Thomann Bohemia Double Bass 3/4 SOL W

Double Bass

This solid 3/4 double bass has a blackwood fingerboard, which is an equivalent alternative to ebony in terms of sound behaviour, appearance and feel.

The industrially hardened blackwood obtained from plantation pine (Pinus radiata) serves to preserve natural ebony resources and protect the rainforests.

  • Size: 3/4
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Back and sides: Solid maple
  • Blackwood fingerboard
  • Individual machine heads
  • Height-adjustable bridge
  • Stringing: D'Addario Helicore
  • Wash finish: Specially stained, slightly antique-looking paintwork
  • Made in Schönbach in the Czech Republic
  • Set up and made ready to play in Germany in the Thomann string specialist workshop

Please note:

All acoustic double basses are adjusted and set up individually in our workshop for the desired playing situation/style (jazz, classical, rockabilly, ...). For online orders, please use the "Comment" text field to specify the desired action. We ask for your understanding that shipping will be delayed by approx. two to three days due to these finishing and setting operations. Double basses are delivered by freight carrier. Please contact our department directly with any questions at 09546/9223-370 or

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Audio Examples

  • Improvisation
  • Swing
  • Classical

Further Information

size 3/4
top solid
back Flat solid maple
fretboard Blackwood
machines Machine heads
bag included No
bow included No
adjustable bridge No
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4.3 /5
  • sound
  • quality
A lovely well made double bass
I've had this double bass for about 4 months now, I chose it after checking out all sorts of reviews and was a little concerned over buying an instrument I couldn't try out first. It came quickly and was easy enough to setup (install the bridge and tune it up).

The first thing I did was to arrange for my luthier to set it up. I had asked Thomann for a jazz setup though I would guess it was closer to an orchestral setup if anything and strung with D'Addario Helicore Orchestra strings which are best for bowing and not very good for pizz. I think it's fair to expect a setup to be done after purchase though it would be ideal if Thomann offered a choice of strings without extra charge (e.g. Helicore Hybrids or Pizzicato or Orchestras depending on customer preferences and which are all in the same price range).

My luthier so far has lowered the bridge, dressed the fingerboard and also filed the nut to get the strings closer to the fingerboard as well (the nut was way to high). I'm changing the endpin as well to carbon fibre just to try something different. Nothing wrong with the existing one quality wise, just a couple of comments though: the plug is protruding about 1cm off the body so not in all the way (replaced it with carbon fibre for lightness). Good strings cost £100+ and I replaced them with Thomastic Spirocores).

I was not 100% sure at first though the more I play it I appreciate it for being a very nicely made instrument, both to look at and to play. With the setup and Thomastic Spirocore (Weich) strings its starting to make a lovely sound with many nuances and nice overtones. It's still new so I'm expecting some of the tightness to give way to a more open sound in the coming months and years.

Overall I am very happy. Could I have bought something better for the money? Maybe, maybe not. (I was looking at Shens and Christophers though these are quite a bit more expensive. The Thomann 33 is also a very decent instrument and cheaper, though the 3W might have a slightly better build quality.) A satisfied customer!
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Europe Double Bass
Bill B, 15.05.2013
Excellent value for the price. The instrument has a very good finish and the Thomann set up team made a good job. Delivery was very prompt and the Bass was very well protected for its journey.
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Lovely piece of wood, metalwork could be better.
I have owned my bass for about four years now. You can't review a double bass straight out of the box, they improve with age, you need to let it become the instrument it is going to be. It is like having a child, but with fewer nappies.

When the bass arrived, it was beautifully set up. Well, actually, it wasn't set up at all: it arrived in a cardboard box attached to a miniature pallet, very robust, the bridge was taped to the top of the instrument, but the position for the feet was marked in pencil. It was easy to set up, ready to play. Once it was set up, with the OEM strings the action was right for classical playing, there were no wolf tones, no dead spots, it played beautifully both arco and pizzicato. I have since replaced the strings with Evah Pirazzis. I would recommend that.

Downsides: the tailpiece wire broke within 24 hours of setting up the instrument. To be fair, Thomann sorted out a replacement very quickly, I cannot fault them at all. The endpin is atrocious. It is a very lightweight hollow tube, and it is not very long (I am about 2.00m / 6'8" tall - I need a long endpin). I replaced the endpin with a carbon fibre one I bought on eBay and the volume and bottom end of the instrument doubled at a stroke. I would recommend that too. Also, after four years the tuning machine heads are getting a bit corroded. They are next on the list for an upgrade.

Don't get me wrong, I love my bass. It has / had some shortcomings, which I have addressed. But then any instrument will. I would buy another one tomorrow if I had to. But I don't have to - I am very happy with the one I have.
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Preiswertes, gutes Instrument
Georg aus R., 15.10.2015
Meine nicht allzu großen Erwartungen wurden deutlich übertroffen. Mit Evah Pirazzi Saiten (weich) bezogen entwickelt mein Instrument einen schönen, vollen, arco-tauglichen Klang. Der Klang der G-Saite könnte in den obersten Lagen noch feiner sein (ev. werde ich hier noch einmal mit einer anderen Saite experimentieren). Aber für einen nun drei Monate alten Fabrikbau: Alle Achtung! Das Instrument hat eine D-Mensur. Die Anpassung der Stegfüße ist gut genug, wenn auch nicht perfekt. Das Instrument war von Beginn an gut spielbar; Nacharbeiten durch einen Geigenbauer waren erst einmal nicht nötig. Die PUR-Lackierung des Korpus gefällt mir; die Lackfehler sind klein genug, um von Zuhörern nicht bemerkt zu werden. Griffbrett und (lackierter) Hals-Rückseite musste ich allerdings mit 1000er Schleifpapier den letzten Schliff geben: Insbesondere an der Halsrückseite waren vorher Rauhigkeiten der Lackierung deutlich zu fühlen. Der Blick in den Korpus zeigt insgesamt eine taugliche Verarbeitung, aber mit dem einen oder anderem sichtbaren Span nicht gerade eine Liebe zum Detail. Die Stimme steht dafür perfekt. Mechaniken und Stachel sind sicher nicht erste Qualität, aber erfüllen ihre Funktion. Aufgepasst: Das Material des Parkettschoners ist sehr weich, hinterließ aber im Gegenzug auf meinem Teppich schwarze Flecken. Ein Wolf auf der D-Saite ließ sich ohne merklich Klangeinbußen mit einem Wolftöter beseitigen. Insgesamt: Ich spiele und höre den Bass sehr gern. Verglichen mit anderen (meist neuen, erschwinglichen, teilweise nicht-Vollholz-) Bässen, die ich bisher anspielen konnte, ist dieser der beste.
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