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Eurolite LED H2O Water Effect


LED water effect

  • Water effect with 3x TCL colour mixing
  • The built-in effect disc offers a beautiful water effect with RGB colour mixing
  • Internal programs
  • Speed of colour change and strobe effect adjustable via DIP switch
  • Dimmer and strobe effect adjustable via DMX
  • Master / slave function
  • DMX512 control via any commercially available DMX controller (occupies 5 channels)
  • DMX connector via optional 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
  • Fixed installation is recommended
  • Ready for connection with mains cable and protective contact plug
Type Water effect
battery powered No
Item number 263136
70 €
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Very cool effect on the cheap side
Stefan S. 733 02.08.2013
This water effect is a really cool effect, but this product also has its drawbacks.
The housing is made of plastic, so im not surpriced it is recommended for permanent installation use.
However one of the worst things about it which i really think Eurolite should change is that they use 3.5mm jacks for DMX input/output instead of the standard XLR, so you need an adapter from XLR to 3.5mm jack for both in and out which costs extra. The nut of the 3.5mm jacks seems to come loose easily and i also think XLR´s would have been a far far sturdier solution. The light output isnt really powerful either at 9 watts (LED), so you might need more than one (we only have one though).

We use this at small gigs with our band and so far we have only used it once, so we will see how it holds up, but there is no doubt that it has to be handeled quite carefully.

Bottom Line: Very cool effect and although it has its drawbacks (mentioned above) i doubt you will find anything better in this price range, i personally searched quite a bit for budget solutions since we really didnt even have a budget and i couldnt do any better.


Great little light
Jonathan3471 10.10.2014
For a light of its size, this light is amazing. It projects a water effect onto floors, walls or ceilings. The Cover area is quite big too. This is better when you aim it at a dark section of the room which has no other lights. There's a function where you can leave it on one selected colour or just let it move through the various colours. You can also change the speed of colour changes plus the strobe effect can be adjusted via the DIP switches.

I have used this light out at a beach party themed event and aimed the light at the ceiling, it gives off a beautiful water effect. I got so many compliments on this little light in the night and had some people thinking it was a projector hooked up. I will definitely continue to use this in my DJ sets. The light output could be slightly better but as I said for this price it is well worth it.


Eurolite LED H2O Effect
Christopher4743 23.11.2014
I was not expecting much to be honest, but have been pleasantly surprised. The units are very bright for a 10w LED fixture.
The colour mixing is also much better than expected. For example an orange colour, I expected there to be parts of green and red visible throughout the beam, from where the glass effect wheel split the light. However this is not the case. There is a slight fringing at the edges, but across the beam it is very well mixed.
The unit is plastic, but seems to be reasonably thick and well built considering this fact.
I can see why they have opted for a 3.5mm jack socket instead of 3 or 5pin xlrs for the data. There simply isn't enough room for the latter. Its a bit of a shame as there is no king of locking for the jack, but the sockets seem to be of good quality and the jacks fit tightly so are unlikely to cause issues. A jack to jack is included, which at first glance is pointless as its not very long. However, it does mean you can cut it in half, strip it back and make a pair of adapters to 3pin from it, so actually its a very nice touch.


Good quality, not bright enough
Skatz 09.02.2020
I love the effect of this light at close range in a dark room, but it's too low a wattage to make the most of it on a stage. Perhaps with some haze or smoke it would be more effective.
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