Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger


Virtual Synthesizers (Download)

  • Combines 10 different sound genres in one instrument
  • Offers additive, subtractive, FM, AM and granular synthesis as well as multisamples, wavetables, drums and resamplers
  • Allows free drawing of one's own waveforms
  • Up to 8 Oscillators with V-Saw (Supersaw simulation), Chorder, Vibrato, FFT Editor, Waveform Bending, Noise Generator and Sync
  • Up to 8 arpeggiators each, step sequencer, modulation and pitch envelopes
  • Up to 4 amplifiers, filters (with 47 filter types) and shaper modules
  • Powerful oscillator routing
  • Up to 6 effect buses with routing and 30 effects
  • Mixer and Keyzone Pages
  • Graphical preset browser with easy-to-use search and tag functions
  • Resizable 4K-Ready user interface
  • Changeable design
  • Import of samples, SF2 files, wavetables etc.
  • MIDI Learn
  • Over 900 factory presets, 620 multisamples, 218 special samples, 154 resampler waves, 168 drum kits, 596 wavetables, thousands of shapes and 250 granular waves
  • Permanently growing library with extensions on the manufacturer side
  • Constantly new updates with new features
System Requirements
  • Shipping Format: E-Mail
  • Copy Protection: Online Activation
  • Simultaneous Activations: 3
  • Windows: from 7 (64-Bit)
  • Mac OS (64 Bit): from 10.11
  • CPU min.: Intel Core 2,5 GHz
  • RAM min.: 8 GB
  • HD Storage min.: 5 GB
  • add. System requirements: Internet Connection
Supported Formats
  • AAX native 64-Bit
  • AU 64-Bit
  • VST2 64-Bit
  • VST3 64-Bit
available since December 2017
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Akustik Keys/Pianos No
Beat production / Drum machines No
Wind Instruments No
Cinematic / Effects No
Chorus / Vocals No
Drums / Percussion No
E-Pianos No
Ethno / Folk No
Guitars/plucked instruments No
Loops/Construction-Kits No
Orchestra Instruments No
Organs No
String Bass No
Sampler No
String Instruments No
Synthesizer Yes
Vintage Instrument No
Hardware Controller No
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Huge instrument!
Laniakean 18.07.2020
VPS Avenger has become one of my basic virtual instruments for writing and arranging music. My DAW is Ableton. My field of music is between electronic and live music and Avenger is an excellent tool for both.

- Sound - is huge!!! I achieved mild and mellow sounds when I needed or rough and aggressive when wanted those.
- Massive architecture for sound design and wave shaping: plenty of oscillators, modulation, envelope units etc - I'd recommend to watch their youtube channel for the main features overview.
- Wave representation screen which shows what's going on in the real time.
- Lots of presets - "factory" presets you get with the purchase of the Avenger - they help to learn sound shaping and matrix module organisation. I prefer creating my own sound preset but learning from other people presets is helpful.
For those who prefer using "ready sounds" there are plenty of them at Vengeance site.
- easy midi mapping - I use a Twister controller while tweaking the sound - very comfortable and inspiring to tweak something physical instead of moving the mouse. Two knobs at a time - no problem! Midi learn can be done within Avenger itself or through DAW's midi mapping! Very cool!
- constant upgrading - Vengeance constantly improves their products, it's clear from their pdf manual.
- tutorials at their youtube channel - PDF Manual - there are tutorials for every section of the instrument.

- CPU usage - the complex modulation chain may boost CPU - but yet I've always found the ways to simplify it without drastically loosing the idea. Most of the time it was me who overcomplicated the chain...
- Requires time and some efforts to learn from tutorials or manual .

The bottomline is that Avenger is an inspiring instrument I'd recommend you to try.

PS: to activate your license you'd need to install a CodeMeter app -
it worth to mention - works seamless on my MBPro.
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The most powerful synthesizer on the market!
Vado 29.12.2020
I use Avenger in every project. It sounds really great.

1) Synth engine with different types of synthesis (Virtual Analog, FM, Wavetable). You can drag and drop your own samples and tweak it however you wish.
2) 30 built-in high quality effects (7 of them from ArtsAcoustic). There are no other synths with such a big pack of built-in effects.
3) Visual representation on almost every module of the synth makes it very comfortable to use.
4) Presets everywhere. You can save the presets for effects, FX chains, modulation envelope, pitch envelope, step sequencer, arpeggiator and etc.

1) Maybe too complicated GUI for beginners. But I'm not the beginner)) And there are video tutorials on the manufacturer's official YouTube channel. So it's not a big problem. The one can't create such a powerful synth with a simple minimalistic interface.

The product is 100% worth the money. I recommend it!
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Studiohit 19.12.2020
I use it in writing arrangements, remixes, etc. The functionality is good, mostly sounds are made on the basis of short samples and because of this the quality of patches is not always the best. Libraries from the official site are unreasonably expensive. In general, the synthesizer is good, I recommend it!
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Really Good!
eraypolat 08.11.2018
I'm using VPS Avenger to produce electronic based songs. After purchasing it, the company gives you around 5 GB of sound bank. It's a quite good sound bank and you don't really need to buy extra sound banks till you discover the basic one. You can purchase additional banks on the company's website.
What I like most about it, the sounds being clear and hi-res. Actually, you may produce a song just by using it. The synths are very cool and the software design is user friendly. But still, there are a few things I cannot figure out how to do; such as some effects like reverb or delay adding on the tracks and I cannot remove them. It's been months since I'm using it and I should have figured them out so far. Another thing is, it really uses the CPU. I usually put just 1 VPS Avenger on 1 Midi track, and working by printing the sounds I'd use. This way, it doesn't use a lot of CPU. But still, this is a great producer plug-in for the price. If you're a producer working on electronic style music, you should add this plug-in to your pocket.
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