Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad Bundle

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Number of trigger pads 9
Sampling function Yes
Number of Trigger inputs 2
playable with hands No
Mix Input Yes
USB connector Yes
MIDI interface Yes
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Very fine, well thought-out part
fnarz, 06.03.2012
I've played for many years with a TD-10 in a top 40 band, then the drums are hanged. For a couple of years I've been back to the roots with my acoustic set with a pop / rock cover band. This is simply more fun but now and then I miss the electronic component but something. So I came to the Roland SPD SX ...

A great part that can be integrated into an A-Set. This is due not least to the fact that 9 pitches are optimally arranged in a small space.

The operation of the basic functions is very easy. If you want to be a bit deeper into the details, it is less intuitive but still logical. With a little practice you can quickly find your way around. Sampling, looping, modifying samples with effects, pitching, trimming, normalizing everything is very easy to use. It's only a pity that you do not get a little help with the clock raster or the like when creating the loops. Here you have to rely on your hearing / flair, or use a separate software. This is a pity. I had expected more.

Also the mitgeliferte software (WaveManager) for the management of the samples is not particularly helpful. It provides only minimal functions for exporting / importing or for storing samples as kits or for assigning them to the pads. Apart from this, the software only reacts very sluggishly to my clicks. But also s.meinen old calculator lie.

Back to the positive thing: Super are the many outputs and routing possibilities. There is no wish left open. Also helpful are the "templates" when assigning sounds to pads. Here, you can choose between shot, phrase and loop whereby typical constellations of the adjustable parameters for velocity dynamics, loop (ON / OFF) or poly / mono can be selected. These can then simply be adapted or overwritten, but are generally sufficient.

The feel of the pads on the pads is of course not comparable with Meshheads but that did not expect any. The connection via USB to my WIN XP computer has worked without problems. Only the need to change the USB mode on the SPD SX, depending on whether you want to use the Wavemanager or whether you want to operate the part as an audio interface, has caused for me a little confusion.

The realtime effects are the hammer and make a good mood. Can not imagine me as I'm going to use in the live operation but fun is always.

I had an older PD9 pad lying around. I have times attached to the additional triggere inputs and it has immediately, perfectly worked.

I am very enthusiastic and can recommend the part only to every drummer. Whether as a toy for your home, as a companion for lonely practice hours or as a surprise at the live gig. However, only a few ready-made sounds or loops are included. This is probably Roland's focus on the creative hobbyists. If you do not feel like it and you are looking for a part with finished sounds, the Octapad / SPD-30 is probably much better.
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Infinity (musical) vastness ...
Benjamin aus G., 02.01.2013
Since there are enough detail recessions in the network, I spare myself at this point. However, I would like to give feedback from the point of view of an end user who is using the SPD-SX:


From my point of view amazingly simple. I have tried all variants (USB stick, computer / MAC, direct recording and OnBoard possibilities). When one has the turn out, the playing is actually simple.
Although you have to click on the small display through many menus (partly also very redundant), but you get used very quickly, which makes it easier by the hand goes. The manual takes a good hand.

The recording from the PC or MAC is effectively child-friendly (drag & drop) with the included software, whereby you could really think of more functionality (at the price ...).
The first thing you need to know about the SPD-SX is that you need an exact frenquency of 44kHz, so you should buy a freeware conversion software (eg SUPER 2012)!

Noise emission:

The pads are very quiet, even with harder blows. If the tripod is not on a hard surface, you can hear even less. I was surprised by the processing of the rubber pads, since this is very pleasant to play (with "responsive" rebound).


Of course, the subjectively - however, I feel the processing as ... rather ... moderate. The pads are colored after a few strokes (wood and / or nylon makes no difference), after a few weeks you can see very clearly where you like and where not.

If a blow happens unintentionally once, the plastic of the housing is stable, but I had after a few minutes unpleasant driver! In addition, the display has received a crossover, which now has an unsightly dent and distorted the picture underneath. Of course you do not hit the display intentionally - but I expect a drumming device to have a certain robustness against strikes. As I said, this assessment is subjective.


The SPD-SX is of course an eye-catcher, an ingenious tool for musicians of all kinds to fire samples and even add live effects. The onBoard options provide a quick and easy way to get more out of your sounds.
I even use it to connect more triggers for my eDrum (TD12-KX) and thereby expand my spectrum.


A good purchase, but want to be well thought. Musicians who know what you want to do will have their joy. Newcomers and those who "play" for a while I recommend the show once to let or to inform well.
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