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Fishman Fluence Open Core CL HB Set BK


Multi-Voice Humbucker Set

  • For single cut models
  • Two voices: Stronger "Calibrated P.A.F." & "Hot Rodded Lead"
  • No inductive resistance, noise or humming; Clear, pure sound
  • Drop-right-in assembly - replaces standard pickup
  • Operation possible via 9 V battery
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable lithium-ion battery pack with approx. 200 hours of operation available under Article Nr.


    (not included)
Active Yes
Wiring 4-Conductor
Output High
Kappe No
Colour Black
Position Bridge, Neck
Item number 447444
244 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Available immediately

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Basically what you pay for in sound quality
Wrench 02.09.2020
As the claimed description says: Multiple sound options (all usable unlike some other makes where you find yourself always going back to one setting), much quieter and more EMI resistant than all the other pickups I have/had, and unlike some people have said about the Fluence pickups, I do not find that they have that "cocked wah" sound.
Only gripe is that the open core bobbins have that cheapish looking bobbins that appear black sprayed with some orange peel. One would expect a better looking piece of plastic on such an expensive item (that actually IS of high quality). It is minor and borderline petty of me to mention but that's about the only issue I have with them.


Changed my mind about acitv pickups
Hoxter 10.03.2021
These are my first active pickups. I generally disliked active pickups until now, but these are something else, they sound like regular PAFs and someone told me they are passive ones, I would believe it so. The bridge is powerful and the neck is articulate and not bassy as many neck pickups are. The signal is strong, there is literary no noise or hum so they are perfect for studio recording. They have 2 additional voices, hot rodded which is great for dirtier sound and a split coil tele sound. Now in split coil there is almost no loss of signal output strength. Both voices are activated via two pull/push pots. On my passive ones splitting used to lower the signal strength in half...not with this ones! I've put these in my Schecter S-1 Elite Diamond series guitar. I have it done by a professional, not by myself and I was informed it was easy job to do. The pickups require for you to change all of the electronics in guitar with the one you get in box, since this architecture of pickups require 250K push/pull pots. Highly recommended!


Extremly good P.A.F.
Josip Jakopovic 28.04.2021
So, Voice 1 is a perfect P.A.F. sound, chimy, Tele on steroids, Voice 2 is more modern mid focused, bridge pickup is extremly good for rhythm, and neck for high fret soloing in Voice 2 is perfect.
I don't like split coils on any humbuckers.


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Top Pickups mit sehr klaren und differenziertem Sound.
Santos G. 09.04.2019
Ich habe die Pickups in eine Ibanez RGA721 eingebaut und sie auch mit verglichen mit Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient und EMG 81/60.
Den direktvergleich habe ich auf einem Engl E570 + E840/50 und Celestion V30, Line6 POD X3 und einem Eleven Rack gemacht.
Der Sound war auf allen Amp's sehr sauber und klar.
Auf dem Röhren Amp (Lead Channel) waren die Pickups sehr definiert und sauber.
Im Clean Channel hatten sie im Vergleich zu den anderen einen extremen Output was zu einem starken Overdrive führte. Mit weniger Gain aber enorm brillant.
Auch auf den Modelingamps kommen sie echt zur Geltung.
Die Schaltung zu den Single Coils ist auch absolut Spitze und macht natürlich richtig Spaß.

Nachteile sind allerdings, sie kommen nach meinem Geschmack in der Single Coil und Hotrail Schaltung nicht an Originale ran und das push/pull System ist während des Spielens auch sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig.

Sehr universell einsetzbar und für fast alles geeignet egal ob Metal, Rock, Klassik oder Jazz.
Sehr Dynamisch und auf jedenfall vielen anderen Pickups weit voraus vor allem wenn es darum geht ein breites Spektrum mit nur einer Gitarre abzudecken.


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