Xsonic Airstep Lite Controller


Smart Multi Controller

  • Wireless
  • Can be used as an extension for the Airstep or as a stand-alone device
  • Controls and switches DAW programs and apps on mobile phones, tablets or computers with Bluetooth
  • Integrated battery offers up to 300 hours of wireless operation between charges
  • Sends all kinds of MIDI messages and HID messages via Bluetooth
  • Sends up to 8 different commands with one push of a button
  • 3 Selectable switching options (press, release, long press) to send different commands
  • 5 Programmable foot switches
  • Intuitive smartphone app for editing all settings
  • 30 m Range for wireless communication
  • Power on / off switch
  • Power supply connection: 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel connector, polarity (-) inside
  • The battery can be charged with a 9V DC power supply unit (not included) or with the included USB barrel connector adapter charging cable
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • System requirements: iOS 10 and higher, Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher, Windows 10
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 70 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Includes USB barrel connector adapter charging cable

Note: Register your product at www.w-distribution.de/Warranty and extend the guarantee to 4 years.

Note Register your purchase at www.w-distribution.de/Warranty for an extended warranty of 4 years.
available since December 2020
Item number 507340
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Foot Switch
Effect Types Splitter
LED Display 1
PSU Connector 1
Shape Floor Effects Pedal
MIDI Interface 1
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Excellent, very flexible foot controller
Peegeebee 08.02.2021
For anyone looking for a supremely customizable foot controller for DAW control, guitar effects and much much more, the Xsonic Airstep Lite Controller is a marvel. There is an even more highly speced version, which allows for other midi devices to be connected by cable, thereby making a whole midi rig almost completely wireless on stage. This lite version (which can connect to the full version) also works brilliantly as a stand-along controller, with built-in patches that can recognize most popular DAWS and which allow the user to assign the pedals easily to any controls that accept MIDI signals.
My only 'complaint' with it is that the very solid and robust metal pedals make a considerable 'click' sound when pressed by foot, so that this is less than ideal for anyone wanting to use it for, say, controlling a loop function where an acoustic instrument is being recorded. (For that I highly recommend IKMultimedia's Blueboard, also for sale here on Thomann: make sure to buy a new rather than a secondhand model as the first generation is virtually impossible to upgrade to the firmware necessary for making a bluetooth Mac connection.) The Airstep could do with some good user tutorial videos but, that aside, it's an almost perfect piece of kit at a great price.


EquinoxPioneer 02.04.2022
Bought the Airstep Lite mainly to control my VSTs (Neural DSP, Amplitube) and Macbook/iPad.

The main reason I bought it, was because I was tired of endless cables around my bedroom and wanted "minify" my guitar rig as much as possible.

It's very easy to configure on the Airstep app, it's lightweight but really solid with good quality materials, you can actually stomp on this guy and you get a nice responsive click which I really like, it's not very high but if you're doing any recording through microphones this might be something for you to be aware of.

Overall it fits all my needs and would give it 5* if it wasn't for the price, it's not cheap, but I think it's fairly priced for the quality that you get.


Decent hardware, terrible software
ThyTrooper 13.06.2022
Using this with Waza Air and Katana Air. If you are not interested in using this along with the Boss EV-1-WL, then the Airstep BW offers more control for a lower cost. If you do choose this, keep in mind that Bluetooth connection is very often unstable and that although it is advertised to be offering a combination of single press and long press for the same button, in reality this is only available to the presets. Editing those with the app is impossible, you can either setup short press action or long press, not both. I have also confirmed that with xsonic support, and they have also confirmed that there is no plan to offer support for that in a future app version. It is a huge shame, there is so much potential.


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Sehr flexibler und preisgünstiger BT-Controller
Michael1780 13.01.2021
Ich habe den Airstep primär zum Umblättern von Noten am iPad (ForcScore) gekauft. Dafür gibt es sicher einfachere und günstigere Lösungen. Aber die vielseitigen Schalt- und Betriebsarten, die robuste Ausführung und die "Reserve-Taster" haben den Ausschlag für den Airstep gegeben. Man weiß nie, was man bald noch brauchen kann...

Die Installation war relativ einfach. Die App kann sicher noch optimiert werden, funktioniert aber (der FW-Update-Buton führt z.B. auf eine ungültige Web-Site (Error 404)). Ansonsten ist eigentlich alles selbsterklärend.

Ich nutze nach wenigen Minuten jetzt zwei Taster zum Vor- und Zurückblättern. Dazu werden einfache Tastaturbefehle gesendet. Mit der Toggle Einstellung habe ich noch einen weitern Button für Play/Pause im ForScore integrierten Mediaplayer eingerichtet, plus einen einfachen Zurück-Button. Beides ebenfalls als HID. Den 5. Button habe ich als Toggle für MIDI-CC eingerichtet. Diese MIDI-Meldung geht über AudioBus und USB an das angeschlossene Yamaha CP88 Stage-Piano. Aktuell steuere ich damit den Rotary-Speed für die Hammond-Modelle.

Das Gerät ist kompakter als erwartet, macht einen stabilen Eindruck und lässt sich wirklich leicht und flexibel konfigurieren.

Ich denke die Anschaffung hat sich wirklich gelohnt.


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