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Harley Benton TE-90FLT SB Deluxe Series

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Electric Guitar

  • Chambered ash body
  • Bolt-on neck made of Canadian maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • 22 Frets
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Pickup: 2 Roswell FLT-NI AlNiCo humbuckers
  • Reversed headstock
  • DLX chrome hardware
  • DLX die-cast machine heads
  • Ex-factory stringing: .010 - .046
  • Colour: Three tone sunburst
Colour Sunburst
Pickups HH
Fretboard Maple
Tremolo None
Body Ash
Top None
Neck Maple
Frets 22
Scale 648 mm
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
Item number 380356
207 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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In stock within 11-14 weeks

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Good, but a little surprised
Shadetreepaul 01.09.2020
This was my 4th Harley Benton purchase (I previously purchased an HB mandolin, as well as the Harley Benton TE-52 NA Vintage Series tele and the Harley Benton JB-75MN NA Vintage Series bass) and I have to say my luck finally ran out (somewhat) on this purchase.

With all the previous HB instruments I was blown away by the perfect quality and sound. None of the instruments needed much work out of the box - but I can't say the same for this guitar. Yes, as other reviews have mentioned, the tone of the pickups is stellar and exactly what I had hoped for. But, the build quality on this one was not the same as the others.

Also, the nut is strange because it is a much taller nut, but the grooves are cut so deeply (poorly) that the middle two strings buzz a bit. There was some residue on the frets (maybe rust) as well as on the back of the tuners. I simply wiped off the tuners, but the frets needed to be sanded, so that was quite a process of removing strings, taping neck, sanding, and hoping the frets are level.

The screws for adjusting the pickups were stripped, so barely useable, even though the pickup height needed to be adjusted. I eventually gave up and just left them where they are even though it's not where I want them.

The volume knob makes a strange scratching sound when adjusted, and it's not the cap, which I removed to check. Doesn't matter a lot to me because I basically just keep it at full volume anyway.

There is a strange almost tremolo sound (volume dipping randomly) when sustaining a chord and I'm not sure if that is a wiring issue or a bad volume pot... at this point I will live with it but it's disappointing when compared to other HB guitars.

Not a huge fan of the reverse headstock, but it's "cool" I guess. At least the neck looks and feels great and the tuners work really well.

The body chambers have shielding paint and foil so the guitar is absolutely silent which is a huge plus for me.

Even though there was an inspection sticker, I feel like this one slipped through any quality control. Maybe I just got unlucky this time and got the bottom of the barrel. Still a great guitar for the price, but not as impressive as other (cheaper) HB's I own.


Christian Savchev 24.03.2019
This guitar is awesome!
It's an absolute pleasure to play.
With a little bit of tweaking it turns out great, much better than anything else you can find for the price, and sometimes even double the price. That by itself should tell you a lot!

Here are the pros:
* The frets were levelled, dressed and crowned very well. They needed polishing, but that's to be expected and is easy work that you can do for 15 minutes in home when you change your strings.
* The neck joint is really tight, the neck itself is well centered
* The guitar resonates as every guitar should.
* The tuners are better than I expected, they are somewhat smooth (for the price). You certainly won't find a guitar with better tuning keys for the same amount of money.
* The FLT (we all know what that stands for lol) pickups are probably the best feature of the guitar, it just sounds amazing! As someone who hates single coils but needed clarity I couldn't be more satisfied. The guitar is suitable for everything from super clean stuff to stoner/sludge. Don't expect to play death metal on it though.
* The guitar looks gorgeous altogether.

There are a few cons, that are easiliy fixable though:
* The tone and volume pots are very.. "sudden". The changes in volume and tone are somewhat abrupt. But you can easily change the pots or if you are like me - not really use them except for muting the guitar.
* The tuning keys, albeit smoother than expected, still can be changed for better performance.
* The string trees MUST be changed for higher quality ones or at least roller ones. I replaced mine with Goldo Roller string trees and the difference is big.
* Two of the pickup screws were screwed aslant. They work, but it looks a bit ugly when you happen to notice it.

Still, I'd buy that guitar 10/10 times.
Unless you are completely ignorant or an absolute cork sniffer, you know every guitar has it's flaws, and some work will be done in order to make the best out of it. With this guitar - certainly not a lot.


Great guitar
rbmk 26.10.2018
This is a really fantastic guitar at its price point. I'm really blown away by how much I enjoy playing it.

Mine is as pictured (including the belly cut - something other have reported not having). The only differences are that it also has the sunburst finish on the back and the bridge saddles are a slightly different design.

The good: The body finish is flawless and beautiful. The neck and fret board have a nice satin finish that feels really good. It sounds great! Even the first time I strummed it without amplification I said "wow" to how it sounded. The pickups have lower output for humbuckers (which is what I wanted) and sound fantastic. They're on the darker end of the tonal spectrum, but still sound clear and warm with good midrange. A few of the frets have a barely detectable sharpness to their edges, but not nearly like you would expect for a sub 200-priced guitar - and they were easy to dull with a bit of sandpaper. Setup - the guitar came out of the box with a pretty good setup. Only had to make a very (very) minor truss rod adjustment to provide a bit more neck relief and had to adjust the intonation a bit.

There were a couple of minor quality issues, but nothing major: The pickup selection toggle was loose. One of the pickup height adjustment screws is in slightly crooked, so it sticks up a little further than it should above the pickup. One of the tuning machine heads was so badly misaligned that tuning that string was difficult because of its resulting proximity to the the adjacent tuner (this was easy to fix by loosening the screw on the back and rotating the machine head. There was enough play between the shaft of the screw and the side of the screw hole that I didn't need to fill and re-drill the hole).

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this purchase. Don't expect a $2000 custom shop kind of instrument at this pricepoint. But it is DEFINITELY a better guitar than a couple of Mexican Fender Teles I played a couple of days before this arrived.


Seregor 19.11.2020
It's a very good choice, I love it. My previous guitar was a jackson, but this guitar from harley benton is much better. Sounds cleaner and richer than my previous guitar. I tell my friends about this guitar because I'm still amazed that you can buy a guitar this good for the price. It's simply unbelievable.


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