Zoom XYH-5


Accessories capsule

  • Zoom Recorder
  • Shockproof X / Y microphone capsules with cardioid
  • Ideal for location videography and live broadcast / podcast applications
  • Two coordinated unidirectional condenser microphones at a 90 ° angle
  • The microphones are housed in a special shock mount, using the robust external microwires and rubberized material - minimizes vibration and handling noise
  • Max. SPL: 140dB

Compatible with:

  • Zoom H5 and H6 Handy Recorder
  • Q8 Handy Video Recorder
  • U-44 Mobile Audio Interface
  • F4 and F8 Multitrack Field Recorder
  • ECM-3 Extension cord for Zoom microphone capsule
Available since January 2015
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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Top-notch XY stereo recording, in any setting

The XYH-5 interchangeable mic capsule is a stereo XY microphone that can be used with variety of recording devices - namely Zoom’s H-series, F-series, Q-series, and U-series. The Japanese manufacturer has developed a user-friendly system which allows you to quickly swap out microphone capsules and adapt to a variety of recording conditions, always ensuring that the best possible result is achieved. Each capsule is simply clipped onto or removed from its compatible recording device by pressing the two push-buttons on the side.

Zoom XYH-5 Accessories capsule front view

High SPLs welcome

The XYH-5 contains a pair of matched unidirectional (cardioid) capsules that are oriented at a 90° angle to each other. They are housed in a specially designed shell to protect them from external impacts. Their rubber covers and robust external cables ensure that no unwanted vibrations or handling noises occur. The specified maximum sound pressure level is an incredible 140dB - making the XYH-5 perfectly suited to handle the loudest sources. The stereo signal is achieved thanks to the slight level differences of sound capture made by each outward-facing capsule. The XY orientation of the microphones naturally centres the stereo image, while attenuating the sides.

Zoom XYH-5 Accessories capsule connection

Zoom device compatible

The XYH-5 capsule is compatible with a number of Zoom recording devices. These include handheld recorders such as the H5 and H6, field recorders such as the F4 and F8, and even the Q8 audio/video recorder and the U-44 portable audio interface. The XYH-5 capsule provides not only mono-compatible stereo recording, but also has good vibration dampening, making it the perfect “go to” tool for vocal and instrumental recording - as well as soundtrack creation for video projects. Owners of compatible Zoom recording units will thus be able to make the most of the XYH-5 capsule, in a wide variety of settings.

Zoom XYH-5 Accessories capsule back view

About Zoom

Founded in 1983, the Japanese company Zoom manufactures a variety of audio equipment, including a range of portable "handy" recorders as well as multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines, and samplers. Over the past thirty years, the company has built a reputation for producing innovative yet affordable products based on original microchip designs. Since the Zoom-9002 (an ultra-compact multi-effects processor that can be attached to a guitar strap) was introduced in 1990, Zoom has become one of the leaders in digital audio processing.

Versatility at work

The XYH-5's range of applications is very broad indeed, thanks in part to its compatibility with a wide variety of devices. Whether you're recording podcasts, video soundtracks, or commentary, the XYH-5 is an ideal solution – and it is also great for recording live performances or ambient sounds. When used in combination with an H5 recorder, for example, the XYH-5 can record the “room” or audience at a venue, while the main output of the mixer is directly connected to the inputs of the recorder.

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5 Reviews

Mic was as expected
monorail 24.03.2023
I bought this mic to replace the one I lost. It works perfectly and is adequate for what I am using it for. The packaging was fine and safe and it arrived quickly. I find this to be a good all-round mic and the stereo mics are a nice effect, especially when you are recording outside. They are not perfect but they are good.


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sehr gute und...
FotoErmi 30.05.2020
...sinnvolle Ergänzung für das Zoom F1!


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Passt prima auf das Zoom H6
Jürgen6705 16.09.2015
Ja, man kann es gut auch auf das H6 aufstecken. Mechanisch passt es erst mal gut.
Allerdings muss man ein Softwareupdate am H6 durchführen. Dazu sollte man genau die Anleitung lesen und befolgen... Dann ist es nicht kompliziert und klappt problemlos.
Die Mikrofonkapseln sind etwas kleiner, als vom org. H6 XY Mikrofon. Somit dürften auch die Membrane etwas kleiner sein (Vermutung). Der Klang ist etwa gleich, auch die Empindlichkeit...Man muss also nicht zwingend dieses Teil zum H6 dazu kaufen. Aber die weiche Aufhängung ist schon nicht schlecht...und sieht gut aus...
Bei dem Preis kann man sich selber sein Urteil bilden...und dann notfalls auch zurück schicken...ich behalte das Mikrofon aber!!!


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acheté et toujours pas utilisé
jeanloup 29.10.2019
pas possible d'utiliser mon micro malgré de nombreuses mise a du du firmwear ! H6 en panne ?