Zoom XYH-6


Accessories capsule

  • For Zoom Recorders
  • Two angled cardioid microphones for X / Y Images
  • The angle of the two mics can easily be changed from 90 degrees to 120 degrees for a wider stereo image

Compatible with:

  • Zoom H5 and H6 Handy Recorder
  • Q8 Handy Video Recorder
  • U-44 Mobile Audio Interface
  • F4 and F8 Multitrack Field Recorder
  • ECM-3 Extension cord for Zoom microphone capsule
Available since October 2014
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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Top-notch XY stereo recording, in any setting

The XYH-6 interchangeable mic capsule is a stereo XY microphone that can be used with variety of recording devices - namely Zoom’s H-series, F-series, Q-series, and U-series. The Japanese manufacturer has developed a user-friendly system which allows you to quickly swap out microphone capsules and adapt to a variety of recording conditions, always ensuring that the best possible result is achieved. Each capsule is simply clipped onto or removed from its compatible recording device by pressing the two push-buttons on the side.

High SPLs welcome

The XYH-6 contains a pair of matched unidirectional (cardioid) capsules. The angle of the microphones can be switched from a 90° angle to a 120° angle, thus widening the stereo image. The XYH-6's transfer factor is 8.9 mV/Pa, and the limiting sound pressure level is an incredible 136 dB. The maximum gain is around 47 dB. The capsule is fitted with a mini-jack connector with 2.5 V support for external microphones. The stereo signal is achieved thanks to the slight level differences of sound capture made by each outward-facing capsule.

Zoom device compatible

The XYH-6 capsule is compatible with a number of Zoom recording devices, the prerequisite being that the required fixture is present. These include handheld recorders such as the H5 and H6, field recorders such as the F4 and F8, and even the Q8 audio/video recorder and the U-44 portable audio interface. The XYH-6 capsule provides not only mono-compatible stereo recording, but also has good vibration dampening, making it the perfect “go to” tool for vocal and instrumental recording - as well as soundtrack creation for video projects. Owners of compatible Zoom recording units will thus be able to make the most of the XYH-6 capsule, in a wide variety of settings.

About Zoom

Founded in 1983, the Japanese company Zoom manufactures a variety of audio equipment, including a range of portable "handy" recorders as well as multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines, and samplers. Over the past thirty years, the company has built a reputation for producing innovative yet affordable products based on original microchip designs. Since the Zoom-9002 (an ultra-compact multi-effects processor that can be attached to a guitar strap) was introduced in 1990, Zoom has become one of the leaders in digital audio processing.

Versatility at work

The XYH-6's range of applications is very broad indeed, thanks in part to its compatibility with a wide variety of devices. Whether you're recording podcasts, video soundtracks, or commentary, the XYH-6 is an ideal solution – and it is also great for recording live performances or ambient sounds. When used in combination with an H5 recorder, for example, the XYH-6 can record the “room” or audience at a venue, while the main output of the mixer is directly connected to the inputs of the recorder.

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12 Reviews

Great for Zoom H5
Spectr 11.03.2018
Bought it as replacement for that abomination XYH-5 that is coming with Zoom H5, and don't regret it. The capsules are big with low self-noise, preamp have a (physically) big input resistor and capacitor with a good OpAmps, so the noise is low and low frequency is very good (especially comparing to XYH-5, my sample is so bad that even the right channel on the line input have a gain +3dB comparing to the left channel).
So now I can use H5 as was intended (I don't care for possibility to record a jet aircraft), just great.


Well made affordable mic capsule for H5
damondimento78 10.12.2020
Decent stereo field. Solid build. Slightly higher than expected noise floor. Will use for somewhat discreet recordings with the Zoom F1.


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Leider nicht ganz das Erwartete
Anonymous 28.04.2015
Ich habe das Micro als Wechselmicro zum Zoom H5 gekauft, aber wieder zurückgegeben.
Für mich gab es keinen merklichen Unterschied zum mitgelieferten vom H5. Auch die Möglichkeit der Umstellung zwischen 90° und 120° war akustisch nicht relevant nachvollziehbar.
Im Vergleich zum leider schlechter verarbeiteten und auch schlechter bedienbaren Tascam DR-44 WL klingen die Aufnahmen mit dem H5 (ob mit mitgeliefertem oder dem H6-Micro) irgendwie undurchsichtig, es fehlt an Stereo-Breite und Obertönen. Das H5/H6 betont den Bass etwas über, beim Tascam ist der Bass ein wenig dünn.


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tres bonne capsule le XYH-6
PhilippeK 03.05.2016
pour mon zoom H5
j'ai acheté Zoom XYH-6 pour avoir un micro XY de remplacement celui-ci et Parfait, en plus on a possibilité de régler l'angle des micros de 90 ou 120 degrés .des micros d'origines du H5 me paraisse fragile, le XYH-6 est de conception plus solide surtout si vous devez mettre la protection anti-vent.


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