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PRS SE Mark Holcomb SVN WN

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Read it, before you buy it.
mi_volodin, 09.08.2020
Hi there!

The guitar itself is extremely cool. Yes, for sure it is not like my US-made PRS, but I like almost everything about it.

But take it into account:

1. This is about 3⭐️ I put for Quality.

I got my guitar with rusty strings and devastatingly bad frets for fresh guitar (I have a photo, but there's no option to attach it), so I got to replace strings, sand (‼️ yes, not just clean), and polish the frets.

To be precise: the frets was nicely shaped and the fretwork itself is very nice. The 1-3 strings were rusty, so I expected that the rust stains were the only problem with it. I was wrong, there were also a lot of black and sticky dirt, I guess it is some kind of sealing component that was used for bird inlays. And several frets were also with like 'deep' rust stains (so I had to use sand-paper to remove it).

TO sum up: if you going to buy one - just pick up a fretboard conditioner, .10-.64 strings. The masking tape can be bought elsewhere. I used a super-fine sandpaper and my girlfriend's nail polish tools :) But for sure if you have special tools or a guitar master - that would be a better option.

Anyway, I was so frustrated the moment I unpacked the box... Thomann, you should fix such things, you messed up my NGD 😫

2. The color is a bit different. Take a youtube journey and find out how it does look in fact. It is less warm and more grayish than on the picture over here. But still, it's cool, you will love it.
It looks like it was dyed to be like that, but I am not going to sand it :)

3. Everything else was set up very well (bridge, nut, strings height). In fact, it was almost in tune when I unpacked it.

The playability is just 'WOW'. I won't spend you time - go and watch youtube reviews.
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PRS SE Mark Holcomb SVN WN

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