Zildjian 18" K Constantinople Crash

18" Crash Cymbal

  • Size: 18"
  • K Constantinople Series
  • Traditional finish
  • A wonderful, dark and warm sound
  • Dry overtones and a soft decay
  • Quick response with an exceptional vintage feel
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  • Hard-Softstick

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Hand Hammered Cymbal Yes
Finish Regular / Traditional
Alloy B20 Bronze
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5 / 5.0
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Zildjian K-Constantinople 18" Crash | You won't regret it
Thomas7957, 09.02.2015
Lets face it, these are probably the most expensive crashes Ziljidian has to offer (at the time of writing).

If you are reading this, with the potential interest of buying a K-Constantinople Crash, then be assured, you will not be disappointed.

I purchased an 18" & 16" which were pretty paired up in terms of chromatic pitch... A welcomed Bonus !

The sound they produce though, is simply, mind mindbogglingly good. Complex, dark and very responsive. With an incredible dark driven trashy wash. the cymbal really does ooze sophistication in a non pretentious manner.
I use these in Jazz, and slightly more modern electronic environments & sound scapes etc etc , which is a bit niche admittedly, but hopefully signals versatility. I'm certain, these would fit in about musical genre, aside from thrash metal maybe.

The craftsmanship of the cymbal, is exquisite... You can but admire the work that has shaped this wonderful plate of metal to produce such sonic paradise.
Compared to the 'Old Style' Constantinople, of which I have tried, until proven otherwise, I much prefer the New Style. There is a trashy difference of the overall undertone, compared to the older style constantinople and they just sound much more alive when played in either a live scenario or recorded.

110 % Recommended if you have a fine taste for cymbal perfection
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Zildjian 18" K Constantinople Crash
Zildjian 18" K Constantinople Crash
489 €

18" Crash Cymbal Size: 18", K Constantinople Series, Traditional finish, A wonderful, dark and warm sound, Dry overtones and a soft decay, Quick response with an exceptional vintage feel

Zildjian 18" K-Series Dark Thin Crash
Zildjian 18" K-Series Dark Thin Crash
319 €

Crash Cymbal Series "K" of Zildjian, Traditional finish, Size: 18", Dark Crash Thin, Played by the likes of Tommy Aldridge, Eddie Bayers, Carter Beauford, Brady Blade and Jim Bogios

Zildjian 18" K Sweet Crash
Zildjian 18" K Sweet Crash
359 €

Crash Cymbal Size: 18", K-series, Dark and fast responding cymbal, "Random hammering", Warm and round sound

Zildjian 18" K-Series Dark Crash
Zildjian 18" K-Series Dark Crash
369 €

Crash Cymbal Size: 18", Series "K" of Zildjian, Traditional finish, Played by the likes of Gary Husband, John Otto, Mike Clark, Karl Lewis und Brady Blade

Zildjian 18" K-Series EFX
Zildjian 18" K-Series EFX
379 €

Effect Cymbal Size: 18", K Series EFX, K0888, Regular finish, B20 Bronze alloy, Striking as a result of its the unique appearance of the laser openings and holes, Fast, dry, dark and trashy sound,...

Zildjian 18" K-Series Cluster Crash
Zildjian 18" K-Series Cluster Crash
359 €

Crash Cymbals Size: 18", Extra-thin, Dark and trashy sound, Untreated bell, Traditional dusk with scattered "clusters"

489 € 163 170.50 HUF
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