Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65

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Stereo Amp and Cabinet Emulation Pedal

  • With spring reverb and vibrato, multiple speakers, cabinets and boosts, live and preset modes, and customisation options with the UAFX mobile app
  • Microphone and speaker combinations from the OX Amp Top Box
  • 12-Inch combo speaker models: GB25 (vintage Celestion Greenback), Oxford (original Oxford 12K5-6), EV12 (Electro-Voice EVM12L)
  • Free additional cabinet models via UAFX Control App: Two-Rock 2x12 Extension Cab with Celestion G12-65s, Vintage 1966 4x10 Fender Super Reverb Cab with original CTS speakers, Vintage 1968 2x12 Fender Twin Reverb Cab with original JBL D-120F speakers
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply with min. 400 mA, centre-negative (not included in delivery, suitable power supply: art. 543322)
  • 2 Inputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • 2 Outputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • USB-C connection
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.5 x 14.1 cm
  • Weight: 567 g
Available since May 2022
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An American classic "to go"

Based on the deluxe version of one of the most popular and genre-defining US tube amplifiers, Universal Audio has produced one of the most authentic emulations of a genre-defining mid-1960s American tube combo as part of its UAFX pedal series. More than just a simple copy, the Dream '65 boasts customised boost circuits, immersive spring reverb/vibrato effects, and cab emulations that can be switched between Oxford, Greenback, and the powerful 200-watt model used by luminaries like Stevie Ray Vaughan. The pedal also offers a live mode, preset storage, and app control for extended functionality.

Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 amplifier simulator pedal

Two included mods

The Dream '65 has six controls and three switches that provide quick access to a wide variety of sounds, including an integrated spring reverb. The vibrato effect can also be configured using the Alt function. Universal Audio is known for its modelling expertise, and the Dream '65 certainly achieves an authentic reproduction of the original, including convincing dynamics and a realistic playing feel. Universal Audio's aim is to deliver tones that can be recorded directly and used live - however, some of the characteristic tones are also based on modifications, for example by Rivera and Dumble. This allows the user to switch from Stock mode with a clean neutral boost, to the clean Lead mode with more gain. The D-TEX mode adds an SRV mod to the amp for Texas Blues tones, and the Boost knob increases the amount of gain to achieve a singing solo tone.

Connections on the rear of the Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65

Small, intuitive, and powerful

With the Dream '65, Universal Audio has faithfully ported the sound of classic American tube amps to an amp-in-a-box pedal that's perfectly suited to live and studio use, or to complement "proper" amplifiers. However, the pedal is not only suitable for guitarists but also for keyboardists thanks to its stereo inputs and outputs. The pedal is able to detect which jacks are connected and adjust the internal signal routing automatically. Stereo inputs are processed in true stereo, and output as either stereo or mono depending on the connected outputs. Thanks to the Dream '65's intuitive operation, it is simple to switch between Live and Preset modes, in addition to being able to save tweaks to presets on the fly. Further functions can be accessed via the free app, with which the Dream '65 communicates via Bluetooth. Here, the user can select alternative configurations for the two footswitches, access a history of all presets ever saved, and load presets from artists and manufacturers that sometimes use options not accessible on the pedal itself.

Logo on the front of the Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65

About Universal Audio

Few manufacturers can draw upon a wealth of audio engineering experience comparable to that of Universal Audio. The company’s founding father Bill Putnam, along with his friend Les Paul, have an admirable reputation as trend-setting music producers and developers of legendary analogue studio technology. Putnam recorded Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, and Sarah Vaughan, and was Duke Ellington’s favourite sound engineer. He developed the famous 1176 Peak Limiter and distributed the Teletronix LA-2A level amplifier. This earned him a posthumous “Technical Grammy Award” in 2000. In 1999, Putnam’s sons, Bill Putnam Jr. and James Putnam, re-founded Universal Audio, transferring their father’s analogue vision and craftsmanship to the digital music world. Their product range includes audio interfaces, dedicated DSP farms, and a variety of plug-ins, as well as analogue hardware devices.

