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Zultan 10" Dune Splash

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  • Hard-Softstick
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Splash Cymbal

  • Size: 10"
  • Dune series
  • Hand-hammered
  • Premium splash cymbal from traditional Turkish production
  • Made of B20 bronze
  • Dry, fast fading, thrashy sound
  • Differentiated overall sound with not overloaded overtone structure
  • Especially deep hammer blows
  • Polished bell
Hand Hammered Cymbal Yes
Finish Regular / Traditional
Alloy B20 Bronze
Item number 450089
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Quiet trashy splash
Dumbledorf 05.10.2021
As you know, all cymbals of a given model sound different. The undertones differ like fingerprints, and this subtly colors how the cymbal opens up too. For this reason, many drummers like to try three of the same kind and pick the one that works best with their other cymbals.

This time, on a whim I went completely silly and ordered *seven* of this splash!

Out of the seven, six were good, and sounded just like a 10" dune splash is supposed to sound.

But the seventh was an ugly duckling! It sounded nothing like the rest. There is very little splash sound no matter how hard you hit it, and what little splash you get out of it dies off very quickly. If a Dune splash is a duck, then this one looks just like a duck, but it doesn't quack like a duck! Instead it sounds like a weird small gong, only it dies off much faster than a gong would.

Since I'm a collector of weird and unusual things to hit with a stick, I returned the good ones and kept the "bad" one!

Don't expect to receive an ugly duckling like this yourself though. I've bought a lot of Zultan cymbals, and this is the only "lemon" I've received so far. And even so I love it, and look forward to making lemon juice with it! :D

But enough talk about my strange little misfit specimen, back to what to expect from the normal ones.

The entire dune series is thin and very trashy, which makes it less loud than most, so this splash works well for lower volume playing, but won't satisfy hard hitters. The trashiness adds some chaos to the sound and helps the cymbal sound less like a tin can lid as splashes tend to do, so it's a very good splash as long as the low sound level works for you.

Regarding the risk of breakage, I've never had a Zultan cymbal break personally. In my opinion, it would take a very hard hitting drummer with pretty bad cymbal hitting technique to break any of them.

But the Dune series is very thin, and has a lathed bell, which makes the bell even thinner and weakens the transition area. And since this splash is a quiet cymbal I can understand if someone would try to smash it *really* hard to make it keep up with the rest.

Don't do that I suppose.


The regular cheap cymbal build quality
Vicarious 01.12.2020
There's something about cheap, good sounding cymbals that makes me wanna buy them and experiment with sounds, even though I know that the less money you pay, the more times you will be returning that cymbal due to quality issues.

I have had in total 5 Zultan cymbals, this is the third that has cracked after few months of usage. The only two that haven't cracked are one pretty thick 18" crash, and an incredibly heavy duty bell, which probably will never break.

- Sound wise I have nothing to complain about. It sounds great in general, and especially for the price.

- With the low price comes the low quality. Don't buy if you already know the sound you are going for. Better save for a more quality brand, you will also save your trips to the postal office to return a broken cymbal.


Cool splash, but...
Odd Erik 06.08.2021
It's a very special sounding splash. Very thrash, and I kind of like it, but it's also very quiet. Looks cool, and the quality seems fine. Only drawback is the low sound.


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