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Zoom G1X Four Multi Effect-Pedal


Multi-Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • 71 Internal effects
  • 13 Amp simulations
  • Usable up to five effects simultaneously and in any order
  • Looper for recording audio up to 30 seconds / 64 beats in CD quality
  • Built-in expression pedal
  • Guitar Lab software for creating, editing and managing effects and patches
  • 68 Internal rhythm patterns
  • 50 Spaces for creating custom patches
  • Swap function for a particularly simple patch management
  • Automatic storage of all patch parameters
  • Silent patch selection via the Preselect function while the current patch is still active
  • Integrated chromatic tuner
  • Auxiliary input jack
  • Output jacks for connection to the amplifier or headphones
  • Back-lit LCD with contrast adjustment
  • Lightweight and compact for transport in gigbag
  • Easy integration into existing pedal-boards
  • Running time of up to 18 hours
  • USB port for firmware updates, power, and connection to Guitar Lab
  • Controls: Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume
  • Push-buttons: Rhythm, 5 Effect Slots, Looper, Setting, Memory
  • Switch: Effect Up, Effect Down
  • LED: Effect On
  • Foot-switch: Looper, tuner, expression pedal
  • Input and output: 6.3 mm Jack
  • AC adapter connector
  • USB
  • AUX IN
  • Current consumption: 500 mA
  • Powered by batteries or 9V DC power adapter (not included, matching optional power adapter: Article Nr. 105835)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 156 x 216 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 610 g
Available since February 2019
Item number 458546
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Pedal
Amp Modeling No
Drumcomputer Yes
Incl. Tuner Yes
Expression Pedal Yes
USB-Port Yes
Headphone Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Line Out No
Battery Powered Yes
PSU included No
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In stock within 10-13 weeks

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An affordable multi-effects pedal with practical extras

With the G1X Four, Japanese effects specialist Zoom presents a multi-effects pedal that, thanks to 70 integrated effects and 15 amp models, provides a solid range of varied sounds for both live performances and home recordings at a very favourable price. This compact pedal comes with a looper offering a recording capacity of 30 seconds and a drum machine with 68 rhythm patterns that can be played in sync with the looper for endless hours of practising and jamming fun – both indoors and outdoors, since the G1X Four also runs perfectly on batteries. And it doesn’t get any more comfortable than this: The G1X Four is extremely easy to use thanks to its backlit LC display, and the pedal's integrated USB port also lets the player connect it to a PC and explore a wealth of patches, effects, and more using Zoom's free Guitar Lab software.

The all-in-one solution

The G1X Four offers an extensive range of functions and is very easy to use. It comes with 50 presets, which are selected via the two large footswitches and can be overwritten with user-created patches. The signal chain comprises five effect blocks, to which the user can assign the numerous amp models and effects, and these can be controlled in real time via the onboard expression pedal. In addition to the impressive number of basic effects such as delay, chorus, reverb, phaser, flanger, distortion, and several special effects as well as the 15 amp models that are all included in this pedal, users can also download a large number of further effects from the Guitar Lab library. For signal output, the G1X Four can be connected to an amplifier or a pair of headphones via its output jack.

Looper, drum machine, tuner, and software

The G1X Four is equipped with a looper that offers a recording capacity of up to 30 seconds and can also be used in conjunction with the integrated drum machine and its 68 varied rhythm patterns for creative practice and jamming sessions. As mentioned above, this multi-effects pedal is also compatible with Zoom's free Guitar Lab software for Mac/PC, which allows musicians to comfortably edit and manage their patches. Connecting the G1X Four to a PC is child's play thanks to the integrated USB port, which can also be used to power the pedal or load the latest firmware updates. Of course, a chromatic tuner is also on board that, thanks to the backlit screen, ensures fast and reliable tuning just about everywhere, even in poor lighting conditions.

A versatile effects engine that won't break the bank

The Zoom G1X Four offers beginners an excellent opportunity to try their hand at multi-effects for the first time and experience the fascination of amp emulation and the creative use of effects. In the G1X Four, Zoom has combined excellent ease of use with practical features such as a drum machine and a looper that will quite simply make practising more fun. What is more, this pedal allows users to play external backing tracks via the AUX input and connect a pair of headphones via the output for undisturbed playing pleasure at home.

About Zoom

Founded in 1983, the Japanese company Zoom manufactures a variety of audio equipment, including a range of portable "handy" recorders as well as multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines, and samplers. Over the past thirty years, the company has built a reputation for producing innovative yet affordable products based on original microchip designs. Since the Zoom-9002 (an ultra-compact multi-effects processor that can be attached to a guitar strap) was introduced in 1990, Zoom has become one of the leaders in digital audio processing.

