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Blackstar FLY 3 Bass Pack

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Electric Bass Combo Set

Electric-Bass Combo:

  • Power: 3 watts
  • Equipped with 3" speaker
  • 2 Channels: Clean & OD
  • Integrated bass EQ
  • Sub Control
  • Line In
  • Line Out with Speaker Simulation

With Blackstar FLY 3 Bass Extension Cabinet / additional box:

  • Power: 3 Watts
  • Loudspeakers: 3"
  • Turns the Blackstar FLY 3 Bass into a 6 Watt stereo setup
  • Also suitable as a PC speaker
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 11 x 17.5 x 13.8 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes power supply (battery operation possible)
Power in W 6 W
Speaker component 2x 3"
HF-Horn No
Equalizer 3-Band
Compressor No
Limiter No
Effects Unit No
Headphone Output Yes
DI Output Yes
Speaker Connector Yes
CD/MP3 Input Yes
Item number 384866
110 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Available immediately

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Fun and usable, but begs for an upgrade
BassCrab 24.11.2017
If you?re wondering whether to buy the single amp or the stereo package ? buy the package because with the single amp YOU DON?T GET THE POWER SUPPLY! That?s just horrible in my opinion and easy to miss in the product description. What?s worse, the Blackstar engineers decided on the totally non-standard 6.5V 1.5A so it would be difficult to find a replacement.

The stereo pack however, comes with everything you need.
The size is indeed tiny, but it produces quite a big sound. It?s loud enough for the bedroom and can easily keep up with an acoustic band. Your bass will be heard, but not felt rumbling the room, which is to be expected from a mini-amp.

The sound is decent and quite usable, but it has a ?plastic? character to it. A real shame because it might be a killer set with a couple of improvements. I?d like to see a version with wooden enclosure like in Genius PC speakers. It wouldn?t cost much more to produce, but I expect it would sound more natural.

The OD channel is louder and has a lot more treble and hiss. On light gain settings it has it?s moments.

One knob EQ is actually great! Clockwise from the center you get a typical mid-scoop with boosted highs and lows, and CCW it gets more vintage by cutting the highs. Works great! My favourite setting is 1-2 o?clock.

Compressor is very useful when kept really low as it adds a lot of warmth and punch to the sound. However, crank it up past 10% and the artificial cut-off with hiss becomes too annoying. A slightly better compressor would have made this a far better unit.

The SUB knob is a simple analogue octaver with all its shortcomings. The tracking is so-so and what it adds to the sound is mostly farting noises with a slight delay from your playing. I think that wasn?t a good idea. A simple EQ bass boost or even a cheap chorus would have made more sense than the octaver which, for me, was unusable.

The headphone output is where this thing shines! It gives one of the most pleasing headphone sounds I ever experienced on a bass. With my AudioTehnica ATH-M50 the bass was deep and punchy, presence was decent and the noise was surprisingly low. If not for anything else, this amp is great for silent practice.

On the other hand, the Aux input was surprisingly crap. The Fly3 stereo speakers sounded weaker and more mid-rangey than my laptop speakers. Which was a huge disappointment.

The extra speaker does make a difference and I?m glad I bought the stereo pair.

Overall, It?s a fine mini-amp, good for bedroom practice and outdoors. I would recommend it to a beginner as a first bass amp, especially if you want to travel with it or play with headphones.
This amp has a potential to be a must-have, but because of all the unfortunate shortcomings, I?ll be looking forward if Blackstar decides to make a V2.


Great little amplifier!!!
George Mam. 08.07.2021
After listening to a demo on YouTube, I loved this small amplifier set. So, I put it on my Wishlist. And when I ordered a new bass (a Harley Benton one), I decided to include this pack in my order.
I use this amplifier set mostly for playing Heavy Metal and Rock in my bedroom.
It's really tiny and cute, but it sounds great. I want to buy the guitar pack in the future, I have a feeling it will be amazing too. Build quality is really good. The sound is beautiful and thick, something that you don't expect from such a small amplifier. It has a lot of tonal options, that worth exploring. And it's very portable! You can take it with you everywhere and have fun playing the bass.
In conclusion, that's a great sounding, well made and really portable little amplifier with great features. I totally recommend it.
Thank you so much Blackstar and Thomann!!!


Fun for what it is!
IJL Audio 05.11.2018
Just to throw an audiophile's word in! I have played bass for a time and have a little experience in amps/heads/DIs etc. Although there is no use in comparing, this thing actually had a really fun sound for a practice amp! The "Sub" adjustment is great for filling out consumer headphones or hi-fi's to practice at home/travelling etc. For its features and still lower price than other equivalent options, this is great for personal use. I have also used it ad-hoc at an acoustic session and as a "DI" (only had line-in) at a compromised space/small desk. Saved my ass both times! Also, having the pair to even function as speakers is another useful advantage. This makes it particularly cool for younger users; music on the go! (And there is a fair bit of volume in them) Again, fun, light, extremely portable and a little more bang for the buck in the truly "fun" category of amp stuff! Hey, who doesn't want a mini stack at hand?


Actually very good value
Redcat 06.09.2020
Works great as a bass practice amp, the tone is very good . It won't shake the Windows but it's not supposed to. It also works great to play music through and as the speakers for our TV. In stereo. Good value for a very well designed and made product. So good my wife bought a blackstar unity 30 so she can shake the windows.....


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