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Vic Firth 5B American Hickory Value Pack


Drumsticks Value Pack

  • Consists of 4 pairs of American Classic Series 5B sticks
  • Hickory wood
  • Wood head
  • Tearful head
  • Length: 406 mm
  • Diameter: 15.1 mm
  • Ideal for rock and as practice stick
Material Hickory
With Nylon Head No
Tip Tear Shaped
Length in mm 406 mm
Handle Diameter in mm 15,1 mm
Weight in g 54,0 g
available since November 2016
Item number 398772
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quality and quantity!
Wundaba 11.04.2020
Vic firth quality, a legendary stick and an affordable price.

Matched in weight, quality finish. For me they sit perfectly in the hand. If you play 5b sticks you wont miss with these. Quality wood that doesnt chip even with hard rimshots, if you have a tendency to miss toms and hit the rims or you have some weird metalic percussion the head of the stick can chip, and in that case I would recommend the nylon tip version of this stick. For work on the pratice pad I might consider a pair of 2b sticks, but for actual playing of drums this is top notch!!


As expected from Vic Firth
Anonymous 20.01.2017
This is the big brother to the 5A, "the worlds most popular drum stick!"

Useful info:
5A = 14.4 mm diametre
5B = 15.1 mm diametre
2B = 16mm diameter +1/4" length
7A = 13.7 mm diametre - 1/2" length
Standard length 16"

For my old hands the 5Bs give me that extra grip without too much weight. In the good old days I had a multitude of sticks, now I am down to two. I use 2Bs for rudiments and warming up then straight onto the 5Bs. Then I used 7As for playing for that blistering speed. Now I don't play as much and I try not to overplay so the 5Bs are perfect.

Quality is as you would expect, totally consistent. In the past I would get the occasional bent stick and half would break quickly, whereas the other half would last for years. This is to be expected with wood, so now I am amazed that the consistency has increased. This means that finally Vic Firth have started to season the wood better, test the quality of the timber and throw away any bent sticks. However I still think that they make a ridiculous profit on what is essentially a dowel rod, but good luck to them. For us the player, they provide what we need.


Great value pack ;)
Pcpdrummer 30.12.2019
Great value pack and I look forward of buying more .


Can't go wrong
AndreasGeo 24.09.2020
Great stick, great pack!
Personally, I have found this particular 5B stick to sit and feel better in my hands than other 5B sticks of the competition. The quality is excellent and the condition is very good, even after many many rimshots. The fact that it comes in a pack of four pairs is really fortunate!


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