 1
Integrated recording 1
Case color Black
Mutass többet
299 € 109 814,63 ft
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Perfect device if you know what you want
Anonim 15.03.2016
I am using Zoom Q8 already some month and I have used it for recording dialogues from distance of 3-4 meters, but also lectures from 10+ meters. I am always using a shotgun mic SGH6 (optional, sold separately) and I am very satisfied with the part of the recording that is most important in my context - sound. Gain is adjustable, there is possibility to monitor sound input, also use low pass and some other filters. Very good option is also a possibility to add different exteranl mics and adjust them separately.
Sony cams what I was using earlier Sony HDR PJ810 gave perfect video quality but sound was always poor. Here are some issues with video, but no messing with sound.
Video zoom is adjustable in 5 steps,
If you want really good video quality, you have to use at least 1080/30 24 Mbps then have large memory card really well (max capacity accepted by cam is 128GB)
If you record backlit profile 1080/30 16Mbps then sometimes half your nose or lips will disappear:)
Since lens are really wide, then even with smallest zoom level there is remarkable distortion at edges
But if you need good sound quality, and you are not so demanding about video, then Zoom Q8 is the best choice!


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Outstanding little camera
NXP Bass 13.07.2020
This is a great camera, super practical and easy to use.
I have loads of samples here if anyone is interested: small pieces of criticism:
- I record via XLR DI and it's sometimes hard to control peaks without loosing recording volume
- A remote control would be great


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Good camera for "in the field" video recording
Ivan E. 02.11.2015
I'm a drummer, so I mainly used camera to make videos for myself. On some occasions I took it to shoot the concerts. The camera works perfectly! Well-made, really good quality. Battery time is enough to shoot over 2 hours in the best quality (32GB SD card), touch screen is handy and adjusting mic to the noise level is easy with blinking indicator.

However, by no means this is a camera to make music videos, because it has only wide angle lens without any possibility to change it. The quality of picture even on the best possible setting is poorer than of DSLR cameras (lenses again). We were using several cameras to shoot music videos in the field in the morning. In the end footage from this camera could only be used for bloopers.

Therefore, use this camera for: videoblogging (it also works as a webcam), short overview videos and other draft/in the field work (like going around the shop and checking out cymbal sounds). Do not use for any serious production (like music vids or interviews), the picture quality is good, but not up to the standard. Although it can be used for recording audio and later mixing it together with video, but you don't need Q8 for that, can just use H6.


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Basically a great recording suite with a lense
String Ninjas #1 05.04.2021
This camera has a lot of features that I like and some that I dislike. The audio recording capabilities are absolutely fantastic, the on board mics are crisp and clear and the option of having another two audio input sources has proved invaluable. This coupled with the ability to record all tracks separately (need an extremely fast, high grade memory card to do this) makes post production that much easier. I will however say that the overall video recording quality is a touch lack luster. On wider shots the 160 lense can, as expected, cause warping in the video. Also I found that the zoom function is not worth using as when engaged the video quickly becomes pixilated. Unfortunately the 160 lense is not detachable and there are no settings within the camera itself to get round it. That all being said this is still a nifty piece of kit and would definitely reccomend it to anyone starting off making their own videos. The cameras ability to automatically sync up reasonable quality video with high quality audio combined with the option to export in various file types makes making and uploading videos very easy however if you are wanting to do a lot of post production on the video (close ups, ken burns etc) you may find the video quality can hinder somewhat.


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