Alexander Pedals Colour Theory Step Sequencer

Effects Pedal

  • Programmable 8 step sequencer with built-in effects processor
  • Adjustable parameters for each level
  • 4 Presets - expandable to 16 with external MIDI controller
  • Tap-tempo switch
  • Start / stop the sequence in real-time
  • Controls: Rate / ext CTL - Steps / Value - Mix / Amount - LAG / Tweak
  • Push buttons: Hold - Select
  • LED: Effect On - Mode Select
  • Footswitch: Effect Bypass - Tap Tempo / Park
  • Connections: Input (6.3 mm jack) - Output (6.3 mm jack) - Multi jack for an expression pedal, footswitch or MIDI (6.3 mm stereo jack) - Power supply connector (coaxial conenction 5.5 x 2.1 mm - (-) polarity inside)
  • USB mini-B connection
  • Power consumption: 80 mA
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (not included - matching power supply: Art.409939)
  • True bypass
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 75 x 120 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 287 g
  • Made in USA

Note: Battery operation is not supported.

Further Information

Effect Types Sequencer
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Fun and adventurous pedal
interbellum, 04.07.2019
Summary: an interesting and adventurous pedal that can be a bit tricky to fully understand but yields musical and creative results quickly.

I bought this pedal to use in the loop of my Superego, and make my guitar drones and pads more dynamic, and it's working well in that regard. So for me the sequencer is important but you can also use the effects "parked", which I sometimes do (maybe you want a steady tremolo for example).

The pedal is a bit tricky to fully understand but not as much as I expected. After a few hours of exploring I feel I mostly know my way around it.

The modes:
My favorite mode is probably the PWM, it sounds great with single notes, and really gnarly with chords. Makes me wish I had in my main chain.
Pitch-shifting is not very useful for me for now since I tend to freeze full chords. I like using it as a sort of vibrato: 8 steps tuned to the same note but slightly different. (
The tremolo is alright but I still keep my boss tremolo in the pedal chain for quick and simple tremolo access.
Delay modulation I haven't explored yet properly, it's quite extreme and I don't particularly like the sound of delay time changing like that but I will try it at some point.
The filter is cool to sequence - it doesn't sound amazing but it works.
Finally the oscillator! Really fun. You can make it go fast and crazy but I also tuned it to a sequence, and ran it into other effects and it sounds very cool.

Cons I can think of:
I'm finding it tricky to control the volume levels of my different presets. But I think that's just me still learning how to do that - the pedal has multiple gain/level options (amount, level, gain...)
The pedal is a bit tricky to fully grasp, especially because it's not popular enough to have a lot of people exploring it on youtube. And the manual, while clear, can't cover every little question that arises.
And since the format is small, there's a lot of secondary functions and options which are not super clear and easily accessible. For example, you have to count how many times an LED is blinking to know which preset you're on, or if the sequencer is going up/down/random. (I only use random so far, it's the most interesting/useful for me). Things like that.

BUT there's a TouchOSC app that works with the pedal that I haven't tried yet - I definitely plan on using it to understand the pedal better and dial in my presets properly.
But these kind of cons come with the territory for such a complex pedal. I'm kind of embracing them and enjoy not always knowing what I'm doing.

I also haven't tried using the pedal in stereo, or using anything in the EXP input. I don't know if I will, though the stereo options can be interesting for routing options.

All in all a really interesting pedal that I'm excited to explore further but that is already yielding creative and musical results, despite its slightly complicated set-up.
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