Zoom H4n Pro Black


Portable MP3 / Wave Recorder

  • Up to 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Recording in WAV, MP3 and BWF format possible
  • Built-in stereo microphones can be positioned between 90 and 120 degrees
  • Peak SPL: 140 dB
  • Optimised noise floor (-120 dBu ON) for improved low-volume recording
  • 2 XLR microphone inputs with +24 V and +48 V phantom power
  • Microphone inputs can be used parallel to the integrated stereo microphone
  • Integrated multi-effects - with the Zoom G5n as its model: re-tuned effects, guitar amp simulation, phrase trainer and tuner
  • Variable playback speed from 50% to 150% with pitch correction
  • USB port
  • New rubberised and ergonomic case with improved LCD display
  • Supports SD or SDHC cards up to 32 GB
  • Integrated speaker
  • Limiter
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 73 x 157.2 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 294 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes protective cover made of plastic
  • Includes download licenses for Steinberg Cubase LE and WaveLab LE, 2x AA batteries, manual
  • Suitable accessories: Remote Control Zoom RC04 (article no. 226592), Fur Windshield (article no. 233103), power adapter Zoom AD-14e (article no. 229745) (all not included)
Integrated Stereo Microhone Yes
Recording Tracks 4
Microphone Inputs 2
48 V Phantom power Yes
Line Inputs 2
Storage Medium SD, SDXC
Headphone connection Yes
Integrated Speaker Yes
Resolution max. 24 bit
Max. Sample Rate 96 kHz
Limiter Yes
available since September 2019
Item number 472877
Max. Memory 32
Recording Format BWF, MP3, WAV
Power Feed Power adapter, 2x LR6 (AA) batteries
Dimensions 73 x 157,2 x 37 mm
Weight 294 g
Included In Delivery Protection Cover, 2x AA Batteries
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Perfect first recorder
Minsk 11.09.2020
I'm a hobbyist musician/producer using this great device for field recordings (ambience, nature, industrial sounds) and quickly record some musical ideas with my acoustic guitar or just have fun and record own foley samples, hit some things in the kitchen with drum sticks to create a "kitchen drum kit" :)

The preamps are surprisingly clear and quiet, I tried them with external condenser microphones - Rode NT2000 large diaphragm and T.Bone EM 9900 shotgun - both worked great for their own purposes.

Overall it's an awesome recorder packed with tons of features. The only minor issue is its strange finish which looks like a painting process gone bad.


Hmmm ?
IS5000 30.03.2020
As a filmmaker/videographer I needed a mixer or recorder as small, light, portable - and rugged as possible : the zoom was a third choice behind the Centrance mixerface R4R and Sound Devices mix pre 3.

I was recording with a sennheiser k6/me64 and soundman binaural (OKM II) mics

road test : after three days recording - in the desert - the zoom performed sufficiently … the built in mics were fine for immediate or spontaneous use but I found the sound flat, without depth.

The zoom is not the most intuitive to navigate,
recording to the xlr inputs is not as clear as it could be,
whilst battery power was sufficient without being especially outstanding.

The inability to customize file names is slightly frustrating and the load/start up time is also inconvenient, whilst the protective housing is useful for rugged conditions : ie dust/sand

Comparisons and previous experience :
comparable with a 302 or 663 sound devices : not really but it’s not in the same price range, superior to Tascam DR 40 etc - yes definitely
- is it worth the 50 € extra for the black version ? ( well I can’t complain, it was my choice )

But in reality it didn’t fit my needs : a light and extra portable 3 x XLR input mixer-recorder : a Centrance mixerface R4R / mix-pre 3 II ‘Hybrid’ - for under 500 € ? (anyone ?)

(Note : product was supplied at very short notice and the service and communication from Thomann was really super !! )


Gets the job done!
Asterion_MT 05.12.2021
The Zoom H4n Pro is one of those pieces of equipment that is there when you need it the most. Never lets you down in crucial moments and is quite easy to use.

The only part lacking is the lackluster software and clunky load times but other than that, it's great. I bought it for short film projects and was very satisified with the quality when I recorded dialogue, foley or ambience sound effects.


Great quality, compact and robust.
Hooter 17.10.2020
I’m employed as a full time brass teacher in the UK. I wanted to create good quality recordings for my pupils as in these Covid-19 times we are currently unable to blow in the same room as the pupils. The recordings produced are of excellent quality and the ability to add a touch of reverb to warm the sound enables me to produce good quality materials for the pupils regardless of the room I’m recording in.
The unit comes with a good case to protect it when shoved in my bag with all the other things I need for my teaching day.
I would recommend this to anyone looking to make decent recordings on a small, robust and portable device.


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