Walrus Audio Canvas Mono


Passive Mono DI Box / Line Isolator

  • In pedal format
  • Turns an unbalanced signal into a balanced one to go directly into the mixer or audio interface
  • Works perfectly with amp-in-a-box pedals, such as the Walrus Audio ACS1
  • DI mode: for high impedance sources such as electric guitar or bass
  • LI mode: for low impedance (line-level) sources such as amp sims, e.g. ACS1 or keyboards
  • Linear frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Specially wound "custom" transformers for best sound quality and low distortion factor
  • Pad switch: -15 dB (only in DI mode)
  • GND lift to avoid hum loops
  • Sum switch mixes both input signals to both thru connectors
  • Stompbox format - perfect for mounting on the pedalboard
  • Passive design - no power supply needed
  • Made in the USA
available since April 2022
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Effect Types DI Box
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