Roland TD-17KVX E-Drum Set


E-Drum Set

  • With Roland TD-17 drum module
  • 310 Sounds
  • 50 Preset kits
  • 50 User kits
  • Quick record
  • Coach function
  • WAV samples importable via SD/HC card
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Transceiver for wireless streaming of music directly from smartphone or MIDI to compatible devices
  • Sounds inspired by the Roland TD-50
  • Sounds changeable in pitch, damping, snare wire tension and snare buzz
  • Reverb, compressor and equalizer adjustable per channel
  • Global bass and treble equalizer
  • Smartphone tray
  • Multi-pin plug (trigger in) for 8 pads
  • 2x 6.3 mm jack trigger inputs for additional pads
  • 2x 6.3 mm jack main outputs
  • 6.3 mm jack
  • Headphone output
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Aux-In
  • MIDI output
  • USB to PC (USB audio and MIDI)
  • Required floor space: Approximately 160 x 80 cm
  • Includes cabling and power supply

Set configuration:

  • 1 x 12" Dual-zone PDX-12 snare mesh head pad
  • 3 x 08" Dual-zone PDX-8 tom mesh head pad
  • 1 x 10" KD-10 bass drum mesh head pad
  • 1 x Dual-zone VH-10 hi-hat pad and controller
  • 2 x 12" Dual-zone CY-12 crash / ride pad including stop function
  • 1 x 13" Three-zone CY-13R ride pad
  • MDS-Compact Drum Rack

Note: Bass drum pedal, hi-hat machine, seat and sticks not included.

available since May 2018
Item number 439558
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal No
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
Number of Direct Outs 0
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The mid-range of Roland V-Drums

The Roland TD-17KVX is a high-quality, mid-range e-drum set that impresses with lively sounds, reliable performance, and intuitive usability. The associated sound module uses the engine of the e-drum flagship TD-50 and offers 50 kits and 310 individual sounds of acoustic and electronic drums and percussion instruments. A Bluetooth interface allows a wireless smartphone connection in order to stream music directly into the module, and thanks to the internal Quick Record, you can also record your own playing without additional cables. The results can be saved to an SD card, and in this way, it is also possible to import your own samples. The whole picture is rounded off by several intelligent practice functions.

The large extension level of the TD-17 series

The KVX configuration of the Roland TD-17 is the large extension level of the TD-17 series, which primarily differs from the mid-level TD-17KV with regard to the cymbals. The kit comes with two fully rubberised crash pads (CY-12) with two playing zones and a choke function as well as a ride (CY-13R), which also offers a third zone for the ride bell. The hi-hats feature a VH-10 pad, which is mounted on a standard hi-hat stand (not included). All drum pads are equipped with double-layer mesh heads, which are characterised by an authentic rebound and at the same time remain relatively quiet. The pads and the sound module are mounted on the compact and high-quality MDS-4VX drum rack. The system can also be upgraded with another compatible pad of your choice (e.g. a second snare pad).

Flexible sound and motivating practice functions

The Roland TD17-KVX offers a wide range of functions that can be controlled intuitively on the compact and clearly arranged sound module and come in handy in the rehearsal room or practice room as well as during small to medium-sized live shows. Drum tuning and muffling, and also more "exotic" parameters (e.g. snare wire tension) can be adjusted in no time. A multi-effects section with 30 effects is available for even more detailed sound configuration, and layering of sounds is also possible. The intelligent practice functions are tailored, among other things, to train your sense of rhythm and your inner clock, and feature a scoring system that has a highly motivating effect even on experienced drummers.

About Roland

The Roland company was founded in 1972 in Osaka, Japan, and has been designing and building electronic musical instruments ever since. During its successful history, Roland has launched many ground-breaking instruments, from legendary drum machines such as the TR-808 and the TR-909 to synthesizer classics like Jupiter-8, SH-101 and the iconic TB-303. Besides synthesizers, Roland's workstations and electric pianos are also very popular. Equally well-known is Roland’s subsidiary Boss, under whose brand name it designs and sells principally guitar pedals and effects units. Under the Roland Professional A/V label, the company additionally develops and distributes professional equipment for virtually every branch of audio and video production - from home studios through to commercial applications.

Audio and MIDI via USB

The sound module of the Roland TD-17KVX has an analogue stereo output, which can be used to hook up the kit to a PA system or an active monitor, for example, and of course headphones can also be connected, which can be controlled via a shared volume control. In addition to the internal Quick Record, the USB interface can also be used for recording, which, in combination with a computer, turns the module into a USB audio interface with a stereo input. The USB interface can additionally be used as an alternative to the classic MIDI output that is also incorporated, for example to control virtual drum studios on your computer. Thanks to the flexible MIDI mapping, communication runs smoothly here.

