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One Control 5-Channel Loop Switcher
178 € 65 380,11 ft
ÁFÁ-val, plusz 18 € szállítási költség
A ft ban feltüntetett ár csupán tájékoztató jellegű.
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Csomagfeladás várható időpontja legkésőbb Csütörtök, 2.12.
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Sajnos hiba történt. Kérjük, később próbálkozz újra.
Good value, simple loop switcher.
Peter842 18.01.2021
I wanted a simple, non-programmable switcher for the pedals I place before my amp (od, dist, comp, vibe/phase, fuzz). This keeps the signal chain as short as possible compared to having all of these linked in series. It has improved signal to noise, so much less hiss and no discernable sisnal loss.
Another upside is the switching is all close together and I don't have to reach all over the pedalboard (the largest HB spaceship). This also saves the effects footswitches from wear.
The mute switch is a really handy feature and the unit is very compact and very well made. The only "improvement' I could think of would be soft touch switches, (as used in gigrig switchers) but these would certainly add to the price.


One Control 5-Channel Loop Switcher