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Sperzel Guitar Tuners 3/3 Trimlock SB


Mechanic Set For Guitar

  • 3 x Left
  • 3 x Right
  • Rear clamping wheel
  • Ratio: 12 : 1
  • Pin diameter 2.7 mm
  • For bore of 10 mm
  • Made in USA
  • Colour: Satin black
Colour Black
Item number 198295
99 €
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Replacement for stock tuners on HB Fan-fret baritone
ZiltoidTheOmniscient 27.06.2018
The tuners that came with the guitar mentioned in the title were prone to 'dead-zones' where you'd turn the peg and hear no change. Plus they were regular old wrap-around tuners.

Fitting these required a little bit of drilling, since the hole offsets were different from the stock tuners, but it was no big deal since the packaging came with a template to show you where to put the holes.

Since I was fitting them to a baritone which uses very large gague strings on the bottom end, I was slightly horrified to discover that the bottom B string didn't fit into the hole on the tuning peg! Fortunately using a 1mm (or perhaps 1.5mm, can't quite remember) drill bit I was able to make the hole big enough without damaging it.

Locking tuners in general are great and I recommend them to anyone who changes strings frequently.


Among the best tuners money can buy
Thomas855 08.01.2011
I bought these for my LTD MH1000NT because the original ESP locking tuners dindn't hold the tuning very well. You can easily convert this 3/3 set into a 6L set or any combination you want. You simply unscrew the slotted screw, push the shaft through the housing and push it back in from the other side, now you can assemble ist the way it was and you're good to go! The reason for this was: if you buy a 6L set, the posts are staggered and you don't need that for angled headstocks.
So the installation was very easy, you have to drill a little hole into the back of the headstock (a drilling telmplate is included) and you can align it with the included guide edge.
The quality is awesome, these tuners are lightweigt and hold the tuning very well. Restringing the guitar takes less than 5 minutes now!


Great quality made in USA
Obiwankenobi 10.06.2017
I was in dilemma to buy Sperzel or Schaller and finally I decide to buy affordable ones Sperzel, but I did not regret. Guitar tuners are so fine made, every detail are at place and the most important is that tuners keeps my guitar strings in perfect tune after hours and hours of playing. Great quality, worth money.


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Ich bin begeistert
Fischkopp 22.11.2012
Ich habe mit den Sperzel Mechaniken meine schwarze Les Paul gepimped und ich muss sagen, dass meine Erwartungen nicht enttäuscht wurden. Bei der Montage musste zuerst noch jeweils ein kleines Loch gebohrt werden, was sich als etwas knifflig herausstellte, aber dank mitgelieferter Schablone und etwas Augenmaß kein Problem. Leider werden die Löcher, in denen die Schrauben der alten Mechaniken zuvor gesessen haben, nicht komplett verdeckt. Das sieht man bei mir aber so gut wie gar nicht, nachdem ich sie mit einem schwarzen Edding bearbeitet habe. Ausserdem sind sie ja auf der Rückseite :)
Vom Endergebnis bin ich total begeistert. Optisch ein Traum und technisch definitiv eine Verbesserung. Das Saitenwechseln geht in Nullkommanix, das Stimmen der Saiten geht schnell und sauber und das häufige Neustimmen hat auch abgenommen.

Ich kann die Dinger nur weiterempfehlen! Top!


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