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Fréderic Chopin’s stay with George Sand on Mallorca in the winter 1838/1839 was ill-fated. Yet Chopin still managed to finish his “Préludes” there which he had begun to compose in Paris. Today’s interpreter not only has to deal with numerous variant readings but also with corrupt performance traditions. The “Préludes” are the first edition to be completed in our comprehensive Chopin revisions; the editor has taken the latest scholarly findings into account and in the musical text brings to light “established” variants as well as others which are to be found in the sources. And there is another first here, too: the printed volume contains a shorter critical report – the extensive version with all the details can be downloaded.

  • Frédéric Chopin Preludes: For piano solo
  • Urtext
  • Level of difficulty: Medium to high
  • Edited by Norbert Müllemann
  • Fingering by Hermann Keller
  • ISMN 979020180882
  • HN 882
  • DIN A4, 84 pages

The following Préludes are included:

  • C major op. 28, no. 1
  • A minor op. 28, no. 2
  • G major op. 28, no. 3
  • E minor op. 28, no. 4
  • D major op. 28, no. 5
  • B minor op. 28, no. 6
  • A major op. 28, no. 7
  • F-sharp minor op. 28, no. 8
  • E major op. 28, no. 9
  • C-sharp minor op. 28, no. 10
  • B major op. 28, no. 11
  • G-sharp minor op. 28, no. 12
  • F-sharp major op. 28, no. 13
  • E-flat minor op. 28, no. 14
  • "Raindrop" prelude in D-flat major op. 28, no. 15
  • B-flat minor op. 28, no. 16
  • A-flat major op. 28, no. 17
  • F minor op. 28, no. 18
  • E-flat major op. 28, no. 19
  • C minor op. 28, no. 20
  • B major op 28, no. 21
  • G minor op. 28, no. 22
  • F major op. 28, no. 23
  • D minor op. 28, no. 24
  • C-sharp minor op. 45
  • A-flat major KK IVb, 7
  • Appendix: Prelude No. 3 early version, Prelude No. 17 early version
Level Of Difficulty Hard
Bonus Audio No
Baroque No
Classical Music Yes
Romantic No
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Clear printed text without errors
Mathias Nielsen 31.01.2018
Definitely recommendable if you desire the collection of Préludes all in one place. It's all printed in very clear text/notes without any errors (having looked/played through the whole book several times). There's a clear difference between this Henle print and the cheaper versions of these scores.


High quality Henle Verlag
Evgeni 25.03.2019
If you've used Henle Verlag urtext books, you know what the quality is. As to this particular edition, I like the fingering chosen by the editor, there are also a lot of comments regarding different versions.


google translate fr
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Didier340 18.03.2013
siper c'est c que j'attendais de plus expédition rapide vous êts toujours autant sérieux encore merci !


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Super Notation!
johannes2410 30.04.2020
Ich bin mit diesem Buch total zufrieden, die Notation ist sehr übersichtlich und vor allem die Fingersätze sind sehr genau und präzise. Für Jeden, der gerne romantische Klaviermusik spielt, ist das auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen!


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