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Wittner Violin Tuning Pegs 4/4 7,8 Pa


Fine tuning peg for violin

  • Suitable for 3/4 - 4/4 violin
  • Diameter 7.8 / 1:30
  • Rosewood head
  • Complete set of 4 pegs
  • Very easy, fast and precise tuning
  • Gear ratio of 8.5 to 1, compared to a conventional peg
  • Pegs made of Hi-Tec composite material and light alloy
  • Mounting in the pegbox without glue, only by pressing like a conventional peg
  • Self-locking gear, the string cannot unwind
  • No wear on the peg hole and peg, as the shaft does not rotate, therefore no friction
  • Climate-independent
  • Constant colour and qualities
  • Set with 4 pieces
material hi-tec composite-material
size / scale 4/4 - 3/4
model, style or type Wittner finetuning-pegs
shaft-diameter 7,8 mm
Item number 460318
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A fantabulous innovation for string instruments
Jess0295 05.01.2021
First of all I wouldn't recommend it to amateur or hobby players as I don't think it's worth the investment. Also not for beginners as the point of the tuning pegs is to get rid of fine tuners (not optimal for beginners)

If you have a pretty decent violin and play semi-professionally or professionally, this is really a nice-to-have for your instrument, especially if your peg is really unstable. I got it recommended by my violin professor and I recommend you to buy the right size and bring it to a local luthier for better installation. If you go to local luthier and purchase the peg directly, in Berlin some luthiers charge at 90 euro PER peg which is very very pricey.

However, the tuning pegs are heavier than regular pegs due to its tuning mechanism. It does change the tone of the violin on a certain level but whether its a good or bad change - it depends!


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Un gran invento
Fran2 22.07.2019
Estas clavijas facilitan muchísimo la vida a la hora de afinar. La parte que gira no está en contacto con la madera, por lo que no se desgastan los agujeros del clavijero. Van muy suaves y no se destensan.
Además, eliminando los microafinadores incrementarás la distancia de la cuerda entre puente y cordal, lo que mejorará el sonido de tu violín. Yo las compré en color palisandro, que es un poco más oscuro de lo que me gustaría, pero no había otra opción o éstas o negras.
La instalación es sencillísima, si tu violín no está muy trillado y tienes los agujeros de las clavijas en buenas condiciones, compra este tamaño, yo corté el sobrante de la clavija con una Dremel y luego las lijé a mano, pon especial cuidado en limpiar después muy bien las clavijas, humedece un poco con un algodón el agujero del calvijero e introduce las clavijas suavemente.


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