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KMA Audio Machines Guardian of the Wurm Dist.


KMA Audio Machines Guardian of the Wurm Distortion; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass; KMA’s WURM Distortion with an added Noise Gate, Perfect for Metal; a graphic 4-band equalizer with variable centre frequencies together with 3 disctinct High Mids settings, 3 different clipping styles, as well as a TRS effects loop and external trigger input for the noise gate, allow for maximum tonal flexibility; Controls: Gain, Low, L-Mid, H-Mid, High, Low centre frequency, L-Mid centre frequency, H-Mid centre frequency, High centre frequendy, Gate, Master; Push Buttons: ; Switches: Clip Style, EQ Style; LED: Distortion On, Noise Gate On; Display: ; Footswitches: Distortion On, Noise Gate On; Connections: Input (1/4" Jack), Output (1/4" Jack), FX Loop (1/4" TRS-Jack), EXT Trigger (1/4" Jack) ; Power Supply connector: Barrel Connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, center negative; Current Draw: 100 mA; powered by a 9 V DC Power Supply (not included); suitable optional Power Supply: Item no. #409939; True Bypass; Dimensions (W x D x H): 146 x 121 x 60 mm (5,75" x 4,76" x 2,36"); Weight: 584 g (1,29 lbs); Handmade in Germany; Note: Battery operation is not supported

Overdrive No
Distortion Yes
Fuzz No
Metal Yes
katalógusunkba bekerült: Augusztus 2021
Termékszám 524388
315 € 116 327,61 ft
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Evil Chainsaw pedal
Eugene Jake 26.10.2021
When I plug first in my direct setup pedal. It was good feeling when I play power chords. My first thought was, did I summon Satan? It gives death metal sound in my simple and cheap setup. It is my first HM-2 clone pedal. I connect the KMA Guardian into Joyo American(bypass cab sim) and IR pedal. I don't own similar to this. But I notice that this is not distortion, it lacks the gain. Sounds like overdrive with fuzz. It is better to stacked this pedal with preamp distortion/crunch instead of clean or FX loop to achieve metal sound. IMO.
EQ: The bass and high mid are responsive. You can achieve chainsaw sound with bass more than 80% and max high mid. But I notice the mud with my setup if the bass is max.
Features: There are plenty of options using the combinations of EQ and switches. It is versatile that you can play any rock genre. The gate is useable in less than 75% because it cuts the guitar sound if more than that.
Hardware: I like the regular size knob, it feels smooth and the slider EQ also has lock in the middle. In my personal preference, I hate the soft footswitch. When I try to turn OFF the switch, it goes back ON again. Small complain.
Handling: It takes 4 business days in my country to arrive and it arrives with deformed box. Luckily, the package and item was not harm.
Design: In my taste, it is cool looking pedal. It is not big at all. It is twice the size of regular pedal. It looks boutique pedal at first look.
Downside: IMO, I hate the mini knobs. If it is replace with slightly bigger than this. Minor only. The LED in gate is slightly brighter when turned on.

Conclusion: It is completely versatile pedal and it does the job. But it is still expensive for some. Overall this surpassed my expectations.


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