Harley Benton BZ-5000 NT

Electric Bass 5-String Model

  • Deluxe Series
  • Ash / Nato / Ash body
  • Sycamore top and back
  • 5-Piece maple / nato / maple / nato / maple neck
  • Neck-through-body neck attachment
  • Ebonol fretboard
  • 24 Frets
  • Scale: 864 mm (long scale)
  • Nut width: 45 mm
  • String spacing: 16.5 mm
  • Graphite nut
  • 2 x G&B humbucker pickups
  • 18 V 3-Band active/passive EQ
  • Volume with push-pull function
  • Balance, bass, mids and treble controls
  • Black DLX hardware
  • Bushing bridge
  • DLX diecast machine heads
  • D'Addario strings, .045 - .065 - .080 - .100 - .130
  • Colour: Natural High-gloss
  • Suitable case available under Aticle Nr 177638 (not included)
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Audio Examples

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Rock

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Harley Benton BZ-5000 NT
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Harley Benton BZ-5000 NT
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Compares very well to more expensive basses
Jools4001, 20.03.2016
My main bass is a fabulous, hand made 'boutique' bass from a very well respected UK luthier. If you were to order one today it would cost you around £3500.

I ordered the Harley Benton as a budget level back up bass simply because it looked good, had similar neck through construction to my main bass and I reckoned that as long as it was reasonably playable I could upgrade the pickups and electronics to bring it closer to the levels that I have become used to.

I don't have to bother, this bass is very, very impressive right out of the box.

Obviously, the woods chosen to make this bass are not quite up to the AAAAA grade of my main player, but they are very acceptable and the bass is very nicely made. There are just a couple of tiny spots of dust in the lacquer and one place where the glue line between the laminates has had about 1mm of filler applied. The phenolic fingerboard has a small patch that looks a bit more shiny than the rest, but my fingers will soon change that as I play it.

The neck is a good profile, not too thin nor too chunky. It had too much bow in the neck when it arrived and needed 3/4 of a turn on the trussrod to get the right relief. The bridge saddles were too high for my taste and the nut slots are still a bit high and will need filing to get them to an optimum level, but then any new bass needs a set up. The fretwork is nicely done, all the frets are smooth and level with no buzzes or choking anywhere, the fourth fret has a very slightly catchy edge on the treble side but nothing major.

The bridge is fine and the tuners are smooth.

Once set up, this bass plays very nicely. The sound is helped by the fresh D'addario strings it comes with but it has a good range of tones. In passive mode it sounds nice, a little like a Fender Jazz and the pickup blend control works very nicely giving a good range of tone with some nice subtle tone changes between the two extremes. In active mode it adds more depth or top end sparkle as required and the electronics seem hum and hiss free. Of course if you boost the treble right up the tone gets brittle, but again that applies to nearly all active basses. The mid control is a little disappointing since it doesn't have a huge effect but all the centre frequencies of the electronics seem well chosen and all the tones you can coax out of the bass (apart from the real extremes) are very useable.

I haven't gigged this bass yet, nor even rehearsed with it, so it still needs more real world testing, but first impressions are very favourable. I have to keep reminding myself that this bass cost less than one tenth of my main bass. It's tempting to say this is a great bass "for the price", I would just say no, never mind the price, this bass compares very very well with much more expensive instruments.
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Absolutely amazing!
G. Hilton, 25.09.2019
I just received my order at 12:38 PM, 20-09-2019. Only about 40 hours after ordering, WOW.. Normal shipping marks on the carton packaging, and everything arrived perfectly. The bass guitar case is really more than I could expect. As for the BZ-5000 NT, that is another surprise. I have been playing almost 50 years and have played guitars of all ranges. This bass is a working players dream come true. I tuned and tested it on a Line 6 Spider IV 150. This resulted in blowing my mind. Quality, Sound, and a fantastic feel has impressed me so much that I am in a mild state of wonderment.

Any one who is wondering how good it is need only realize that the value and quality are outstanding. I have played basses much more expensive and was never as satisfied with the sound and feel as this one. Great designing. Now I hope to save for a Fusion II with anticipation.

Harley Benton is definitely a performers 5-Starr choice.
Thank you for providing such a fantastic product.

October 18,2019, One month after receiving my BZ-5000 NT, I cannot get over how amazing this bass sounds. I made a minor adjustment for my playing style as I sort of play a lead guitar attack on bass. I have never adapted to, nor enjoyed a bass for the punch and tone as this one. One month in and I am totally hooked on Harley Benton for these simple reasons:
1. Quality.
2. Tone and Presence.
3. Perfect playability and comfort as I have larger hands but prefer a slimmer neck for ease and speed.
4. Everything I ever wanted in a bass in one perfect package.

Thanks Thomann!
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FBGDWB, 25.08.2020
This bass is sooooo beautiful. Even if I never played it, I could just hang it on the wall. But it also sounds lovely and feels so nice to play.
- fit and finish almost flawless
- lovely wood
- slim neck
- frets finished nicely
- rich sound
- very easy to play
- active pre-amp works great
- even the back is beautiful
- tiny spots of wood filler on the back
- no where does it describe the use of the 5 knobs; even the reviewers on YouTube seem confused
- very heavy body, especially for such a small bass; the good news is that there is no head-dive but this will definitely be a sitting-down player
- I'm not convinced the strings are D'Addario as the ends are not colour coded like all D'Addarios I've used before
The bottom line is that I can't believe what I got for the price. I changed the strings to D'Addario tapewound and that gave me exactly the tone I want. Plus the black strings look awesome with the black hardware. Plus my wife loves it and thinks my playing has improved.
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As usual, the bang for the buck
MaxCosta96, 29.09.2020
This is the second HB instrument i bought, and once again the expectations i had were exceeded.

Obviously it isn't a flawless instrument: it's in the high price tier of HB, but it's still an economic intrument, so don't expect perfection. In particular, i found some not-so-nice black and grey spots in the beautiful sycamore top, and on the neck some darker wood fibers in the bright maple. That's not the nicest thing to look at, but that's no problem, it's still very beautiful. On the headstock there's a drop of high gloss finish, like a little 2mm diameter dome, but again when you buy those instrument you should expect them not to be perfect.
Nonetheless, the bass is amazing, it looks amazing, it sounds great, the 18V preamp is very versatile and full of color, the tuners are precise and don't feel cheap nor wobbly, no sharp fret ends, no wobbly pots, it feels like a really solid instrument, that would usually price for at least double than this.

I am absolutely satisfied, and i think that in this price range this is one of the best choices, if not the very best.
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