Vicoustic Flexi Wall 3 Set


Modular Absorber Partition

  • Transportable and easy to adjust
  • Areas of application (for example): Studio, broadcast, Hi-Fi and cinema, recording
  • Expandable using additional Flexi Walls
  • Enables alteration of the acoustic properties of almost any room
  • Material: Acoustic foam elements (Flexi A50 - broadband absorber)
  • Wooden stand
  • Fire protection class: EN class F
  • Colour of the panels: Grey
  • Dimensions - variable (one wall): 60 x 63 cm, 60 x 123 cm, 60 x 183 cm
  • One Flexi Wall consists of: 3 x Flexi A50 elements and 1 stand
  • This set includes: 3 x Flexi Wall (a total of 9 modules, 3 stands)
available since February 2013
Item number 304320
sales unit 1 carton(s)
Type Absorber Wall
Material Foam
Dimensions 180 x 183 cm
Color Anthracite
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Unbelievably poor quality
Dave. 28.11.2019
Mentioned in another review: the photocopied A4 instruction page - a disgrace for a €400 product which is basically pieces of foam, a few steel rods and some chipboard wooden bases.
None of the parts fit easily together, in fact you are forced to jam them into one another in the hopes it will work. Incredibly disappointing quality from a company that leads you to believe they are a premium manufacturer - they most definitely are not, going by this product! Avoid!


Best what you can get in that price :)
t4art 03.02.2020
Flexible, good looking, very good quality. If you don't know where to start in your room with absorbers this is the best option - simply change position and listen ;)

can be mounted in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 panels high - very flexible.

Also perfect for studio setup when you need to move your absorbers to record (drums and acoustic instruments)


Home studio
Marius862 16.08.2016
While the idea is great, the modular flexibility also great, time to mount also very fast, the producer somehow managed to ruin the whole concept by just not paying attention to small but essential details. Some screws were loose in the pipes (supposed to be fixed) therefore the wall is shaken. I have to return it and request a new one. The box is quite big and handling it is quite cumbersome.Not happy at all to have to send it back and receive it again.
Another issue is the manual (almost not existing) Ok, I got it, it's no brainer to mount it, but still I've some pieces left which I don't know what to do with. Not that they seem to be needed but I would have much appreciated a bit more info than an A4 blurry scheme.
Problem is that I've read reviews with similar problems and I was assuming that the producer took certain measurements to address them since. But here I am complaining about much the same issues as other customers.
Overal, great idea, poor implementation.


Very flexible
K.A. 23.10.2018
This is a great product that offers some flexible solutions in my home studio. Sometimes I use them to record with a mic, if I want to isolate unwanted sounds. I can also use them at some points in my studio where is not any absorption - during mixing.

I like the idea of having some extra absorption in my studio
whithout needing to put more adhesive on the walls. Really handy product!