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Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb

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  • E-Piano Off-On
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Effect pedal

  • Three different reverb types
  • Three selectable reverb modes: Dark, Rise, Dream
  • Dark: Reverb with low octave
  • Rise: Spatial, swelling reverberation
  • Dream: Long, flat reverberation with vibrato
  • Three selectable waveforms for modulating the reverb tail: Sine, Warp, Sink
  • Sustain switch temporarily increases reverberation time to maximum
  • Controls: Decay, Filter, Mix, X, Reverb Mode / Modulation Shape, Depth / Rate
  • Foot-switch: Bypass, Sustain
  • Filter: regulates the high pass filter for the reverb tail
  • X control: Controls the volume of the octave (dark mode), swell time (rise-mode) or vibrato (dream-mode)
  • Depth / Rate: Adjusts intensity / speed of modulation
  • Trails mode on/off
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (not included)
  • Current consumption: 100 mA
  • True bypass design
  • Top-mounted connection sockets
  • Power supply connection
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.1 x 6.6 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.27 kg
  • Made in USA
Analog Yes
Battery Operation No
PSU included No
input/output configuration Mono in / mono out
Item number 464165
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Creative reverb that looks as good as it sounds.
Grant. 16.06.2020
I am using it to make ambient/post-rock sounds, and loving this pedal, it's always on now.

Can go 100% wet
Creative interesting reverbs.
Top mounted jacks.
Sounds Fantastic

Only 3 reverb algorithms available for ~£170

It's not a overly complex box that once you understand the controls it's quick to find a good sound that can create oodles of ambiance, you can hit that sustain and now it's infinite, you can then add modulation depth and make your ambiance much more involved.

Dream and Dark are great for more typical reverb sounds, but one of the funnest sounds I've found is sending distorted sounds in to Rise mode with 100% wetness to make for these delightful swells, that work similarly to swelling with a pedal or volume knob, but much simpler to achieve.

I've not had a chance but I think I could use that could be used for creative sounds outside of guitar but I'd need to try plugging a synth / bass into it really to further explore what it can do.

Appearance wise it's quite something to look at on your pedalboard and at the end of the day I think we can all agree that's all that really matters.


Dreamy and Astral guitar pedal
Wollishaiser 31.05.2021
I bought this pedal, beacuse i was in a need for a reverb pedal, so i brought the most interesting one i could find and i defiently picked the right one. This is one guitar pedal i do not regret buying. The sound is crystal clear and the amount of potential is almost unlimited, wheter you need just a simple reverb function or a huge athomsperic pad for ambient playing.

This pedal seems to have everything i looked for, and i can certainly reccomend it to everyone i know, who plays guitar or piano. Not only is the product top quality but also the design of this thing is stellar. Its beautiful to just have on display in your room.

I really tried to find something i didnt like about this pedal but i really cant. Maybe the charger input could have been a little more delicate but thats it. It looked kind of phoned in at the last minute of production.

In conclusion, i am very happy i bought this thing along with all the other cables and trinkets.


Walrus does it again
Its sick 19.10.2019
Bought this reverb after looking up a few youtube videos. I've had a EHX cathedral before and was able to play on a few other known reverb pedals. Just from pluging the guitar in straight to my soundcard without any amp sims the sound became so much warmer and detailed. Like switching from a shit soundcard to a perfect spanky crisp DI signal.
I've only had it or 2weeks now but still havent figured out all the settings but for each reverb type you can just look it up on youtube. So i'll just say the pro's to this besides the amazing sound and reverb it gives is that there's something constantly happening with the reverb so its really good for experimenting and getting a whole lot of different sounds(from swells with octaves, weird sink detunes, amazing lush post rock ocean deep souns) but will also give you the typical reverb if you want.
If you're not sure about getting a Slo or another reveb pedal, I'd suggest get both. There's no losing with getting this pedal.


Not For Me, But.....
DCStrat 08.03.2021
This pedal doesnt fit my style and I was umming and ahhing over sending it back, if it were easier to get a normal reverb sound i'd have kept it.
That being said, the tones this things produce are lovely and the build quality and looks are next to none. I did feel a bit inspired to branch out on an atmospheric quest but, as an at home guitarist, I cant justify have two reverbs for normal and spacey tones, so i'm going to get an Oceans11 I think.
If I had more money then i'd have kept this to do a bit of exploring, but like i say, i just cant justify it myself and need a reverb that can do both.


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