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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo


Multi Power Supply

  • Analogue
  • 2x 9V or 12V 400 mA outputs
  • 2x 9V 400 mA outputs
  • 2x 9V 250 mA outputs
  • 6x 9V 100 mA outputs
  • All outputs are isolated (no interference possible)
  • Includes power cable and 9 V cable
  • Made in USA
DC/AC current DC
Output current in mA 400 mA
9 V Yes
12 V Yes
18 V No
Secondary voltage No
Multi-output power supply Yes
available since February 2013
Item number 307808
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The undisputed king
Anonymous 10.06.2016
Voodoo Lab has been in the pedal powering business for quite some time now, and still delivers.

What I especially like about their product line is that every output starts from 9V, but can still deliver increased voltage - either through the dip switches, or by combining outputs through their special cables.
This makes that every output has a potential usage. While it may seem convenient from other manufacturers to provide 18V outputs, such outputs might be wasted if you only have 9V effects on your board.

The unit is perfectly silent and, as can be expected, each and every output is isolated.

Lastly, their customer support is excellent. Their response to my inquiry was fast, clear, friendly and with a sincere undertone to really want to help me along with my question.

I purchased this unit only a short while ago, but I've been using a Pedal Power 2 Plus for years now, without any issue.

Highly recommended!


Highly featured, but a question mark over reliability
Axis14 19.02.2018
I have been using Voodoo Lab power supplies for many years (PP2 plus, ISO-5 etc) on my guitar pedalboards, and have always found them to be excellent.
I was putting together a bigger board, and decided to get a Mondo as it would be able to power the whole thing, including a couple of large draw effects (strymon timeline and mobius).
As expected, I was able to power everything from its own, isolated output, with no background noise or earth hum.

I was very happy with this unit, until a couple of months ago, when during a rehearsal half of my pedals stopped working. I discovered that one bank of outputs (normal 9v side) were completely dead. There are essentially two power supplies in the unit, one side for normal 9v pedals, and the other for higher current outputs, that are linked together, and after some research online, I found that one side failing can be common problem with the Mondo.
Thankfully, Voodoo Labs products have a long warranty, and I simply returned the unit to Thomann for repair.
Although I got the unit back as good as new, I was without a power supply for almost 5 weeks, and my confidence in the reliability has been undermined. There are a number of similar power supplies available from companies such as CIOKS and Strymon, and if I were buying again I would definitely consider one of those options.


You can light an entire city with one of these...
Shahab Tolouie 30.08.2019
I used to have two Powerplants plus a few 18V adapters under my pedalboard which worked pretty ok but not the best solution and I always had a level of uncertainty what would happen if one died on me during concert and twice it happened, but luckily after unplugging and re-plugging it was okay and the show was saved. but since I bought the Voodoo Lab everything is been rock solid. These are just great and I've never even heard the fan working. they do an amazing job in keeping this giant cool. You'll love your purchase.
Cheers to Thomann for their quality service and fast delivery.


Very effective, silent operation, couldn't be better!
LiamT 30.04.2014
If you're running a lot of high power digital effects, or have a lot of pedals that you'd like to have isolated, then this power supply is perfect! I've seen a lot of people running a few of Voodoo Lab's Pedal Power II along side each other, but this model is more or less the same price and saves a bit of effort. Plus the "mondo" gives you more high power outputs which is ideal for things like Strymon and Line 6 gear.

Being a bigger unit than the Pedal Power II I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit under my Pedaltrain Pro, but it fits perfectly with the supplied mounting brackets.

As a power supply should be, this thing is silent when in operation, and totally transparent. Having all isolated outputs really helps keep your tone pure, eliminating any kind of mains hum!


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