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Millenium Foot Rest


Foot Rest for Guitar

  • Height adjustable with 4 slots
  • Non-slip rubber pad
  • Height adjustable from 12.5 to 25 cm
  • Length: approx. 25 cm
  • Width: approx. 10 cm
  • Weight: 0.60 kg
  • Colour: Black
Item number 130439
4,99 €
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Worth more than the money
Arman Manukyan 01.09.2017
I was surprised at how sturdy this little foot rest is. I've now been using it nightly for a little over two weeks, and it doesn't flex, warp, or rock back and forth underfoot while I'm playing. It's small, about the length and less than the width of my size 11 shoe, which I thought would be an issue, but it's not at all. In fact now I prefer it that way and would probably not want it to be any larger, since it does the job.
It's also adjustable, though as you raise and lower it the pitch of the rest changes slightly. The top rubber pad is very grippy, which is also a plus.
The only thing I want to add for anyone reading reviews and deciding whether to buy one of these or not is to absolutely buy one. You cannot thoroughly enjoy your classical guitar without the extra comfort one of these foot stools designed for your comfort (best resting foot angle, height, non-slip, etc.) gives you. A slightly uncomfortable foot translates all the way up your body to diminished enjoyment. This is nothing you comprehend if you think you've been doing fine without one of these.


Good and simple but...
Jfox87 09.11.2020
Have had this in my home studio for the past few months.

Yes it does make playing much more comfortable and very simple to use (It's a foot rest) and I am glad I bought to help with home recording, how ever the legs underneath have buckled, the one side has bowed and I cannot fold it flat anymore. I'm not a heavy guy (12 stone) and I've certainly not put my full weight on it, so unless my left leg is actually where all my weight has accumulated without me knowing, the foot rest legs are not the strongest.

It still works because again it's a foot rest, but I have noticed it's a bit wobbly now if I want to use the higher settings on there. Not a bad product just could have used a stronger metal on the legs as that's where the weight is held when in use.


cheap and reliable foot rest
turin 15.09.2020
What could go wrong with such a foot rest? It is sturdy enough and it is compact when folded. Very easy to have it tucked away when not in use. On very hard and polished surfaces it slips a bit, but on carpet it is perfect. I even was wondering whether to get another one for the other room. :)
Lighweight and compact, foldable. Not expensive. Does the job.
I can't really think of cons, maybe it will not withstand a very rough and continuous usage, I'm also not sure if it fits professional stage use, but for home rehearsals it is perfect.


Good for it's price
Anonymous 16.05.2016
A decent foot rest, very stable and doesn't fall easily. Has a rubber base that prevents the foot from sliding and keeps it in the same place. Also rubber pegs so it doesn't slide anywhere when playing. Can be adjusted to different heights so it's very handy for playing even when there's chairs that have different heights or people with different body heights. Very compact, easy to transport and take anywhere with you.
I use it for playing at home and sometimes for my students. The height can be easily adjusted and it takes a second to adjust it to a different height. The one thing that disappoints me though, is that some foot rests can be adjusted to some height and wether you pick it up or even carry it around and place at another spot everything stays in place like it has been set up and you don't need to set it up again, but with this foot rest it automatically closed when you pick it up from the ground so the height has to be adjusted again, but that's nothing major.
It's a good buy for such a low price, stays in place and does the job.


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