103 Customer ratings

67 Reviews

Perfect for beginner and intermediate drummers
Baris Yakut 02.07.2020
Top quality, edrum for life. It sounds great, feels great and plays great. Very very easy to use and also it is very easy to setup the whole kit.

I bought this kit because I have a limited space and I wanted something that I can use for years. If space is an issue for anyone, I recommend adding an extra 15cm at least to each dimension to what is stated on the official website, then you will be fine. I had to setup a little wider than what is recommended, maybe because I am kinda taller than an average person (188cm).

Mesh heads are incredibly silent, cymbals are also not that noisy. However, if you have a downstairs neighbor, you should definitely build a platform to eliminate the vibrations. For this, I bulit a platform using a material called Sylomer (SR55). My neighbor hears nothing.

I use a double bass pedal, so I had to place the kick drum a little to the right. Both beaters trigger well if you place them near the center.

Hi-hat module and all the other cymbals are working great and very responsive. I have no triggering issues. However, to trigger the bell sound of the ride cymbal, you have to hit quite hard.

Keep in mind, if you plan to extend this kit, there is only one AUX input available. So you can add one more pad/cymbal, if you don't want to use splitters. I bought an additional cymbal with the kit and when I plugged that in, it was ready to go. I didn't need to go through the settings.

Only downside of this kit is that tom pads and cymbals are small and there is no variety. Like, all the tom heads are 8". Crash cymbals are 12" and the ride cymbal is 13" which is really small for a ride cymbal. However, it works great in my case because I have space and noise issues.

This is best value you can get for this price range. I highly recommend this E-Durm set.


Best choice I made
Zýgniš 23.09.2019
To begin with, I choose between Alesis Strike Zone kit, Yamaha DTX502 Roland TD-25KV, and Roland TD-17KVX e-drums sets. I had a chance to try them all except TD-17KVX. The reasons for choosing TD-17KVX are:

1. hi-hat is mounted on a stand, it gives more realistic feel when you playing. There is a little latency sometimes when using hi-hat pedal, but it doesn't affect timing. (hi-hat stand is not included).
2. The new bigger snare pad is awesome! it gives a more realistic feeling.
3. New improved bass drum pad, doesn't wobble when you are playing with a double bass pedal, doublebass pedal fits nicely!
4. The additional cymbal was a big YES from me.
5. The drum module is one of the best I had the chance to use. The additional Bluetooth feature is pretty useful when you want to play alongside your favorite tracks. Importing your own samples is easy. recording is easy, ways of doing that - MIDI cables, MIDI via Bluetooth(if you are apple user), MIDI via USB, 6.2 jack Mono, and Stereo.
6. This e-drum set is really compactible, not big, fits nicely in the small room, doesn't take too much space when packed.

the cymbal pols were different from the picture, without top adjustable metal part.

Overall, I would strongly suggest buying this e-drum set for everyone who wants to practice and cannot use acoustic drums in the place of living or who wants to record drums quickly and easily without too much of hassle.


Excellent Quality Kit
BH Ireland 29.01.2021
Such good quality for the price point. The module has a nice interface with great features.
I did have a lower end e-drum kit, huge difference in upgrading to the TD-17KVX. Such as the sounds, trigger response, mesh head feel and general build quality you get with Roland

The snare drum is a significant upgrade from the lower end kits.
Having the real feel of using an actual hi-hat stand.

Setting up for left-handed play, it isn't possible to mount the module where it is meant to be placed. Luckily I could attach an extra arm (from my old kit) to allow positioning the module in an accessible spot. One to look out for if left-handed


Still very satisfied with this drum kit after 6 months of use
Pobkorn 27.02.2020
I bought this drum kit as an alternative for my acoustic drum kit in my new home. After opening all the different boxes, setup went smoothly and the drum layout was flexible. I currently use a 1-up, 2-down tom layout. Even with the extra cymbals, the entire kit does not take up a lot of space. The build quality is truly Roland - built to last and sturdy as hell (even for a heavy hitter like me). The noise created by hitting the pads (including the bass drum pad) is relatively OK, as my neighbours haven't noticed me playing the drums.

The sounds coming out of the module straight out of the box are satisfactory. Some kits sound excellent, others are just average and remind me of much cheaper electronic drum kits. Composing own drum kits is a breeze and tweaking sounds is easy. The bluetooth connection is a major plus and works flawlessly.

I use the kit in conjunction with the Melodics software (around 100 euro/year). While the lessons for drums are relatively limited, the connection between computer and drum module works fine and the latency is minimal. Overall, it's a nice way to learn some new styles in an interactive and fun manner.

Overall this kit is definitely worth the price. It sits at an excellent price/quality point and includes new roland pads as well as technology. I would recommend this product to intermediate drummers that are looking for a sturdy and great sounding drum kit!


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