Höfner Verythin CT Special Brunette


Electric Guitar

  • Body: Maple with a spruce sound block
  • Soundholes: Batwings
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Jatoba
  • Fretboard inlays: Dots
  • Neck profile: Slendaneck
  • Scale: 643 mm (25.25")
  • Nut width: 44 mm
  • 22 Frets
  • Pickups 2 Vintage Voice humbuckers
  • 2 Volume controls
  • 1 Tone control
  • 3-Way switch
  • Colour: Brunette Sunburst
Colour Sunburst
Body Maple
Top Maple
Neck Maple
Fretboard Jatoba
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
katalógusunkba bekerült: Március 2020
Termékszám 488852
mennyiségi egység 1 darab
629 € 223 893,18 ft
Szállítási költség nélkül, ÁFÁ-val
A ft ban feltüntetett ár csupán tájékoztató jellegű.
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pleasant surprise from Germany
Just anothe amateur from Belgium 16.09.2020
Well, I received it only yesterday and I had only 2 days to test it, so consider this as a sort of preliminary review 😊
First impressions: wow, this thing is beautiful ! Fits perfectly in my hands. Plugged in, the sound was immediately OK (after tuning of course😊). Action is OK, intonation also OK (though I will make some minor adjustments the first time I change strings). Re: strings: from the factory it came fitted with 0.10 strings, finally a manufacturer (vendor?) who doesn’t skip on playability and doesn’t ship it wit the cheapo 0.9 set). Designed in Germany, proudly made in China, the label says but maybe the finished product passed a final check-up in Germany?
In short:
What I like (so far):
Looks. This is definitely not another plain ES-335-clone, the Germans are known to be stubborn and they made their own interpretation of it. I particularly like the array of the 3 tone and volume knobs (perhaps a Rickenbacker inspiration?). It makes the thing look distinctive and (for me) easier to play.
Sound. Bought it as a compliment to my old Fender Statocaster and it surely doesn’t disappoint. Totally different guitar of course, but that was exactly what I was after.
What I like a bit less (so far):
Finishing. As other reviewers of the CT series already stated, this leaves a bit to be desired. Painting and finishing of mine are fine, but the F-holes could use some grinding. Not that I care too much, no big deal for me, but it shouldn’t be for a reputated German brand.
The placement of the element switch. I know that it is classic vintage Gibson, but I‘d rather have it near the volume and tone controls. I’ll get used to it, so again no big deal.
Conclusion: definitely a keeper, a perfect companion for my Strat. I bought an ES-335 years ago, didn’t like at all and so sold it. But this one will stay. And oh yes, did I mention the looks and the sound?
Greetings from Belgium!

Edit: corrected some spelling errors (English is not my native language :) and a minor inconsistancy: there are 3 knobs, not 2, but you certainly notced that already:)

Overall I stand by my opinion. Great guitar.