Vintage amplifier sound with digital flexibility

The Dream '65 is ideal for studio and live use, as a practical tool for demo recordings, or as a backup amp at concerts. The pedal can also be used in combination with real amplifiers using the four-cable mode, provided an effects loop is available. At the same time, Universal Audio has made sure that the Dream '65 also harmonises with real pedals and can be used effectively in different setup combinations. The Dream '65 is bursting with features: Three sound variations, integrated mods and boosts, vibrato, spring reverb, and precisely tuned speaker simulations, which are derived from the award-winning OX Amp Top Box and supplemented by a further three matched speaker simulations when the pedal is registered with UA Connect or UAFX Control. The result is a highly versatile pedal that impresses with a sound quality that belies its diminutive size.

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82 Reviews

Better Sounding
Jacky O 13.12.2022
Than mij real tube amps. The app that goes with it is fantastisc. I dial in and save the sound for each of my guitars. Works sooo easy. I gigged with it and it was fantastic. I took this and an Orange Tiny Terror Stamp. Just put the Dream ' 65 in the loop-return of the Stamp and used that as a power amp. And could transport this in my guitar gig bag! Just a gig bag with guitar and amp and a small 10" Raging Cajun speaker cab. Sound was awsome. best buy 'ever'


Actually does what it says on the tin :D
Jonathan Killstring 04.12.2022
Better than the real thing? Eh, who cares: it's delightful, sounds and feels great, and allows for classic cranked California sounds without reaching volumes that will explode household pets.

Reverb sounds right.
Tremolo sounds right.
Feels responsive.
Even has the same overpowering bass response when cranked (cutting lows before hitting the amp is recommended: but the result is a sludgy grunge tone that would make your flannel shirts proud)

It's quite good!


State of the art amp/speaker in a pedal
Mark T 10.08.2022
The Dream 65 is a really accurate simulation of a real Deluxe Reverb. I'm not able to compare it side by side with the real tube amp, but this is good enough for most, if not, all purposes. It beats the Deluxe sound from the Strymon Iridium by a comfortable margin.

The reverb and tremolo are useful, but not quite as versatile as the Strymon Flint. But if you're content with the basic sounds then you have them built in here with the UAFX pedal.


Incredible hardware with atrocious software
_Nikon_ 01.08.2023
I bought this when I compared my Walrus Audio ACS 1 with a friend's UAFX Dream.

Noticing that I was using the Fullerton voicing in the Walrus 95% of the time, it seemed like no doubt I would be better off with this pedal, which to me has a superior sound, with a lower price that the Walrus.

This is basically a Vibrato channel Deluxe Reverb in a box. The way it reacts to your playing and the way you turn the knobs is eerily similar to the real amp. In fact, if put side to side with a Tone Master version of the amp, I really doubt someone would notice the difference, if there is any.

Really, the only way I could tell a difference was when the "amp" was set to edge of breakup and playing as fast as I could. There is something in the way the top end is tamed as opposed to a real amp, which sags a little differently. When I pushed the master volume, the sound gets so compressed I can't tell any difference.

The mods are great, I have mine set to use the D-Tex mod when using the boost function, with the boost knob at full CCW. This way I get a more mid-pushed EQ, without the actual increase in volume, which is great for when you want to be heard without being of top of everyone else.

Other than that, I am always set at edge of breakup and use pedals to get more overdrive.

Stereo in and out is great for a wet/dry or true stereo rig and the build itself is excellent.

Now for the bad stuff: I had bought a Golden Reverberator, which I absolutely loved, but had to return because it's impossible to turn on trails mode without using the UAFX app, which NEVER works.

In fact, in three months with two pedals, I had it successfully connect to ONE of the pedals ONCE, to never being able to connect again. If had done that with the Reverb, I would've activated the trails mode and kept the pedal, because other than the actual pedal settings, I have no interest in artist settings or presets that I have to access with an app instead of using the physical switch of the pedal.

Instead I was able to connect the one time to the Dream '65, changed the switch functions to boost and live/preset and I'm home. I don't need anything else.

But why the hell does UAFX force us to use an app to change these things. Please, use dip swiches like everyone else, if you have no other way.

I got lucky with this one, to be able to connect to the app that one time. But I can guarantee I will never again buy another UAFX pedal if they force me to use the app, even if it comes with rainbows and unicorns.

Soundwise though, I mean, I returned the Walrus the next day...


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