Headrush FRFR-108 Active Monitor


Active Guitar Box

  • Active full-range / flat response guitar box for modellers & multi-effects
  • Contour EQ switch for improving muddy sounding stage mixes
  • Ground lift switch
  • Can be used as floor monitor as well as on a tripod due to wedge housing & tripod flange
  • Speakers: 1 x 8" Custom
  • Tweeter: 1.4" Neodymium
  • Power: 2000 Watt (1000 Watt continuous power)
  • Frequency response: 46 - 22000 Hz (± ± ±3 dB)
  • 2x XLR / 6.3 mm jack combi inputs with independent volume controls and clip indicators
  • XLR Line out
  • 5 Carrying handles
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 434 x 256 x 245 mm
  • Weight: 9.2 kg
  • Colour: Black
available since January 2019
Item number 456325
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Max. Load 2000 W
Speaker size 1x 8"
Weight 9,2 kg
322 €
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In stock within 14-18 weeks

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Amazing Value and Bang for Buck
Stephen662 10.02.2020
I'd done the research, read the reviews and bitten the bullet.

Little did I expect such a great pair of FRFR Speakers when I plugged them in and connected up. I'm driving these from a GR-55 guitar synth currently (soon to be joined by an SY-1000), so the range of tones goes from deep bass to sparkling tops. And these speakers just handle it beautifully. I have yet to power them up to full volume, and using them at home, volume setting 2 seems loud enough, without thinking about turning up to eleven!

There ae no buzzes or hisses or strange atrifacts: just what goes in comes out pristine. Clear and uncoloured.

It's nice to see the extra inputs on the back, so I can accomodate a jam partner, or indeed connect extra inputs for myself, like a looper or drum machine / synth.
Ditto for the output to PA or other gear. I have not touched the EQ switches as I found no need, but will experiment in due course.

The build quality is above what I expected for the price, and I have these not in my studio, but in the living room sat under the TV shelf! They are just about the same size as a pair of domestic Hi-Fi speakers and look sweet. I believe you can remove the Headrush logo from the front grille, but I'm OK with it.

Worth mentioning is I have these on the floor in the upright position: since I'm not going to use a lot of volume using at home this sounds fine. Of course you can mount these on a pole if you are gigging with them: suitable for small to medium venues I reckon. For a larger gig, they can be put horizontally on the floor and are angled up towards you, so great for monitors, with the output feeding the house PA.

They are of moulded contruction, so should take the road nicely. I'd get a cover though or keep the great packaging they arrived in from Thomann (double boxed). Obviously, I can't comment on reliability as these are brand new. But, I think in all honesty, they will provide years of service if not abused.

Total rating; 10 out of 10... which I reckon is rare!


FRFR on a budget
Beneath 26.07.2021
Bought this product in mid-2019. I used it with my Fractal AX8.
So far so good it still working.

Pros: FRFR speaker that is good for the price
Cons: Sound is somewhat muffled but you can EQ it out.
You might need to buy two of these if you want it in a gigging volume.


Good enough for my needs
Zanek 22.11.2019
- lightweight
- loud enough
- simple to use
- low noise
- two combined XLR/Jack inputs with separate volume regulation

- resonance in low frequencies when laying on the floor (stand solves it)
- loss of clarity in high volumes (but it is not intended to be used as PA for big crowds)
- it is rebranded Alto monitor which can be bought for lower price

Overall: good as monitor for Headrush Pedalboard, perfect for home use at low and mid volumes. I can definitely recommend it.


Headrush 108 + Helix
Viktoras 26.05.2021
In short - best buy for 200 EUR range this year :)

Was about to sell my Helix LT. It is good device but being forced to work with studio monitors was an inconvinience. It sounded well but did not feel great.
With Headrush - this thing rocks. Already had some complaints form neighbours...:) Now I have very close feeling to "amp in the room".

Some re-EQ was needed as unit is quite bass heavy but at the end it is realy rich and masive sound.

Even tried with regular music sound - this thing can blow of some roof in party time :)

Was thinking should i get a pair but for now I am very happy with mono, as this feels much more like regular combo amp.

Pros: great sound with modeler, very powerful, cheap, compact.
Cons: Basicaly none. I wish instead of contour swith at the back for boosting bass and highs would be for bass removal but i am fine with EQ options.


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