Practise and jam anywhere - from studio to stage

The Zoom G1X Four's looper and drum machine will make practising and jamming great fun just about everywhere without the need for an AC adapter, because the pedal can also be operated on batteries for up to 18 hours – just ideal for those who want to play out in the open with their headphones on. This compact pedal can be easily stowed away in a gig bag or case and plugged in just as quickly to a mixer or guitar amplifier in a studio, rehearsal room, or live on stage – for a great sound at every gig thanks to the numerous amp models and effects on offer.

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124 Reviews

Good quality effects unit with some limitations
Robert2112 11.06.2021
I use this at home as my main effects unit. It's usually the only effects unit in my signal chain. Overall I'm very happy with the unit for this purpose.

1. It's the same price as a single effect pedal, yet it contains dozens of effects. Most of the effects sound really good. If you want to experiment with lots of effects to find the ideal sound for a song, this is a convenient and cheap way to do it.
2. The build quality is good.
3. The unit doesn't hum or buzz.
4. There's a tuner which appears when the effects are bypassed.
5. There are 3 different ways the unit can be powered: with a micro USB charger, with a standard 9V PSU, or with 4 x AA batteries.

1. The looper has 30 seconds of memory, which I find to be insufficient.
2. Changing effects midway through a song is somewhat impractical. It's achievable if you are switching between effects that are stored in adjacent memory slots. Otherwise you will have to keep hitting the "up" or "down" footswitches until you reach the program you want. The foot switches are "up", "down" and "on/off". The up and down switches cycle through the 50 programs.

Minor niggles:
1. It doesn't seem to be possible to use the looper with the effects bypassed.
2. When the effects are bypassed the volume knob becomes a pitch adjustment control for the tuner. However the signal is still affected by the volume setting. You just can't change the volume.
3. Changing the effect parameters is a bit fiddly, but no more than you would expect on a compact multi-effects unit.

The default programs range from the not-so-subtle to the bizarre and amusing. However it's easy to create your own programs. A program can contain up to 5 internal effects. Many of the internal effects are emulations of specific standalone pedals. For example, there are emulations of the Tubescreamer ("TS Drive", Klon ("Gold Drive") and Zendrive. Don't let the eccentric default programs put you off. There are plenty of usable effects in this pedal.

There are additional internal effects that can be loaded onto the unit via the USB port. To this you need to connect the G1X to a PC and run the software that is provided. It would be nicer if all the effects could be loaded on to the device at the same time, as this would remove the need for a PC. I rarely connect the pedal to a PC and hence I'm probably missing out on some useful effects.

For the money, this unit is very good. If the limited amount of looper memory and limited foot controls don't bother you, I think you'll be happy with the G1X Four.


NevermindMe 06.10.2021
Having had this for several months, I can say it helps out in a lot of different ways. I use it both standalone and in combination after a pedalboard, where I will just load an amp and a cabinet in the unit and then stack it with analog pedal effects.
The built-in tuner is great and prevents the commotion of having a separate tuner pedal. The looper is not the best feature because it is short, but it is enough for me to record the rhythm/chords and check if the scale I'm using for the solo works.
When using it standalone, it would be nice if the amp and cabs do not count in the 5 available effects per preset, but for me 3 effects are usually plenty and not a major drawback.
Finally, the effects are still regularly updated when I plug it into the PC (be careful, only the active/loaded ones get updated) and there is a small community where you can find ready-made patches for this model to experiment with.
All in all, a lot of fun if you have the time to noodle with it.


great and bad in one device
Patrick Pirker 31.05.2019
I'm honestly sorry to give it back. It's got a great looper that can be synchronized with the drums. It even counts 4 bars before starting the looper so you don't have to play the first note and kick the start button simulaniousely. The Looping is perfectly synchronized with the drums then. 30 seconds of looper is not very long though.
BUT: It is by default set to "amp" output mode and it does NOT have a global switch to change to "mixer" or "headphone" mode (!!??). So you have to trigger a cryptic "microphone" feature in the cabinet simulation to get a decent sound when playing via the livingroom stereo or even listening to it via headphones (!?) I mean, you can do that, but you have to do it for EVERY patch you use. Okay, no problem so far, but you need to inform the customers about that. I guess most of the time the device is gonna be uses in a livingroom or with a computer or a DAW or headphones. Not with a "real" cabinet. Learned about that "microphone" mode from the interent.
You can buy it but you need to turn on "microphone" with mixers.


Zoom G1Xfour
Sketch1 10.01.2023
Very good product for the price it costs. You have a great variety of effects and you can add or change through GuitarLab. Easy to handle, well built, solid. I'm very satisfied.


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