Global Truss 5073-1B Selflock Hook Easy


Selflock Hook

  • For tubing from 48 - 52 mm
  • Ideal for theatre, musical and stage applications
  • With M10 screws
  • Carrying capacity IAW BGVC1 125 kg
  • TÜV approved 250 kg
  • Colour: Black
Construction Type Selflock / Trigger
Holder size 48 mm – 51 mm
Max. Load Capacity 100,0 kg
Mounting Type for Screws
Suitable for 20 mm pipe No
Suitable for 30 mm pipe No
Suitable for 35 mm pipe No
Suitable for 50 mm pipe Yes
Suitable for 60 mm pipe No
Suitable for 80 mm pipe No
Colour black
available since October 2008
Item number 218562
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Holder size min. 48 mm
Holder size max. 51 mm
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Great for hanging small movers
thelxman 21.11.2020
This is a great quality overhang hook. I've moved to these for my small moving head lights where previously I've used half-couplers (because at the time the equivalent Doughty product to this was excessively priced). Much easier to get the weight off your arm when rigging from up a ladder by being able to hook the fixture over the lighting bar before needing to deal with the positioning a tightening processes.

Good for movers as the wide hanging width and positive clamp and grip around the bar gives great lateral stability compared to a typical lighting hook clamp which just doesn't grip the bar securely enough for something that is wiggling around.

I will be using these in future for this and similar applications where a firm lateral grip is required, e.g. mirror balls. (I'm staying with traditional Doughty hook-clamps for non-movers which are cheaper when you need a large number of them).


SImply brilliant
Badders 03.03.2020
Having been a convert to O clamps for some time, I was delighted to find and use these. Heavy duty, they make attaching lights to our truss really quick and easy. Brilliant!


Very Good Trigger Coupler!!
AdamH 02.01.2015
We're used to using the Doughty original version of these (at twice the price!) , but took a punt on the Global Truss version after a good friend in the production business spoke highly of them.

We bought around 30-40 units to use on some of our moving light hire inventory and you can't moan at all! The simple and ease of use, great design and black finish is ace!

The only real major differences between these and the Doughty more expensive version is the turn thread being tighter and not as smooth (not a massive gripe) and the finish being not quite as hard wearing. For hire use to keep with with fixtures and to send out they're spot on!

For users and hirers who require an excellent clamp at not a lot of dosh these come highly recommended!


best hook
Valstybinis Vilniaus Mazasis Teatras 14.01.2022
one of the best hooks in thew industry