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Arturia RackBrute 6U


Eurorack Case

  • Can be set up at different angles
  • Built-in bus board for up to 32 modules
  • Arturia-Link compatible
  • Aluminium housing with wooden side panels
  • Internal dimensions: 6 U / 176 HP
  • External dimensions (W x H x D): 484 x 83 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 3.76 kg
  • Power supply unit included: +12 V / -12 V / +5 V
System Eurorack
Width 176 TE / HP
Hight 6 U
Power Supply Yes
Formfactor Desktop
Item number 431059
333 €
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Not only for beginners but also not perfect
gcgc 17.12.2019
Case looks great and the idea is super.
The connection design is quite good but something not advertised is that you will be connecting and disconnecting the metal stand often if you want to change to some of the configurations - including the reclined desk setup that requires you to actually flip the case and remount all of your modules upside pretty much not doable if you want to use the other standing configs.

More annoying is the power module that takes up an odd 5HP, the power module connection cable takes up a lot of space next to the module so only very shallow modules can be mounted to the right of it, moving the power module to another part of the case or row is impossible without different cables (not supplied) and the metal stand connectors have large metal nuts inside the case that protrude into even 40mm deep modules, so again, only shallow modules on the sides of that row.

price however is not astronomical and you will find some silly powermodules that cost even more, so this is a great deal in our scene currently - plus you can always modify the case!


Rackbrute 6U - bad powersupply
Hielke 21.10.2020
I aldready owned an Arturia 2S so i thought to expand it with the rackbrute 6U. The Minibrute 2S is a lovely device no problems there. Since i already own modular devices the 6U seemed like a logical choise.

I love the design, how it stacks on top of the Minibrute 2S. Allas, when i patch from the rackbrute to the 2s i experience lots of noise bleeding trough from the powersupply. When i use my other modularcases i don't have that problem. In the end it's about the sound and not the looks, you just don't want the noise in your recording.

I've returned the product two times already and got it back with the same problem. They've had the product for 3 months in total at their workshop which is a considerable time. This leaves me to say that the service is really slow and really bad since the product is still not fixed. I am waiting on a call from Thomann which steps they are going to take from here. I hope they will be fruitfull cause i'm a very unhappy customer.

+ Good design
- Noisy/broken powersupply
- Slow bad service from Thomann


Very happy
onedge custom 08.08.2021
Excellent case and power supply. Well built, good price


Poztman 05.02.2020
Granted, this is my first case but my second-hand experience with modular tells me this is a steal. The build is very solid and detailed. You can set the case up in multiple ways and combine several ones. There is some degree of portability although it's not this case strongest point. The power buss delivers enough current for a lot of modules and plenty of room to build your system.
Mind that the top half is only 85 HP and 53 mm deep. Some narrow but deep modules will not fit in there.


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