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Harley Benton R-458 BK Progressiv Series


8-String Electric Guitar

  • Progressive Series
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Neck attachment: Bolt-on
  • Neck profile: Speed-D
  • Fretboard: Amaranth
  • Frets: 24 Medium jumbo
  • Inlays: Offset dots
  • Scale: 673 mm
  • Nut width: 54 mm
  • Pickups: 2 Hi-Gain humbuckers
  • 1 Volume control
  • 1 Tone control
  • 3-Way pickup selection switch
  • Hardware: Black
  • Machine heads: Deluxe diecast
  • Strings: .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.054/.065
  • Tuning (1-8): F#/B/E/A/D/G/B/E
  • Colour: Black high-gloss
  • Suitable gig bag available under Article Nr


    (not included)
  • Suitable case available under Article Nr


    (not included)
Colour black
Body linden
Top -
Neck maple
fret board Amaranth
Frets 24
scale lenght 673 mm
Pickup HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
Item number 279568
166 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Perfect first 8 string
ReubenNB 28.09.2021
Bought this expecting mediocre playability, poor intonation etc. and a weak scratchy tone like other ultra-cheap guitars I've owned, but it has exceeded all expectations and is exactly the extended range instrument I've been wishing for, despite having little money to spend.
Condition and initial impression:
Arrived extremely well-packaged, with the hex keys and even a free jack lead included. Upon opening, noted that there's not a single scuff, scratch, bump or crack on the instrument, and it was strung with strings that were heavy enough on the bottom end not to be too wobbly. It is also surprisingly light, the body weighs almost nothing and I'm sure most of the mass comes from the neck. This helps it balance really well on a strap.

The humbuckers sound surprisingly rich when playing lead parts, only moderately worse than something like an Ibanez quantum pickup, but enjoyable to play and listen to nonetheless. I'd heard that these pickups give a somewhat muddy sounds on the lower strings, and this is true to some extent when distortion is applied, but EQ can largely sort this out. Clean sounds are pleasant and sparkly, the lower 2 strings buzz a little in chords sometimes but it's not much of an issue.

Straight out of the box the action and intonation were fine, though I adjusted the action of the higher strings to preference. It was only somewhat out of tune, not enough to make the neck and strings temporarily unstable. It has held tune really well, despite the poor reputation for these tuners.

If you'd like an introductory 8 string without committing £400+, go for this one, it'll take you a long time to want to upgrade it.


Nice guitar
Francisco5274 07.12.2015
I've been playing guitar for a long time, and I was curious to try those 8 string guitars that are rising up now in the market. My problem, as many other people, the budget. I was not in position to buy a 900$ guitar now, so I told myself that this budget 8 string could satisfy my curiosity, and if it failed as a guitar, the economical loss won't be as much. But it paid off:


-Good construction and finish, it feels a bit light but not an issue.
-Good tuners.
-Good electronics. For the sound gourmets maybe these pickups are not of their taste, but they do a pretty good job IMHO. A little too hot I must say, but that's not an issue for me.
-It doesn't feel as alien when coming from a 6 string. This is because of its neck length and width. It feels very comfortable.
-Well intonated and decent string action (for my taste anyway)


-The nut is made of cheap plastic, I strongly recommend to change it. Also it's set up sort of too high, when you voice a chord in the 0-3 frets and you apply a little bit more pressure, the chord detunes a lot.

- The strings are too light for what the instrument is (the F# one, so the 8th, felt like I was holding a bow instead of a guitar...). Change the set and get harder strings (like a .10 or plus).

-It depends on the unit, but for mine I will need to do a fret job. Some frets buzz where others don't (not a truss rod issue, that's tested already)

-Packaging. Just covered in carton board and air bags to secure the instrument, mine came with a hit in the head, half the size of a pinky's nail. Not something that is very bad but I could've been less lucky.

-The jack plug is not well grounded/connected, I get a familiar not-good-grounded noise (like when you touch the tip of a connected jack) when I move the jack in a particular position . I haven't opened the guitar but it seems like a quick fix.

So there you have it, as it is a budget instrument you'll need to adjust it, but for what it does and what it costs it is very good.


Interesting Purchase !!
Anonymous 18.06.2015
Ok...received in 3 days. When unboxing it became obvious this guitar needed some tlc to get it set up correctly. I dont mind tinkering, especially with such a cheap experimental instrument such as this...the temptation to go 8 string experiment I specifically refer !! I daresay you get good ones and bad ones so I will rate mine as satisfactory as it WAS perfectly playable out of the box. However, I had to slacken the 5 neck bolts to pull the neck slightly as the strings were not parallel with the neck and aligned with the pickup poles properly...5 mins and it was was fixed...has not moved since. Neck joint very snug so take some comfort in that fact. Next...intonation was out but theres plenty of adjustment and another 10 minute job fixed that. Scale length is short for an 8...compared to other manufacturers but hey, it makes for an easier transition from 6 to 8 as it feels "normal" at 648mm...only the width to become familiar with. Finish on fingerboard and back of neck is perfect...fretwork is sublime and makes a very low action achievable if you so desire. Body is a beautiful sculpted shape and very well balanced on the strap without neck diving at all. Tuners are good and nut is cut well...bonus! Strings supplied aren't the best and sound a little dead but some Kerly's will sort that out when required. Sound is pretty good overall...bridge is lively and full sounding across the strings without excessive muddiness at all. Neck pickup is very warm and usable too. From clean to extreme distortion this thing really works well with a Zoom G3X processor with all of its many possibilities !! I opened the rear cover to look at the electronics and its a bit shabby looking but I finished it off to a better standard...its all cheap but functional stuff though. Whats has really made me fall in love with this guitar is the potential to increase it tonal capability...I'm talking about the pickups...they are 4 wire as standard...coil taps please...thank you. I fitted a mini toggle to achieve this + a 1meg tone pot (more treble) I have the most versatile instrument I have ever picked up...I mean WOW...its capabilites are endless and it all works beautifully to my ears. The heavy tones are there anyway but shrill, strat type highs are all there to be released for the sake of spending 10 quid on a pot and a toggle switch + half an hours work. You DO NOT need to swap out the pickups on this thing as they are workable. Simply one of my best purchases ever...although I have voided any warranty I don't care as my "experiment" has worked for me and at this price I ain't bothered anyway. This thing is built excessively and nothing can go wrong...Thanks Thomann for bringing this wonderful budget guitar...well pleased.


Actually a great bargain!
Gummi_Iceland 06.07.2021
I received this instrument 2 days ago. I read propably around a 100 reviews before i bought it so i actually expected it to have some issues that would need to be addressed before it would be playable.
But no!
The finish is just way above standard for a 150 euro guitar. The neck is fine, slight string buzz on frets 1 and 2 but nothing that would bother me. Reviewers said that the pickups are noisy, but no. Mine are silent and deliver a great output for the price. The strings that come with it are not great but way above the expectations that i had so that is not an issue.
Tuners are just what the reviews said, quite simple HB stock but are actually ok. It does not detune a lot and the feel to the tuners is actually that of a more expensive instrument.
Bottom line, i LOVE this guitar and it has not left my hands since it came. It's a no brainer, if you want to try out an 8 string. Buy this one now! It has the feel of a 3-400 euro guitar!


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