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Harley Benton D-120CE-LH BK

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Steel-String Guitar with Pickup

  • Left-handed model
  • Dreadnought design with cutaway
  • Top: Spruce
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Roseacer (thermally treated maple wood)
  • Neck profile: C
  • Fretboard inlays: Dot
  • Cream-coloured bindings on the body and neck
  • Scale: 650 mm
  • Nut width: 42.5 mm
  • 20 Frets
  • Bridge: Roseacer (thermally treated maple wood)
  • Pickup system: Preamp with volume control and 4-band EQ
  • Machine heads: Chrome diecast
  • Strings: .010 - .047
  • Colour: Black high-gloss
Design Dreadnought
Top Spruce
Back and Sides Sapele, Mahogany
Cutaway Yes
Fretboard Roseacer
Nut width in mm 43,00 mm
Frets 20
Pickup System Yes
Colour Black
Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
Item number 175659
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82 €
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Excellent value, wonderful instrument.
Atian 16.12.2019
I've been playing guitar for many years and I bought this one for one reason: price.
I've played it now daily for more than 2 months, so almost 100 hours.
What can I say?
Sound is excellent. Haven't even tried electric yet because I have no amp/speaker. Clean sound, no buzzing, great echo.
The grip and handling are smooth, it feels good to hold it which is important to me. Low in weight too, easy to handle.
To any beginner guitarists I recommend to change the strings. Why? Because the action (the distance between the strings and the guitar neck) is high, especially beyond the 7th fret. That makes it a bit difficult to play. It comes with standard steel strings, you may wanna change that to bronze strings. They are easier to press down. That's important for playing bar(-ré) chords. Even I couldn't play a clear sounding bar chord with the steel strings and it isn't because of my technique. It's the strings and the action.
If there's 1 thing I recommend to Thomann, it's to lower the action of the strings. They're quite high and since mostly beginners will buy this instrument because of the low price, you wanna make it easier for them to play.
Last but not least: I tried a Fender and was about to buy it. Then I saw this one and bought it. Not only does it sound equal, it also saved me 100 euro's.
Thank you Thomann for building this great instrument at a price available to everyone.
I recommend this guitar for both absolute beginners (change the strings!) and experienced players as a backup or rehearsal guitar. Excellent buy, wonderful instrument.


Some employee at thomann just snapped my pickup with a pair of pliers
zzqWilliam 30.03.2021
As for the acoustic part - as for me it sounds amazing. The guitar looks great and is almost playable right out of the box. One thing that many can find hard to overcome tho is the very high strings action. I had to file the saddle a lot to get to the point when I wouldn't have to bend my fingers in a weird way not to mute another strings while being on the 10th fret and above. That's the only, not that bad since it can be relatively easily fixed, con about the acousting part of this product.

Now unfortunately we have to go to the point where the 2 stars for the quality come from. Someone just destroyed the piezoelectric pickup while installing it! It was just literally cut with pliers as it wouldn't fit due to the hole for the cable being drilled in the wrong place! I just can't imagine someone thinking that it's easier to destroy the entire pickup instead of drilling a new hole in the right place! It takes no effort to process the thought that after such operation it won't work! Since the piezoelectric pickup cost just a little bit more than a can of coke I decided to just drill the right hole and replace it myself rather than wait who knows how long for thomann to fix that.

After it was done - I was surprised that even tho the entire pickup assembly is worth less than 10€ it still sounds pretty decent!

So the summary is a bit hard to come up with - it's totally worth the price and it sounds just great but after seeing what someone did with that pickup... I'd feel bad if I'd just write that I recommend this guitar. All I can say is that you can buy it if you're not scared of being forced to fix some things in case someone would butcher your unit as mine was.


good value
chrisie friday 05.03.2020
This is my first acoustic.played well out of the box well packed.A few days delivery from Germany, amazing.Opening the battery hatch was challenging, but once open reveiled a very nasty
Zinc battery.Bin it and fit a Alkaline. A picky little gripe I know. But a loverly axe.Also included are 2 adhesive scratch plates black and tortoise.Very loud.Sounds good through my Fender Champion 40,the graphic equalizer is very effective.I had found that it gos out of tune when you first take it out of its bag.An easy fix.The action is high on the high frets.


Needed work, but...
Tony P 28.01.2020
First of all, I bought this because I actually wanted an acoustic steel strung guitar with a cut-away, and wasn't fussy about the electronic pick-up. I have to say, for the price, the guitar (as per every Harley Benton I have bought) is a beautiful piece of kit to look at; the finish is lovely, the guitar feels solid, the machine heads are pretty good and hold tuning, and the frets aren't too bad. The problem (as another reviewer pointed out) was the height of the action. It was, quite frankly, unplayable. I always set my guitars up after purchasing, but in this case I had no choice but to take the strings off and plane then sand 3mm off the wooden bridge plate - something many wouldn't be brave enough to do. I also lowered the grooves in the nut and cut down the bridge height (note here that the bridge and nut were of a soft, cheap plastic material).
The guitar now plays pretty well, and I'm quit pleased with it. Again, I cannot over-emphasise what a lovely-looking guitar this is. It looks far more expensive (again, typical of Harley Bentons). It's a pity the far-too-high action let the build quality down. Still, for the price, if you are prepared to do a little work, you'll have a very fine instrument indeed.


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