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Legator N7FP-Cali Cobalt


7-String Multiscale Electric Guitar

  • Body: Ash
  • Bolt-on neck: mahogany / maple (Toona Sinensis)
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Abalone offset dot fretboard inlays
  • Neck profile: Modern C
  • Scale length: 648 - 686 mm (25.5"- 27")
  • Fretboard radius: 356 mm (14")
  • Nut width: 49 mm (1.93")
  • Graphite nut
  • 24 Nickel jumbo frets
  • Pickups: 2 Legator Hive humbuckers
  • 1 x Master volume controller
  • 3-Way switch
  • Black hardware
  • Colour: Cali Cobalt
Number of Strings 7
Style ST
Color Blue
Body Ash
Top No
Neck Maple, Mahogany
Fretbboard Ebony
Frets 24
Long Scale 686 mm
Short Scale 648 mm
Pickups HH
Active Pickups No
Vibrato No
incl. Case No
incl. Case No
available since August 2020
Item number 496790
822 €
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In stock within 13-17 weeks

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One of the best instruments I've ever touched
Jonny Whatshisface 18.04.2021
Seriously - the subject isn't me being a fan boy.

Prior to ordering, I was a good bit concerned. 800EUR isn't a cheap price for an instrument that you've never even heard of the brand before. And there isn't all that much literature out there about Legator guitars aside from a few YouTube! videos that don't really provide a sense of comfort when you finish watching them. What you will find in forums is talk about their past QC woes, complete with a video of them at NAMM confirming they did indeed have QC problems they were tackling.

Let me just say - they've tackled them.

The guitar arrived almost absolutely pristine. I found two tool marks on the entire guitar - one on the nut, and one on the top of the guitar near the volume pot. But it required shining a flashlight directly on it and tiling it sideways to see them.

This has to be one of the best playing necks I've ever felt. And the design is really good as well. With the truss rod fully slacked with no tension in either direction (it's a dual action rod) - the neck has an ever so slightly almost not even visible relief to it, which is perfect. It's not over bowed in either direction. That means there's going to be less stress on the neck during various temperature and humidity changes, and hence more stability overall.

The pickups are absolutely awesome on this thing. I didn't expect it to be the case - but they really do scream and they don't get muddy. But keep in mind as passives, they have a frequency response range and no two sets are identical - your mileage may vary, but my experience is thus far absolutely fantastic with them.

The fret work is seriously impeccable on this guitar. There's no tool marking on the fretboard, no dings to the neck and no sharp fret edges. Despite being nickel, they slide like ice.

The locking tuners hold really great stable tuning. Just be aware that obviously it takes time for any strings to stretch.

The bridge functions well and is easy to adjust. I'd argue it would be a waste of money to put a hipshot branded bridge on here because the one on here is identical just about - but the screw holes do line up properly for a hip shot should you be so inclined to spend the money just to be trendy.

The action was setup just a bit high for my taste - but quite playable right out of the box. Intonation was also done well from the factory.

After setting it up to my preference, I couldn't put the guitar down.

This was, without a doubt, the best purchase I've made in more than a decade with regards to a guitar. It's also coincidentally my first fan fret / multiscale, and I will say that adjusting to it is quite easy and natural. In less than 15 minutes of tinkering, I was shredding no different than I would on a single scale guitar.

I bought a 500/500 concentric pot and knobs with the idea that I would install a tone knob, given the guitar only has a single volume knob. I didn't want to drill a new hole. However, what I found is that the volume knob that's on the guitar does actually have more impact on tone shaping than it does the actual gain/output of the pickups, and there's a level of bright attack on this that I've never heard on another guitar before - so I may hold off on putting in the tone knob.

All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to order this guitar again, and I will be ordering another Legator - likely either an OD or an X model.


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Very Nice Actually!
Meistari 20.01.2021
At first I was very sceptical before buying this, because of the quality control issues they had around 2 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised that they have pumped up their game ALOT.

The finish is good all around the guitar, everywhere is nice. I was expecting the pickups to be less than average, but the pickups are actually pretty good!
The neck has been put on very nicely too, no gaps at all between the body and the neck (The neck actually has glowing side dots too which was a nice surprise).
Now, the only real complaint i have about this guitar is that the electronic compartment cover has no grip so it's pretty hard to get out, but the seperate battery box really makes up for it! Also it came with a 1 size too small Allen key for the bridge, but that wasn't a problem for me at least, might have just been a one time mistake.

Overall plays very nicely! And for you shredders out there, you will have no problem at all zooming across the neck, doing sweeps and etc..! I would 100% recommend this guitar for anyone interested in a 7 - string multiscale!


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Handlich und schön
Heydulf 06.09.2021
Ich habe über längere Zeit einen guten Einstieg in die Welt der sieben Saiten gesucht. Ich habe vor einiger Zeit mal auch einen kurzen Versuch gestartet mit einer LTD, die eigentlich insgesamt gut bewertet war. Allerdings hat die nur fürchterlich geklungen und sich nicht gut angefühlt, also durfte sie im Rahmen der Moneyback Geschichte zeitig zurück.
Soweit also zur Ausgangssituation.
Im Juli hatte ich endlich die Möglichkeit, direkt nach Burgebrach zu fahren und mich vor Ort mit den Optionen auseinanderzusetzen.
Ich habe dann die Legator und eine andere ausgiebig probiert und mich dann spontan für diese Gitarre entschieden.
Es war das erste Mal, dass ich eine Gitarre mit Fanfret in der Hand hatte, aber das hat tatsächlich sich von Anfang an gut angeühlt.
Den Gesamtklang finde ich schön wuchtig.
Die Farbe ist ungewöhnlich und echt ein Hingucker.
Was ich cool finde: Die Gitarre hat ein Batteriefach, falls man die Tonabnehmer durch aktive tauschen will.
Den Switch für die Pickups finde ich jetzt nicht so super, der fühlt sich ein wenig nach Spielzeug an.
Verarbeitung etc. finde ich ohne Mängel.
Ich habe die Gitarre bis jetzt echt oft in der Hand gehabt und gespielt. Ich habe da echt Freude dran.


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