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Quilter Interblock 45


Compact guitar power amplifier

  • 1 Channel
  • Power: 45 W at 4 Ohm, 33 W at 8 Ohm, 17 W at 16 Ohm
  • Ideal as replacement or pedal board Amp
  • Switch between Cab Sim and Full Range mode
  • Noiseless recording via balanced line output
  • Controls for Master, Low, Middle, High, Gain
  • Switches: Headphones, FR/CAB, EQ Voice
  • Speaker output: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Input: 6.3 mm Jack
  • FX Loop Send & Return: 2x 6.3 mm Jack
  • Foot switch connection for boost function: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 102 x 127 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Includes 24 V DC power supply unit
Power 45 W
Channels 1
Reverb No
Sound-Control 3-band
Effects No
External FX Loop Yes
Line Input Yes
Recording Output No
MIDI Interface No
Headphone connection Yes
Footswitch connection No
Incl. Footswitch No
available since November 2018
Item number 451798
Width 9,1 mm
Height 11,4 mm
Depth 27,3 mm
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233 €
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18 Customer Reviews

perfect light weight, compact guitar amp for when volume isn't a priority
Han-earl 03.09.2020
Super light weight, small-form guitar amplifier.

I use it at home when away from the studio, and in that context this amp is excellent. As a clean or at-the-point-of-breakup amp, it sounds about as good as anything at this price point.

Like other Quilter amps (my main amp is 200W Quilter), the Interblock 45 does a respectable job of emulating the response of a true tube amplifier. The way it breaks-up isn't tonally 100% that of a tube amp, but the way it responds to the articulations of your playing is about as close as anything out there. (For lower gain settings, the Quilter is certainly better than the BluGuitar, for example.)

For on-stage use, if you need that clean headroom, depending on your choice of cab, I'm not convinced it would cut-it. It might work in, say, an 'acoustic-volume' duo with a double bassist, but nothing with a drummer. Your milage may vary, of course, and it might work in louder contexts if you crank the amp's gain. (For reference, it kind of reminds me of an old blackface Princeton in terms of loudness and projection although not in tone.)

Reservations? With the external power supply it's not nearly as compact as it would seem, but that's a small issue. There's no power switch, but connecting and disconnecting the power does not result in unpleasant pops or noise.

There's also a built-in cab simulator that you can switch on. The quality is acceptable for headphone practice use, but I would not consider it recording-quality.

In summary, if you need a no-frills, clean-sounding guitar amp in a tiny, compact form for home/practice use, this is hard to beat.


I wanted something compact with a good sound
Schrödi 15.11.2020
Overall I quite like the Interblock 45. I am using it as an amp for an Orange PPC112 and the Interblock produces a fairly decent flat tone. At present I only use it at home. The second reason I bought the Interblock was because I thought I could buy various compact / pedal amps thereby giving me access to various tones at a reasonable cost, I still haven't given up on this idea.
Cons: The white knobs do not feel solid, and can easily be wiggled. (In fact that was a big let down. A few reviewers have said that the vintage tone setting is similar to a Fender. For me it doesn't sound anything like a Fender.
When using it through my audio interface, it does give me a fuller tone, but it is still not the same as my cabinet. And the 'cab' setting produced almost no difference to the tone.

Pros: The flat sound means I can put whatever pedal I want in front of it and use those to create the ambience I want. When I use my headphones plugged directly into the unit, It has a pretty good sound, especially when using a bit of reverb or distortion.
Overall, I would recommend it if you need a compact amp with a flat sound when you are practising. I am not sure I would use it if I were gigging.


Amazing value for a tiny amp!
Owlied 24.07.2020
This amplifier is absolutely perfect for quiet use at home with the headphone out, as well as DI recording with the line out. EQ needs to be adjusted with both, depending on the quality of your headphones and preferably use of a better cab sim for recording, but for quick demoing of songs it's great. I have used it in a live rehearsal setting with a 4x12 cab, and it is plenty loud enough to work within a 5 person band - it would certainly be loud and clear enough to gig with. Of course, a high-quality tube amp will always sound better, but this will fit on a pedalboard and weighs very little, allowing you to travel easily.
On clean settings, the tone is pretty great, although the breakup as you crank the gain very high starts to sound quite digital - using an overdrive or distortion pedal instead is better, and indeed this works quite well as a pedal platform, especially utilising the effects loop for reverbs and delays. For the price, this is a great value alternative to carting a heavy amp around for quick work!


Great "Backup Amp"
Teo8 30.08.2019
It's a must have tool on the gig bag. I use it as a Backup amp head, mostly on my '65 Vibrolux, or even while touring in any backline amp I found on the stage.
It has a very "Fenderish" tone.
In small clubs where it's impossible to crank up the tube amp, I can definitely get a better tone with the Interblock. It ease my life and improve my tone!


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