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Millenium PD Mesh Heads for E-Drums

Real feel, high playing comfort – cool price. Our new Mesh Heads bring pro-quality pads to a new price point. Starting from !No more rubber – real drum head feel!

Millenium PD Meshhead
Millenium PD Meshhead
If you also find it hard to get into the groove on conventional rubber pads, because the hard surface steals your feel, here we come to the rescue:

Our new pro-level PD 1010 and 1012 Mesh Heads provide an acoustic playing experience with superior response, thanks to their new piezo-sensor mount triggers. What’s more, we made them really affordable, starting at a price-breaking !

The pads come in 10“ and 12“ sizes, with Mesh Heads ensuring a natural playing experience, mounted on top of wooden kettles. And our special T-Drum heads not only reduce the sticks’ acoustic playing noise, they also provide a totally natural playing experience due to their rebound.

Cutting-edge piezo-sensor mount trigger technology makes these stereo-pads extremely responsive to your every hit! The stereo feature allows you to assign two sounds to each pad: one on the rim and one on the head – the only condition being, that your sound module provides stereo inputs.

Rugged & Road-savy: rubber covers on the metal hoop and the pad’s bottom, as well as a metal plate protecting the trigger which is fit right below the mesh head, provide perfect protection for the pads’ more sensitive parts. And in order to maximize connectivity, the pads are compatible with most sizes of L-shaped connectors on the market.

These pads make your dream of an all-mesh-headed E-Drum kit come true at a new price point, including rigging, pads, all cables and even a high quality sound-module such as the Roland TD-3!

Key Features:
  • PD-1010: 10“ / PD-1012: 12“
  • Wooden kettle with replaceable T-drum Mesh Head
  • Stereo: dedicated triggers for rim and head
  • Great trigger response due to new Piezo-Sensor Mount System
  • Metal hoop with rubber protection
  • XLR-connections to module includes 3m adapter cable XLR-stereo to stereo 6.3 mm phone jack
  • Real acoustic drum playing feel
  • Variable pad fastening system compatible with most L-shape connectors
  • 3 years of Thomann-warranty

Millenium PD Mesh-Heads at Thomann Cyberstore:


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