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Ernie Ball 2625


String Set for Electric Guitars

  • For 8-string guitars
  • Nickel wound
  • Slinky
  • Gauges: 010 - 013 - 017 - 030w - 042w - 054w - 064w - 074w
  • Maximum scale: 674 mm
Gauge 0,010" – 0,074"
Material Nickel Plated Steel
available since June 2011
Item number 266684
Gauge from 0,010"
Gauge to 0,074"
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11,90 €
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Bright, long lasting strings
Dispersedashes 14.08.2013
The Ernie Ball 2625 string set for was one of the first on the market for 8 string players, and as with all EB strings they are bright, smooth and long lasting. Upon purchase of an eight string I was reasonably skeptical regarding one of the major manufacturers getting the gauges right, and resigned myself to mixing and matching to get the desired tensions. I was therefor pleasantly surprised to find the 2625 set absolutely bang on! That said, scale length and tuning become serious factors... tuning too much below standard on anything under a 27inch scale length may present a very floppy 8th string. However, swapping out the supplied .74 for a .80 single string is no huge inconvenience.
Recording with Slinky‘s is always a joy, and this set is no exception, retaining a natural feel and long lasting tonality. When swapping out the 8th string (another manufacturer - no names mentioned!) that string becomes dull and indistinct on average twice as quickly as the rest of the set.
So Ernie Ball does it again - although on reflection perhaps the .74 could be increased a little to cover all bases...


Slinky beast in eco package, highs just a little bit too soft
Nerijus 30.05.2015
As a long time user of D*#@* 6-string set, wasn't sure about what to chose for a set of my new entry level 8-string guitar in the same order from Thommann's to restring, but these Ernies custom gauge in their site sounded just neat. Perfect clean tones, and semi-wild distorted crunch with omnipresent subtle sparks of obertones was just a right choice for passive humbuckers. Over all great strings and plays great for my playing style of metalcore with occasional clean passages. The only cons - the highs are just little a bit too soft on lower action in Eb tuning, next time I 'll be preparing my fingers for some heavier gauges for sure, but these custom gauges create interesting and a bit unexpected feeling for play as well. Some different kind of balance.


Great for standard/slightly-dropped
Quimmy 03.03.2015
Typical Ernie Ball quality, they hold up well to a good beating and last quite a while if you wipe them down after playing.

Tension-wise, depending on your scale length, they hold up totally fine for standard 8-string tuning and hold up quite well at half a step down.

Drop E and the like they get a little flubby but otherwise, perfectly fine strings for an 8.


Nice Sound
Anonymous 29.05.2016
I move from this gauge .74 (F#) to .80 . . . Better tension and definition.


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