Xsonic Airstep Smart Controller


Smart Multi Controller

  • Wireless
  • Controls and switches effects pedals, hardware effects and amplifiers with MIDI input or relay footswitch input as well as DAW programs and apps on the mobile phone, tablet or computer with Bluetooth or USB
  • Integrated battery offers up to 300 hours of wireless operation between charges
  • Sends all kinds of MIDI messages (via 5-pin MIDI, USB or Bluetooth), HID messages (Bluetooth) or classic foot switch commands
  • Sends up to 8 different commands with one push of a button
  • 3 Selectable switching options (press, release, long press) to send different commands
  • 5 Programmable foot switches
  • Expression pedal input supports TRS and RTS types
  • Intuitive smartphone app for editing all settings
  • 30 m Range for wireless communication
  • Power on / off switch
  • The battery can be charged with a 9V DC power supply unit (not included) or with the included USB barrel connector adapter charging cable
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • System requirements: iOS 10 and higher, Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher, Windows 10
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 70 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 700 g
  • Includes USB-C OTG adapter, USB barrel connector adapter charging cable and USB cable (A-B)


  • 2 x Input for expression pedals: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • 2 x Output for relay foot switch: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • 1 x MIDI input: 5-pin
  • 2 x MIDI output: 5-pin
  • 1 x USB Type-C connection
  • Power supply connection: 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel connector, polarity (-) inside

Note: Register your product at www.w-distribution.de/Warranty and extend the guarantee to 4 years.

Note Register your purchase at www.w-distribution.de/Warranty for an extended warranty of 4 years.
available since December 2020
Item number 507342
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Foot Switch
Amount Of Switches 5
Effect Types Splitter
LED Display 1
Number Of Pedals 0
PSU Connector 1
Shape Floor Effects Pedal
MIDI Interface 1
Connector For Expression Pedal 1
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MIDI SysEx Messages limited to 5 bytes only!
RockSwede 15.08.2021
I bought this pedal device only to simplify the control of my keyboard, organ and computer synth MIDI programming for live gigs! As it was advertised you should be able to "Send all types of MIDI messages via 5-Pin, USB, Bluetooth output". Sounds fantastic, but:

If you are serious in MIDI programming then you will need system exclusive messages (SysEx), for example to change "Send" or "Receive" MIDI channels or to activate a specific "voice" on a MIDI device.

To program the AIRSTEP controller board you will have to use the corresponding AIRSTEP app, on an Android or iOS device. To my total surprise the maximum length to program MIDI SysEx messages in the app is limited to 5 (five!) bytes.
Any SYSex command I needed during the years hat at least 10 bytes, meaning I cannot get SysEx MIDI programming running due to the limits in the app. So the advertised text is just misleading!

I got in direct contact with the supplier XSONIC and they promised that the needed functionality will be available in app version 2.0. Still waiting for it, for months!

Finally, this controller is build like a tank! If the rating was related just to build quality it would deserve 5 stars. It also comes with lots of more features, but unfortunately the one that I was in need for is not working.

I will be happy to update this text as soon as the product is usable in a sense it was advertised for.


OK Hardware, horrible software
bbatarelo 31.10.2022
My experience with Airstep (full version) - frankly disappointing. I bought it to control Waza Air and it worked to some extent, but connectivity issues were always present. After upgrading everything (headphones and Airstep) to the latest version (Airstep 1.9.3), there's no way I can connect to it with Boss application anymore. There's either communication error or connection just doesn't happen.
Then I bought Katana Air and although presets generally work, it's impossible for me to actually see using the BTS app what's really going on. You are guessing - the same connectivity issues. BTS app sees Airstep, but connection just can't be established.
I don't know what's worse, using presets and blindly guessing what's going on or going through series of disconnects/reconnects after pushing each button on Airstep and verifying what happened using the app.
Until this gets resolved, this product is a joke and not something you can depend on.
There are plenty of the inconsistencies. XSonic website is joke as well, in recent Chrome you need open and close several times "Katana Air Mode" section for all modes with images to load.
On website there are only 4 modes explained, there are 8 in the app.
When you upgrade firmware to 1.9.3, application says device firmware version is 4.5.
This all looks like a shabby startup with poor quality assurance and not something serious. I'd like to be proven wrong, but there's just a lot of stuff telling me that nobody gives a damn on xsonic end.


Kemper man 08.08.2021
Excellent product, easy transaction ,speedy delivery, Thomann includes VAT in transaction which i find excellent .Well done Thomann


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Gutes Idee, gute Hardware, Software unübersichtlich
Karl552 05.09.2021
Ich wollte ien MIDI Steuergerät für meinen Synergy SYN-2 haben das gleich noch einen AMP und ein paar Effektgeräte umschalten kann.
Die Szeuerung eines einzelnen Geräres ist sehr einfach und in ein paar Minuten hatte ich eine Konfiguration für den SYN-2 programmiert.
Leider kann man aber nicht Bänke von Settings fpr verschiedene Geräte anlegen, zum Beispiel immer 5 Sounds für einen Song und dann per Handy/Tablet zwischen den Songs umschalten. Oder ich habe noch nicht rausgefunden wie man das mit der SW machen kann.
Die Firmware kann man mit einem Tablet oder Phone updaten (lobenswerterweise wird iOS und Android unterstützt, leider aber nicht WIndows) wofür man aber erst mal diverse Hilfsprogramm installieren muss, was miserabel dokumentiert ist.
DIe HW kann USB, MIDI und klassische Fusschaltkontakte steuern und kann per Bluetooth gesteuert werden. Das Gerät enthält einen Akku, was super ist weil man kein Stromkabel zu dem Ding hin verlegen muss, wenn man die Amps hinter sich stehen hat und das Pedal vor sich liegen haben will.
Leider gibt es keine Anzeige welches Preset gerade geladen ist, dafür muss man halt ein Tablet oder Handy benutzen.
Trotzdem praktisches Gerät, ich hoffe die SW und die Doku werden noch verbessert. DIe Abzüge bei 'Verarbeitung' gebe ich wegen der Software, schliesslich muss die auch eine gute Qualität haben.


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